Cards Per Pack: 3

Price Per Pack: 450 DP

Number of Cards: 71

Unlocked: Complete 30% of all Challenges

Secret Rare

Fiber Jar

Ultra Rare

Cyber Jar

Morphing Jar #2

Night Assailant

Slate Warrior

Super Rare

Des Koala

Dice Jar

Magician of Faith

Mask of Darkness

Nobleman of Crossout

Penguin Soldier


A Cat of Ill Omen

An Owl of Luck

Blade Knight

Bubonic Vermin

Gravekeeper's Guard

Gravekeeper's Spy


Harpie Lady 2

Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu

Man-Eater Bug

Old Vindictive Magician

Royal Command

Summoner of Illusions



4-Starred Ladybug of Doom

Armed Ninja

Arsenal Summoner

Aussa the Earth Charmer

Bombardment Beetle

Brain Jacker

Castle of Dark Illusions

Cobra Jar

Crimson Ninja

Dark Mimic LV1

Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive

Des Feral Imp


Dimension Jar

Dragon Manipulator

Dummy Golem

Eria the Water Charmer

Gale Lizard



Hiita the Fire Charmer

Hiro's Shadow Scout

Invader of the Throne

Jowls of Dark Demise

Magical Merchant

Magical Plant Mandragola

Morphing Jar

Needle Worm

Nobleman-Eater Bug

Parasite Paracide

Poison Mummy

Princess of Tsurugi

Rafflesia Seduction

Reaper of the Cards

Rigras Leever

Shadow Tamer

Sonic Jammer

Soul Reversal

Spear Cretin

Spirit Caller

The Immortal of Thunder

Tornado Bird

Trap Master

White Ninja

Witch Doctor of Chaos

Wynn the Wind Charmer

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