Rising Rampage is a Booster Pack in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG).[1] It is the ninth set in the OCG's 10th series, following Dark Neostorm and followed by Chaos Impact.



In the OCG, there are 5 cards per pack and 30 packs per box. The set contains 80 cards, or 119 in the Master Set:

In the TCG, the set contains 100 cards:



Card numberNameRarityCategory
RIRA-EN000"Capshell"Effect Monster
RIRA-EN001"Rescue Interlacer"Effect Monster
RIRA-EN002"Cross Debug"Effect Monster
RIRA-EN003"Marincess Sea Horse"Effect Monster
RIRA-EN004"Marincess Sea Star"Effect Monster
RIRA-EN005"DMZ Dragon"Effect Monster
RIRA-EN006"Dinowrestler Martial Ankylo"Effect Monster
RIRA-EN007"Dinowrestler Rambrachio"Effect Monster
RIRA-EN008"Fortune Lady Past"Effect Tuner monster
RIRA-EN009"Yosenju Sabu"Effect Monster
RIRA-EN010"Yosenju Izna"Effect Monster
RIRA-EN011"Mayosenju Hitot"Effect Pendulum Monster
RIRA-EN012"Tenyi Spirit - Adhara"Effect Tuner monster
RIRA-EN013"Tenyi Spirit - Shthana"Effect Monster
RIRA-EN014"Tenyi Spirit - Mapura"Effect Monster
RIRA-EN015"Tenyi Spirit - Nahata"Effect Monster
RIRA-EN016"Tenyi Spirit - Vishuda"Effect Monster
RIRA-EN017"Simorgh, Bird of Beginning"Effect Monster
RIRA-EN018"Simorgh, Bird of Bringing"Effect Monster
RIRA-EN019"Simorgh, Bird of Calamity"Effect Monster
RIRA-EN020"Simorgh, Bird of Protection"Effect Monster
RIRA-EN021"Simorgh, Lord of the Storm"Effect Monster
RIRA-EN022"Simorgh of Darkness"Effect Monster
RIRA-EN023"B.E.S. Blaster Cannon Core"Effect Monster
RIRA-EN024"Vic Viper T301"Effect Monster
RIRA-EN025"Reptilianne Lamia"Effect Tuner monster
RIRA-EN026"Ranryu"Effect Monster
RIRA-EN027"Avida, Rebuilder of Worlds"Effect Monster
RIRA-EN028"Witchcrafter Golem Aruru"Secret RareEffect Monster
RIRA-EN029"Gizmek Orochi, the Serpentron Sky Slasher"Secret RareEffect Monster
RIRA-EN030"Cataclysmic Cryonic Coldo"Effect Monster
RIRA-EN031"Voltester"Effect Monster
RIRA-EN032"Tlakalel, His Malevolent Majesty"Effect Monster
RIRA-EN033"Beatraptor"Effect Monster
RIRA-EN034"Spirit Sculptor"Effect Monster
RIRA-EN035"Reversible Beetle"Flip monster
RIRA-EN036"Megistric Maginician"Effect Monster
RIRA-EN037"Magicalibra"Normal Tuner Pendulum Monster
RIRA-EN038"Fortune Lady Every"Secret RareEffect Synchro Monster
RIRA-EN039"Borreload eXcharge Dragon"Ultra RareEffect Xyz Monster
RIRA-EN040"Marincess Blue Slug"Effect Link Monster
RIRA-EN041"Marincess Coral Anemone"Secret RareEffect Link Monster
RIRA-EN042"Marincess Marbled Rock"Effect Link Monster
RIRA-EN043"Monk of the Tenyi"Link Monster
RIRA-EN044"Shaman of the Tenyi"Effect Link Monster
RIRA-EN045"Berserker of the Tenyi"Link Monster
RIRA-EN046"Wynn the Wind Charmer, Verdant"Effect Link Monster
RIRA-EN047"Linkmail Archfiend"Effect Link Monster
RIRA-EN048"Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess"Secret RareEffect Link Monster
RIRA-EN049"Defender of the Labyrinth"Effect Link Monster
RIRA-EN050"Baba Barber"Effect Link Monster
RIRA-EN051"Link Back"Normal Spell Card
RIRA-EN052"Grid Rod"Equip Spell Card
RIRA-EN053"Rising Fire"Equip Spell Card
RIRA-EN054"Fury of Fire"Normal Spell Card
RIRA-EN055"Fortune Vision"Continuous Spell Card
RIRA-EN056"Fortune Lady Calling"Normal Spell Card
RIRA-EN057"Yosenju Wind Worship"Quick-Play Spell Card
RIRA-EN058"Flawless Perfection of the Tenyi"Field Spell Card
RIRA-EN059"Vessel for the Dragon Cycle"Normal Spell Card
RIRA-EN060"Elborz, the Sacred Lands of Simorgh"Field Spell Card
RIRA-EN061"Simorgh Onslaught"Normal Spell Card
RIRA-EN062"Simorgh Repulsion"Normal Spell Card
RIRA-EN063"Hypernova Burst"Normal Spell Card
RIRA-EN064"Psychic Fervor"Quick-Play Spell Card
RIRA-EN065"Blockout Curtain"Continuous Spell Card
RIRA-EN066"Sextet Summon"Normal Spell Card
RIRA-EN067"Draw Discharge"Normal Trap Card
RIRA-EN068"Marincess Wave"Normal Trap Card
RIRA-EN069"Marincess Current"Normal Trap Card
RIRA-EN070"Fortune Lady Rewind"Normal Trap Card
RIRA-EN071"Yosenjus' Sword Sting"Normal Trap Card
RIRA-EN072"Fists of the Unrivaled Tenyi"Counter Trap Card
RIRA-EN073"Simorgh Sky Battle"Continuous Trap Card
RIRA-EN074"World Legacy Bestowal"Normal Trap Card
RIRA-EN075"The Return to the Normal"Normal Trap Card
RIRA-EN076"Get Out!"Normal Trap Card
RIRA-EN077"Storm Dragon's Return"Normal Trap Card
RIRA-EN078"Setuppercut"Normal Trap Card
RIRA-EN079"Dwimmered Glimmer"Continuous Trap Card
RIRA-EN080"Fighting Dirty"Normal Trap Card
RIRA-EN081"Barricadeborg Blocker"Effect Link Monster
RIRA-EN082"Hraesvelgr, the Desperate Doom Eagle"Effect Link Monster
RIRA-EN083"Star Power!!"Quick-Play Spell Card
RIRA-EN084"Fuhma Wave"Normal Trap Card
RIRA-EN085"Ikelos, the Dream Mirror Sprite"Effect Monster
RIRA-EN086"Ikelos, the Dream Mirror Mara"Effect Monster
RIRA-EN087"Morpheus, the Dream Mirror White Knight"Effect Monster
RIRA-EN088"Morpheus, the Dream Mirror Black Knight"Effect Monster
RIRA-EN089"Dream Mirror of Joy"Field Spell Card
RIRA-EN090"Dream Mirror of Terror"Field Spell Card
RIRA-EN091"Dream Mirror Fantasy"Normal Trap Card
RIRA-EN092"Yosenju Oroshi Channeling"Normal Spell Card
RIRA-EN093"Number 29: Mannequin Cat"Effect Xyz Monster
RIRA-EN094"Kikinagashi Fucho"Effect Xyz Monster
RIRA-EN095"White Aura Monoceros"Effect Synchro Monster
RIRA-EN096"White Howling"Normal Trap Card
RIRA-EN097"F.A. Shining Star GT"Effect Link Monster
RIRA-EN098"Dragunity Knight - Romulus"Effect Link Monster
RIRA-EN099"Rogue of Endymion"Effect Monster

Card numberEnglish nameJapanese nameRarityCategory
RIRA-JP001"Rescue Interlacer"「レスキュー・インターレーサー」CommonEffect Monster
RIRA-JP002"Cross Debug"「クロス・デバッガー」RareEffect Monster
RIRA-JP003"Marincess Sea Horse"「海晶乙女シーホース」RareEffect Monster
RIRA-JP004"Marincess Sea Star"「海晶乙女シースター」CommonEffect Monster
RIRA-JP005"DMZ Dragon"「DMZドラゴン」CommonEffect Monster
RIRA-JP006"Dinowrestler Martial Ankylo"「ダイナレスラー・マーシャルアンキロ」CommonEffect Monster
RIRA-JP007"Dinowrestler Rambrachio"「ダイナレスラー・ラアムブラキオ」CommonEffect Monster
RIRA-JP008"Fortune Lady Past"「フォーチュンレディ・パスティー」RareEffect Tuner monster
RIRA-JP009"Yosenju Saburoukaze"「妖仙獣 侍郎風」RareEffect Monster
RIRA-JP010"Yosenju Izunamuchi"「妖仙獣 飯綱鞭」RareEffect Monster
RIRA-JP011"Mayosenju Hitotsumenomuraji"「魔妖仙獣 独眼群主」Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
20th Secret Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Pendulum Monster
RIRA-JP012"Tenyi Dragon - Adhara"「天威龍-アーダラ」RareEffect Tuner monster
RIRA-JP013"Tenyi Dragon - Sthana"「天威龍-シュターナ」CommonEffect Monster
RIRA-JP014"Tenyi Dragon - Manira"「天威龍-マニラ」CommonEffect Monster
RIRA-JP015"Tenyi Dragon - Nahata"「天威龍-ナハタ」CommonEffect Monster
RIRA-JP016"Tenyi Dragon - Vishudda"「天威龍-ヴィシュダ」RareEffect Monster
RIRA-JP017"Simorgh, Bird of Beginnings"「雛神鳥シムルグ」CommonEffect Monster
RIRA-JP018"Simorgh, Bird of Summoning"「招神鳥シムルグ」RareEffect Monster
RIRA-JP019"Simorgh, Bird of Endings"「死神鳥シムルグ」CommonEffect Monster
RIRA-JP020"Simorgh, Bird of Protection"「護神鳥シムルグ」CommonEffect Monster
RIRA-JP021"Simorgh, Lord of the Storm"「烈風の覇者シムルグ」Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
20th Secret Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Monster
RIRA-JP022"Darkness Simorgh"「ダークネス・シムルグ」Super Rare
Secret Rare
20th Secret Rare
Effect Monster
RIRA-JP023"B.E.S. Blaster Cannon Core"「巨大戦艦 ブラスターキャノン・コア」Super Rare
Secret Rare
20th Secret Rare
Effect Monster
RIRA-JP024"Vic Viper T301"「ビック・バイパー T301」RareEffect Monster
RIRA-JP025"Reptilianne Hydraling"「レプティレス・ヒュドラ」CommonEffect Tuner monster
RIRA-JP026"Storm Dragon"「ランリュウ」CommonEffect Monster
RIRA-JP027"A-vida, the Dual World Crafter"「双星神 a—vida」Super Rare
Secret Rare
20th Secret Rare
Effect Monster
RIRA-JP028"Witchcrafter Golem Aruru"「ウィッチクラフトゴーレム・アルル」Super Rare
Secret Rare
20th Secret Rare
Effect Monster
RIRA-JP029"Metal Snake - Murakumo no Orochi"「機巧蛇-叢雲遠呂智」Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
20th Secret Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Monster
RIRA-JP030"Cataclysmic Bellowing Colder"「満天禍コルドー」CommonEffect Monster
RIRA-JP031"Voltester"「ボルテスター」CommonEffect Monster
RIRA-JP032"Tlakalel, His Malevolent Majesty"「邪王トラカレル」RareEffect Monster
RIRA-JP033"Beatraptor"「縄張恐竜」CommonEffect Monster
RIRA-JP034"Spirit Sculptor"「魂の造形家」Super Rare
Secret Rare
20th Secret Rare
Effect Monster
RIRA-JP035"Reversible Beetle"「リバーシブル・ビートル」CommonFlip monster
RIRA-JP036"Magistry Ritualist"「メギストリーの儀術師」Normal RareEffect Monster
RIRA-JP037"Magical Scales of Libra"「ライブラの魔法秤」Normal RareNormal Tuner Pendulum Monster
RIRA-JP038"Fortune Lady Every"「フォーチュンレディ・エヴァリー」Super Rare
Secret Rare
20th Secret Rare
Effect Synchro Monster
RIRA-JP039"Borreload eXcharge Dragon"「ヴァレルロード・X・ドラゴン」Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
20th Secret Rare
Ultimate Rare
Holographic Rare
Effect Xyz Monster
RIRA-JP040"Marincess Blue Slug"「海晶乙女ブルースラッグ」CommonEffect Link Monster
RIRA-JP041"Marincess Coral Anemone"「海晶乙女コーラルアネモネ」CommonEffect Link Monster
RIRA-JP042"Marincess Marbled Rock"「海晶乙女マーブルド・ロック」RareEffect Link Monster
RIRA-JP043"Tenyi Barefisted Monk"「天威の拳僧」CommonLink Monster
RIRA-JP044"Tenyi Dragon Sage"「天威の龍仙女」Super Rare
Secret Rare
20th Secret Rare
Effect Link Monster
RIRA-JP045"Tenyi Ashura"「天威の鬼神」RareLink Monster
RIRA-JP046"Wynn the Wind Charmer, Verdant"「蒼翠の風霊使い ウィン」Super Rare
Secret Rare
20th Secret Rare
Effect Link Monster
RIRA-JP047"Link Mail Archfiend"「リンクメイル・デーモン」Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
20th Secret Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Link Monster
RIRA-JP048"Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess"「召命の神弓-アポロウーサ」Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
20th Secret Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Link Monster
RIRA-JP049"Defender of the Netherworld Labyrinth"「冥宮の番人」CommonEffect Link Monster
RIRA-JP050"Miss Cape Barber"「ミス・ケープ・バーバ」CommonEffect Link Monster
RIRA-JP051"Link Back"「リンク・バック」CommonNormal Spell Card
RIRA-JP052"Grid Rod"「グリッド・ロッド」CommonEquip Spell Card
RIRA-JP053"Rising Fire"「ライジング・オブ・ファイア」RareEquip Spell Card
RIRA-JP054"Fury of Fire"「フューリー・オブ・ファイア」CommonNormal Spell Card
RIRA-JP055"Fortune Vision"「フォーチュン・ヴィジョン」RareContinuous Spell Card
RIRA-JP056"Fortune Lady Calling"「フォーチュンレディ・コーリング」CommonNormal Spell Card
RIRA-JP057"Yosenjus' Wind Ritual"「妖仙獣の風祀り」CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
RIRA-JP058"Land of the Eternal Tenyi"「天威無崩の地」CommonField Spell Card
RIRA-JP059"The Hollow Cycle of Dragons"「虚ろなる龍輪」RareNormal Spell Card
RIRA-JP060"Elborz, Sacred Peak of Simorgh"「神鳥の霊峰エルブルズ」CommonField Spell Card
RIRA-JP061"Simorgh Arrival"「神鳥の来寇」CommonNormal Spell Card
RIRA-JP062"Simorgh Rejection"「神鳥の排撃」RareNormal Spell Card
RIRA-JP063"Extreme Nova Burst"「極超辰醒」Super Rare
Secret Rare
20th Secret Rare
Normal Spell Card
RIRA-JP064"Psychic Implosion"「才呼粉身」CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
RIRA-JP065"Obstructive Curtain"「遮攻カーテン」CommonContinuous Spell Card
RIRA-JP066"Sextet Summon"「セクステット・サモン」Normal RareNormal Spell Card
RIRA-JP067"Draw Discharge"「ドロー・ディスチャージ」CommonNormal Trap Card
RIRA-JP068"Marincess Wave"「海晶乙女波動」CommonNormal Trap Card
RIRA-JP069"Marincess Current"「海晶乙女潮流」CommonNormal Trap Card
RIRA-JP070"Fortune Lady Rewind"「フォーチュンレディ・リワインド」CommonNormal Trap Card
RIRA-JP071"Yosenjus' Weaselblade Wind"「妖仙獣の居太刀風」CommonNormal Trap Card
RIRA-JP072"Supreme Tenyi-Style Fist"「天威無双の拳」CommonCounter Trap Card
RIRA-JP073"Simorgh Stormfront"「神鳥の烈戦」CommonContinuous Trap Card
RIRA-JP074"World Legacy Choice"「星遺物の選託」CommonNormal Trap Card
RIRA-JP075"The Stamping of The Normal"「怪蹴一色」RareNormal Trap Card
RIRA-JP076"Get Out!"「ゲット・アウト!」RareNormal Trap Card
RIRA-JP077"Dragonstorm Return"「竜嵐還帰」Super Rare
Secret Rare
20th Secret Rare
Normal Trap Card
RIRA-JP078"Set-Upper"「セットアッパー」CommonNormal Trap Card
RIRA-JP079"Magicite of Spell Salvation"「救魔の奇石」CommonContinuous Trap Card
RIRA-JP080"This Match is a Draw"「泥仕合」Normal RareNormal Trap Card


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