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Robert Pearson was the original owner of the Blackbird and "Black-Winged Dragon" before Crow Hogan.


Pearson appeared along with Bolton in Satellite. They both appeared before Crow and the children in his care, due to an incident involving the father of one of the children. Pearson and Bolton Dueled against the two individuals who caused the incident.

Like Crow himself, Pearson also enjoyed looking out for children in Satellite. However, he is distinct from Crow in the fact that he made sure that those kids could fulfill their own potential. Believing in this task, Crow helped Pearson on his research, which was an engine made of junk from the Satellite.

However, everything changed one day, when Robert Pearson dueled against an individual who used "Crimson Mefist" against him. Shortly afterwards, Pearson died in a fire. Seconds before his death, Crow arrives at the building. Knowing that he couldn't be saved, Pearson gave Crow his Duel Disk, and requested for him to take his Duel Runner, Blackbird, and look after the children.

It was revealed that Pearson was killed by Bolton after Pearson denied the financial help offered by people from New Domino City, and thus, was unable to finish their project. (In the dub, Pearson was sent to the Netherworld rather than killed.)

Three years after Robert Pearson's death, Mina Simington and Trudge carried out an investigation into how Pearson died. Crow learned about his opponent using "Crimson Mefist". He confronted Bolton about Pearson's death, but Bolton demanded that if Crow wants to find out what happened, they must Duel. During the Duel, Bolton revealed that he was the one who in fact killed Pearson (or sent him to the Netherworld in the dub). He explained that because Pearson would not sell his designs, he took matters into his own hands by defeating him with "Crimson Mefist" and killing him (sending him into the Netherworld in the dub). Bolton then went on to become the top-rated Duel Runner designer in the world. Wanting to protect the children feelings and Pearson's will that was entrusted to them, the Mark of the Crimson Dragon appeared on Crow's arm and Crow was able to Summon "Black-Winged Dragon". Crow used "Black-Winged Dragon" to both defeat Bolton and make him confront his actions by explaining that Pearson wanted to show the kids that they could do anything without having to rely on the City for help. Upon his defeat, Bolton feels remorse, realizing how much Pearson cared about the children and says he's sorry, to which Crow can only silently say his name. Crow then visited Pearson's grave and promised that he would carry on Pearson's will, while holding "Black-Winged Dragon".


Pearson used a "Blackwing" Deck. He later gave it alongside "Black-Winged Dragon" to Crow Hogan before he died.


Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
2 thugs 94 Win (w/ Bolton; flashback)
Bolton 94 Lose (flashback)