Risa Hayami is a character appearing in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. She is Akira Zaizen's assistant at SOL Technology, and continues to assist him at work even after demotion.



Risa is a young girl with brown wavy hair and blue eyes. Her standard attire consists black coat, pink tie, black pants and black shoes.



Akira was approached by Risa, who gave him coffee. However, she got too excited and spilled some coffee on the table. Akira forgave her, and asked about her work history. Risa was thrilled, thinking how Akira cared about her, but he specified he only wished to know that as her boss. Risa counted three years since her employment, as Akira noted she could not know the location of the incident that had happened ten years ago. Risa confirmed this, since her specialty was managing equipment, which was stored in a special room inside SOL Technologies building. Akira was not pleased, since he could not touch the equipment that held the data. He left off to go to his house, while Risa noted how cool he was, even if he was demoted. [1]


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