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Rin bracelet

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Rin's bracelet



Rin's bracelet is one of the Natural Energy Bracelets item owned by Rin and formerly owned by Ray Akaba. The bracelet represents Synchro Summoning in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime.



The bracelet at a different angle

It is a thick, metallic bracelet that fits the circumference of Rin's wrist. However, as a child, Rin's wrist was smaller in comparison to the bracelet. It has a small green gem set in the center of an ornate spiral design that rests over a series of three stacked rings.

The swirling metallic bands create a wind-themed design that is additionally reminiscent of the rings created in a Synchro Summon. Said design might also be inspired by "the traditional themes of natural beauty in Japanese aesthetics" (花鳥風月), referencing the "風" (wind) for Rin as well as her wind-based Wind Witch deck.


Unlike Zuzu's bracelet, Rin's does not react when at least two of Yuya's counterparts are present, implying it has a different ability, which is still unknown.[1] One ability known is its role as a keystone that prevent the Synchro Dimension from fusing back into the Original Dimension, as shown when the dimension begins to slowly fusing with the others when Rin and the bracelet are absorbed into ARC-V.




Rin's bracelet orginal form.

The bracelet was originally a card created by Leo Akaba using natural energy from the wind. It was used with the other three cards to confront Z-ARC, however, Ray took them from her father in order to oppose Z-ARC herself. During the Duel, the card took its shape as the bracelet and appeared on Ray's right arm. Along with the others, the bracelet helped her stop Supreme King Z-ARC, and split him, along with herself and the Original Dimension. Later, Rin gained ownership of the bracelet.[2]

Rin is seen wearing this bracelet in her childhood as well as when she was being pursued by Yuri.[1]

Duel Academy

File:Riley With the Natural Energy Bracelets.png

When Rin was transferred into ARC-V[3], her bracelet returned to its card form. It was then taken with the other three cards by Leo to use against Z-ARC again, but they were destroyed by Z-ARC, who defeated Leo.[4] However, using Riley's body, Ray retrieved the Natural Energy Cards from the Graveyard and activated them to slowly strip away "Supreme King Z-ARC's" protection effects and causing the Natural Energy Bracelets to materialize on Riley's arm. With Yuya's help, Ray defeated Z-ARC again with the effects of the Natural Energy Cards and Riley sealed away Z-ARC's spirit within her own body to prevent his soul from being split again.[5]

Following the battle against Z-ARC and the Standard Dimension's rebirth into the "Pendulum Dimension", the bracelet disappeared following Riley's regression into an infant.[6]


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