You people will never beat me in a Duel, so you'll never know what will happen to me if I lose!

— Reiji[1]

Reiji Akaba is a main character appearing in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V manga. He is the head of the Leo Corporation and aims to capture the Entertainment Duelist "Phantom".



Concept art of Reiji.

Reiji is a thin young man with pale skin and grey hair, the front layer being a lighter grey than the back. His hair is arranged in a simple style, flicking upwards at the ends. Reiji's eyes are purple, and he wears red-framed spectacles. His ears are both pierced with black stud earrings. Despite his status as the CEO of the Leo Corporation, Reiji dresses rather casually, wearing a dark-blue sweater, white pants that end just above his ankles, and white shoes (apparently without any socks beneath them), along with a long red scarf wrapped around his shoulders with the ends trailing to the small of his back.


In general, showing a bit more emotion compared to his anime counterpart, Reiji has a grim and serious demeanor though he expresses some genuine concern for his subordinates. He is shown to be highly analytical and a skilled strategist, displaying himself as a no-nonsense duelist.

Despite targeting Yuya Sakaki, Reiji does not show any open dislike for him though he expressed utter hatred towards Yusho Sakaki for destroying their world. This hatred was potent enough that Reiji refuses to do anything connected to Yusho like Action Duels, even refusing to listen to Yuya's side of the story. It is also why Reiji seldom smiles, and refuses any sort of entertainment. Instead, he prefers undertaking research, even if it means dooming the world, to satisfy his scientific curiosity and become the "first-rate" scientist. Yuya notes since Reiji had only his father to support him, his loss made Reiji unable to overcome that tragedy.


His character's last name, Akaba, means "Red Horse". Reiji's surname is similar to that of Seto Kaiba (Kaiba Seto) from the original Yu-Gi-Oh! manga, whose name also contains the character 馬 (Uma, Horse), serving as another similarity between the two characters. His given name of Reiji means "Zero Child".


Despite his disdain for Action Duels, Reiji cleverly uses his scarf to swing and move around to collect Action Cards.



Leo discusses with Reiji about his work, comparing it to the gods.

More than twenty years in the future, Reiji was the prodigy son of Solid Vision researcher Leo Akaba,[2] and attended an university at a young age. Due to his father's busy schedule, Reiji would lower grades from his university classes in an attempt for attention. Though Leo easily saw through his son's intentions, teasing him about it, Reiji was able to spend time with his father when he took him to dinner. There, Leo explained to Reiji that he and his partner Yusho Sakaki were working on a project to combine Solid Vision with Duel Monsters. Leo claimed it to be the challenge of the gods, which intrigued Reiji. Leo then asked Reiji to finish that project for him if anything would happen to him.[3]

Reiji describes the Phantom to his mercenaries.

A few years later, tricked by Leo to go to his lab and help finish his research, Reiji learned from his father via monitor that their world was about to be destroyed by the time manipulative effects of Genesis Omega Dragon. As Leo revealed the G.O.D. card was stolen by Yusho and assumed to have used it to sent his son Yuya back in time, he died, telling Reiji to stop Yuya from finding the G.O.D card before the transmission ended.[4] Reiji was taken underground, but a mysterious force pulled him out of the ground, for reasons of their own.[5] Traveling back in time to Maiami City three years before Yuya was to arrive, Reiji fulfilled his promise to Leo by establishing the Leo Corporation and introducing Solid Vision for public use.[6] Three months before Yuya arrived, Reiji began to gather Duelists strong enough to take Yuya down with Nico Smiley directing him to Shun Kurosaki.[7] He wanted them to find Yuya and take him down, since he was using the Solid Vision System to his own advantage. He warned his three subordinates - Sora, Shun and Shingo - of the Pendulum Summons, despite neither of the three knowing what that was.[8]


Reiji was first seen in the control room of Leo Corporation, when the sensors detected the summoning of "Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon". This alerted Reiji to Yuya finally making his presence known while dispatching his special squad to seize him for hacking into the LDS Solid Vision System.[9] When Yuto attempted a misdirect when and Yuya are cornered by Shingo Sawatari, Reiji suspected the mystery duelist to be a possible accomplice of Yuya's.[10] However, the actual Yuya appeared, and Reiji observed his Pendulum Summon. After Yuya defeated Shingo, Reiji ordered others to catch him, even by force.[8] Reiji debriefed the agents, and told them that he intended to analyze Yuya's ability to Pendulum Summon. Sora had doubts about Reiji, since there was no evidence that Yuya abused the Solid Vision system, and thought the president was hiding something.[7] Reiji received a signal, and saw that Shun faced Yuya. Despite never making an order to Shun to fight Yuya, Reiji stopped Shingo, thinking this would speed things up. He also told Sora and Shingo that the Pendulum Monsters in Pendulum Zones were treated as Spell Cards, used to summon monsters, whose levels were between their Pendulum Scales.[11]

Reiji finds Sora snooping around.

Reiji gives Pendulum Monsters to Sora.

Shun, at 100 LP left, exclaimed this was what made him serious. Shingo didn't understand that, and Reiji told him this made Shun stronger. When Yuya's "Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon" was destroyed, Reiji pointed out it was added to the Extra Deck, instead of being sent to the Graveyard. Sora and Shingo were uncertain what was the point of that, until they saw Yuya Pendulum Summoning those monsters back to the field.[12] Later, Sora made an attempt to sneak into room where the company's super computer was stored. Reiji allowed the boy to break in before making himself known. He then proceeded to have Sora asked his questions, explaining to the boy that the super computer analyzed and predicted Yuya as a "Destiny Factor", a person whose existence would threaten the world. But when Sora then began question Reiji himself, noting the inaccuracies of his sudden appearance and establishing Leo Corp within a small amount of time, Reiji ended the questionnaire. Reiji advised Sora to get his remaining answers from Yuya, intending the boy to give more data by giving him prototype Pendulum Monster cards along with intel that Yuya was seeking Genesis Omega Dragon.[6]

Reiji telling Shun not to apologize.

Yuya greets "his friend".

When Sora's duel with Yuya commenced the next day, Reiji instructed Shun and Shingo to remain and observe. During the duel, making no attempt to confirm nor deny it, Reiji got confronted by Shun when Sora claimed that the former was holding his sister Miu Shiunin hostage.[13] But once it was revealed that Sora made the story up, having allowed his subordinate to speak his mind, Reiji shot down Shun's apology attempt while making a comment to remember the latter's distaste for kidnapping.[14] After the duel ended, sending Shingo and Shun off to inspect the damage, Reiji left for an excavation site run by his company: entering a secret room where he acquired a card to personally deal with Yuya.[3] A hologram of his father appeared, who explained that card was specifically made for Reiji, and reminded him to use its strength wisely.[15] Reiji, going on his motorcycle, reached Yuya's hideout. Yuya referred to him as his friend, which Reiji refused to be acknowledged as. The two fell through the trapdoor, which Yuya triggered, and came to a cavern, a place Yuya first came to in this time. Yuya anticipated that prodigy the son of Leo Akaba would seek him out in this time, even if they had no quarrel with each other. However, Reiji expressed his hatred towards Yusho for causing his father's death, claiming he would not let Yuya take control of G.O.D. card. Reiji refused to take an Action Duel, thinking Yuya would obtain all of the Action Cards. Despite Yuya wanting to entertain Reiji, the two guys had a normal Duel instead.[2]

Reiji holds Yuya's father responsible for the disaster.

Yuya went to Pendulum Summon three of his "Performapal Card Gardna", whose effects reinforced his defenses. Reiji was nevertheless pleased, for he could go all out from Yuya, his arch-nemesis from the future, and nobody would care if something happened to either of them. Yuya agreed, for nobody would believe them if they said they came from the future. Reiji still blamed Yusho Sakaki for his father's death, for triggering G.O.D.'s power, which allowed them to materialize matter in the virtual dimension. Yuya thought Reiji had some idea about G.O.D.'s origins, since his father didn't have the time to tell him about it. Reiji mentioned that G.O.D. came from between dimensions, from a wormhole that connected to a new dimension. Reiji muttered that they also inherited Pendulum Summons from their fathers before the future world was destroyed. He used that Pendulum Summon to bring out "D/D/D Supersight King Zero Maxwell". With "D/D Count Surveyor", he merged Yuya's "Card Gardnas" into one, whose DEF became 9000. His ace monster attacked, causing the DEF of "Card Gardna" to drop to zero, and Yuya took 2800 LP damage, as Reiji proclaimed that he had no interest in Yuya's entertainment.[16]

Yuya defended himself, stating he didn't come to take control over the power of G.O.D., but Reiji refused to listen, until Yuya would defeat him. Yuya tried to inspire Reiji with entertainment to Pendulum Summon his monsters over and over. Reiji, who was disinterested in Yuya's tricks, told that his "D/D Scale Surveyor" turned Yuya's monsters' Pendulum Scales to zero. Just then, Yuto appeared, who played "Pendulum XYZ" to use the monsters in his Pendulum Zones as Xyz Material, summoning "Dark Anthelion Dragon". Reiji was intrigued, as Yuto's dragon cut his monster's ATK in half, while the dragon gained that ATK and recovered Yuto's LP. However, Reiji's "Maxwell" protected him from the damage he would've taken. Reiji took his turn, using "Block Attack" to force "Dark Anthelion Dragon" into Defense Position. "D/D/D Supersight King Zero Maxwell" attacked the dragon, who detached its material to lower the ATK of Reiji's monster, and recover Yuya's LP. However, Reiji played "00 Rush" to have "D/D/D Supersight King Zero Maxwell" attack once more, which lowered Yuya's LP to 1200. Yuya took his turn, and Yuri took his place, as he played "Dowsing Fusion". Reiji became surprised, as Yuri Fusion Summoned "Starving Venemy Dragon", using Yuya's "Odd-Eyes" dragons from his Graveyard. Reiji smiled, seeing this was entertaining.[4]

Reiji summons "D/D/D Destiny King Zero Laplace".

Yuri used "Starving Venemy Dragon" to negate the effect of "D/D/D Supersight King Zero Maxwell" and copy them, then lowered its ATK by 500 and inflicted that much damage to Reiji. Reiji defended himself with "Dimension Drape" to have his monster protected this turn. "Staving Venemy" and "Dark Anthelion Dragon" attacked "D/D/D Supersight King Zero Maxwell", causing Reiji to end the turn with 2600 LP. Yuri saw that Yuya was right that Reiji was no simple opponent, and Yuya came back to speak with Reiji, and told that the story he was told about G.O.D. was much different. In fact, Yuya was told that Leo didn't want to stop the experiments on that card, and Yusho sent Yuya to the past to stop that card. Reiji thought that Yuya was blaming Leo for the incident, and swore he'd listen when the Duel was over. Reiji used "Creative Destruction" to destroy his "D/D/D" monster and add one to his Deck. Since "D/D/D Supersight King Zero Maxwell" was a Pendulum Monster, Reiji managed to Pendulum Summon it, then tribute it to bring out "D/D/D Destiny King Zero Laplace", whose ATK becomes double that of the monster it battled with. Reiji made his offense, as "Laplace" attacked his "Starving Venemy Dragon", which was put into Defense Position, due to "Block Attack". Yuya evaded the damage, as "Starving Venemy Dragon" was placed into his Pendulum Zone. Reiji placed his "00 Rush" once more, and destroyed "Dark Anthelion Dragon". Yuya took no damage once more, and the latter was placed into the Pendulum Zone. To seal the deal, Reiji's "Scale Surveyor" turned those monsters' Pendulum Scales to zero. Yuya confidently smiled, and announced an "Overscale Pendulum".[5]

Yuya exclaimed he could Pendulum Summon the monster, if the Pendulum Scales were lower than that monster's Level. Reiji was shocked, even more so that Yuya's summoned monster, "Odd-Eyes Phantasma Dragon", had a Pendulum Scale of zero. It attacked "D/D/D Destiny King Zero Laplace", reducing its ATK by the number of Pendulum Monsters in his Extra Deck times 1000, up to 5000. However, Reiji's "D/D/D Destiny King Zero Laplace" could not be destroyed, once per turn, also Reiji took no damage from that battle, either. He went to summon the card his father gave to him, but Yuya wanted to tell him that someone was controlling G.O.D. Reiji knew that, stating there was some reason Yuya brought him to this place: a fiendish hand emerged, and pointed to a spy drone. Reiji thought that Yuya came here to lure out the enemy. Ren then appeared, revealing the G.O.D. card was in Eve's possession and confirmed that Reiji also possessed the Adam Factor which they were need to awaken the card's full power, which they would come to obtain it. Reiji wanted to know more, but the damage caused by the duel caused a cave-in, forcing all parties to escape. Once safe, Yuya attempted to convince Reiji that they need to join forces against the new threat Eve posed. Reiji refused, for he still didn't forgive Yuya or his father. He left, and Yuya felt that Reiji may reconsider once he accepted the truth of what he said to him.[17] Reiji dropped off the grid after that with Leo Corp shutting down as consequence.[18]

Reiji faces Isaac.

In reality, Reiji took refuge in the orbital space station, from where he watched Yuya and Yugo's Turbo Duel against Ren,[19] but his location was discovered by Isaac and Sora.[20] In addition, he had various tests of Solid Vision conducted. Patching a communications link to Yuya following his win over Ren, Reiji was confronted by Isaac who expressed an interest as a fellow scientist while revealing himself as one of Eve's servants. While expressing interest in the station's technology, Isaac explained he and Ren came to take Reiji and Yuya's Adam Factor - a piece of soul from Adam, the first man that discovered G.O.D. He exclaimed that Leo Akaba and Yusho Sakaki merely found G.O.D., who manipulated them. Reiji shouted in anger, as Isaac realized that Reiji was proud of his father, and apologized for being mean. Instead, he warned the eager young man of the consequences should he lose and become the G.O.D. card's thrall. Regardless, Isaac swore to fight Reiji in Eve's name, as she wanted to awaken G.O.D. and Reiji took up his challenge. Reiji set all his cards, while Isaac placed "Mirror Imagine Secondary 9" and "Primary 6" in his Pendulum Zones. This made Isaac remark that they looked like a big showdown was about to happen, and Reiji felt an excitement, too.[1]

Before Reiji resumed his turn, Isaac mentioned that Eve and Adam were his students, who dabbled in an experiment, which caused Adam to disappear. Reiji thought their intention was to awaken G.O.D., but Isaac corrected him they were trying to find Adam, and Isaac's motivations was love towards Eve. Reiji continued his turn, using "D/D Cold Golem" and "D/D Greedy Golem" to summon "D/D/D Supersight King Zero Maxwell". He tried to inflict 2800 LP damage to Isaac, who used his "Mirror Imagine" 1 2 3 combo to redirect that attack and take no damage. On Isaac's turm, Isaac summoned "Mirror Imagine Catadioptricker 7" and "Mirror Imagine Ray 5", warning Reiji that his deck was really complex, as he went to make his next move.[21] Isaac, using "Additional Mirror Level 7", summonedhis "Ray 5" monsters, who were tributed to boost the ATK of "Catadioptricker 7" to 1800. Next, he played "Kaledioscope Gate" to summon "Magnifier 4" to further increase that ATK by 2400. Isaac attempted to win by having "Catadioptricker 7" raise its ATK by the ATK of Reiji's monster, making the ATK of "Catadioptricker 7" 7000, so Reiji would lose the Duel. To counter Isaac's victory, Reiji played "Zero Potential", and successfully drew a "D/D/D" card that prevented his loss.[15]

Reiji uses the Transcendent Pendulum Summons to bring his father's card out.

Isaac, using "Additional Mirror Level 7", summonedhis "Ray 5" monsters, who were tributed to boost the ATK of "Catadioptricker 7" to 1800. Next, he played "Kaledioscope Gate" to summon "Magnifier 4" to further increase that ATK by 2400. Isaac attempted to win by having "Catadioptricker 7" raise its ATK by the ATK of Reiji's monster, making the ATK of "Catadioptricker 7" 7000, so Reiji would lose the Duel. To counter Isaac's victory, Reiji played "Zero Potential", and successfully drew a "D/D/D" card that prevented his loss. Isaac noticed Adam, who was helping Reiji from the shadows. Reiji made his counterattack by Pendulum Summoning "D/D/D Supersight King Zero Maxwell", and berated Isaac for thinking his defenses were impenetrable. Using the card his father gave him, Reiji made a Transcendent Pendulum Summon of "D/D/D/D Super-Dimensional Sovereign Emperor Zero Paradox". Playing "Zero Protection" against Isaac's "Devil Mirage", Reiji had his monsters attack. Isaac played his defensive "Mirror Imagine" combo once more, foiling Reiji's attacks. Despite his failed attack, Reiji attempted to mill Isaac's deck with "D/D Extra Surveyor", by sending his entire deck made of 15 cards to the Graveyard. Much to Reiji's shock, Isaac had used "Exchange of the Mirror World", negating Reiji's effect and returning the cards from his Extra Deck to his Main Deck, thus qualifying him for his defensive combo once more. Isaac gloated, stating Reiji's chances to win were zero.[15]

Sora caused Reiji and Isaac to float in outer space.

Isaac noticed Adam's presence, and noted he could've saved him during the experiment. Isaac used three of his "Prism Coat 8" to make "Catadioptricker 7" immune to card effects, and had its ATK increased to 4500. Swearing he'd save his allies, Isaac proclaimed end for Reiji, as his monster attacked. Reiji disagreed, showing spy drones he had installed in the place to allow him to learn the location of the headquarters of Isaac's team. Isaac contacted Sora, who destroyed the space station; the two guys were flying in open space, with space helmets on to breathe temporarily. To finish the Duel, Reiji used "Zero Gravitation" to change the attack target to "D/D/D Supersight King Zero Maxwell". Isaac tried to avoid that with "Mirror World Break" and continue the attack towards the "D/D/D/D" emperor. This time, Reiji used the latter's effect, using cards of both of their decks; he used Isaac's "Mirror Imagine" combo to deflect attacks. Isaac was shocked that Reiji stole his "research"; the ATK of "Catadioptricker 7" fell down enough to get targeted by Reiji's "D/D/D/D" emperor. As a final effect, the latter's ATK doubled, thus ensuring Isaac's defeat.[22]

Reiji defeated Isaac.

Yuya explains Eve's actions to Reiji.

Isaac was blown away by the attack, but Reiji took his scarf to pull Isaac to him. Isaac swore to protect Eve, and drifted into space, with Sora opening a portal to warp him back to the headquarters. Reiji returned to Earth, and was immediately approached by Shingo and Shun, who demanded answers. Reiji cut the talk off, stating they had no time and had to board the airplane. Yuya and Yuzu joined them, as Reiji declared he found the enemy's base on Antarctica. While they were flying, Yuzu reminded Shun and Shingo of the enemy, Ren, who appeared in the cave during Yuya and Reiji's Duel. Reiji let Yuya explain who the enemy was, and much to others shock, stated they were from the future. Reiji only confirmed Yuya's answer, declaring Sora was one of them, sent to spy on him. Going to the private quarters, Reiji didn't care whether they believed that fact. Still, he wished to go to the enemy's base, and with luck, the enemy would take the bait by revealing their location. Yuya noted it was like Reiji discovering his hideout, for Reiji didn't want to prolong the fight. Yuya wished to speak about the Adam Factor, which he and Reiji had.[23]

Reiji faces Adam.

Yuya, making a magic trick with a card, believed that the enemy was trying to change history, considering Ren relived his life again. Yuya, showing a card with an art of "Performapal Skullcrobat Joker", claimed their era was one of the victims of their attacks. He simply stated he wished to destroy the G.O.D. card before more damage was done, thus preventing anyone from messing up space-time. Reiji remained silent, but let Yuya know they still were not friends. Eventually, the group landed their airplane on a pad on the South Pole. This way, the group knew that was the enemy's hideout, which was made using advanced technology.[23] The group went inside, surprised how modern the place looked. Yuya and Yuzu went in one direction, separating themselves from Reiji, Shingo and Shun.[24] Since they were too disoriented in the place, Reiji, Shun and Shingo tried to locate Yuya and Yuzu. Reiji showed a transmitter, for he had chips installed onto their coats. While Shingo and Shun went to find them, Reiji saw a figure of a man - Adam.[25]

Adam admitted he was the one that gave the "Adam Factor" to Reiji, and his mind was wandering between time to escape from G.O.D. Adam felt guilty, since Eve and Isaac have been searching for him relentlessly, and with Reiji and Yuya's involvement, felt he should apologize to them. Reiji questioned Adam as why he didn't regroup with others. Adam explained he could not, for G.O.D. could sense his presence, hence why the Adam Factor he gave to the boys was like a key to unlock G.O.D.'s power. He told he gave that key to Reiji and Yuya because they were into Dueling, and G.O.D.'s power as a Duel Monsters card was shifting, and Adam was not skilled Duelist to take it on. Since the boys went through time, Adam sensed they were special, considering Yusho Sakaki turned time backwards to fight G.O.D. It was why he shared this power to Reiji and Yuya to battle it, else his efforts would've been in vain, due to G.O.D. manipulating time itself. Reiji became impatient, wishing to know what G.O.D. actually was. Adam was uncertain, and warned Reiji of the gate. He did not know who made the gate, but knew he could not forget about G.O.D.'s threat. It was why he went to Reiji to warn to battle G.O.D. before it awoke to its full power. Reiji, however, believed Adam came to ask him to return the power Adam gave to him.[26]

Adam denied, and instead came to give Reiji his part of the Adam Factor. Reiji was surprised, as Adam described that Yuya would win in his fight against G.O.D., and will throw that power away. Adam reminded it was the wise thing to do, and nothing compelled him to do otherwise. The two guys briefly stared at each other, as Adam smiled, believing Reiji was thinking of the same thing: to take the G.O.D. card, study its power and even become a god himself.[27] Just as Yuya went to destroy the G.O.D. card, Reiji approached him, noting that he reunited with Yuzu.[28] Reiji claimed he could not allow Yuya to destroy that card, for he wanted to use it to rule space and time. Yuya stared in disbelief, for he and their fathers spent effort to prevent the destruction of the world from that card. Reiji stated he knew that, and it could be used for good or ill purposes. Yuya defended his stand, for no human should have such power. Reiji stated he wanted such power, but Yuya tried to confront his point, for he could simply rule the world as he saw fit.[27]

Reiji uses the scarf to swing around.

Reiji replied that he had such capability, for Adam gave a part of his factor to him. Reiji stated he wanted the power to analyze it; as a scientist, he wanted to learn rather than destroy such a card. Yuzu became annoyed at Reiji, who pointed out they have to settle their differences. Despite Reiji's hatred towards entertainment, he and Yuya used their parts of Adam Factor to set a scene for an Action Duel: a giant tree. Yuya went to grab an Action Card by riding his companion, Poppo. However, he was beaten by Reiji, who used his scarf to gracefully swing to that card. Reiji set his Pendulum Scale with "D/D Evil" and "D/D Arch" to summon "D/D Dog". Yuya attempted to use his wand, by extending it into a stick, to grab an Action Card, but Reiji folded his scarf as a boomerang to destroy that stick. Yuya barely hung on a branch, as Reiji obtained that Action Card. As Reiji put his scarf on, Yuya, using "Speedroid CarTurbo" and "Block-n-Roll", Synchro Summoned "Clear Wing Fast Dragon".[27]

Reiji's dogs stop Yuya's dragons.

Reiji uses his scarf to fly off and obtain the Action Card.

Reiji had his "D/D Dog" immobilize Yuya's Synchro Dragon, making it unable to attack or use its effects. Yuya tried to continue by summoning "Starving Venemy Dragon", though Reiji used "Doppler Demon Dowsing" to simply summon another "D/D Dog" and negate that dragon's attacks and effects. Reiji summoned his third "D/D Dog" to stop Yuya's "Dark Anthelion Dragon"; Yuya summoned his Fusion and Synchro Dragons back through Pendulum Summon. Again, Reiji countered them with the effect of "D/D Evil" in his Pendulum Zone, which shocked Yuya how Reiji continuously foiled his tactics. Yuya thought this could've been the case, and tributed his Fusion, Synchro and Xyz Dragon monsters to summon "God-Eyes Phantom Dragon". Yuya boasted his dragon could not be stopped, but Reiji played "Go-D/D World" to stop Yuya from attacking this turn. Yuya became frustrated, while Reiji unfolded his scarf into a muffler, so he could fly and take the next Action Card. For his next move, Reiji used "Go-D/D Ark" to Pendulum Summon his G.O.D.-amplified monster, "Divine Go-D/D/D Zero King Zero God Reiji".[29]

Reiji uses the effect of his GOD monster.

Yuya noted that must've been Reiji's G.O.D. monster. Reiji tributed three of his "Go-D/D Dog" monsters, causing all of Yuya's cards he had in his hand, field and GY to become nonexistent, and allowed "Divine Go-D/D/D Zero King Zero God Reiji" to attack Yuya directly. Since the latter's effect would cause an automatic victory for Reiji, Yuya tributed "EnterMate ClassiKuriboh" to narrowly stop that attack. Reiji ended his turn, but boasted that Yuya had no chance of winning. Yuya winced, but Reiji exclaimed he could not simply seal away the power of G.O.D. without studying it first. Yuya tried to prove that too much power would lead to doom, but Reiji replied that was just the mindset of the weak, just like Yusho Sakaki was when he fled into Dueltainment, instead of research. Reiji told that this was the power he inherited from his father, and told Yuya he could attempt to defeat him. Yuya was fired up, noting that Reiji tried to crush him in spirit, through Dueltainment. As a new Action Card appeared, Reiji turned his scarf into wings to reach it. This time, Yuya fired himself out of a cannon and grabbed the Action Card by a mouth, but crashed into a tree, and Reiji called him an idiot for that.[30]

Yuya managed to bring a smile to Reiji's face.

After thinking about his father and his brothers, Yuya recovered, and summoned "EnterMate Turntrooper". "God-Eyes Phantom Dragon" attacked Reiji's "Divine Go-D/D/D Zero King Zero God Reiji", whose effect made the dragon's ATK zero. However, "EnterMate Turntrooper" gained a counter, and negated the dragon's attack, causing the latter to move the turn to Yuya's next Battle Phase. The dragon attacked Reiji's monster once more, but Reiji exclaimed it made no sense, since his G.O.D. monster would cancel his attack. Yuya smirked, for his intention was not to defeat it; "EnterMate Turntrooper" had two counters and banished all monsters on the field. Reiji, for the first time, smiled, for Yuya got his attention.[30] Yuya changed his tactics, as he played "Pendulum Match", so his Pendulum Monsters would clash with Reiji's. Reiji wasn't impressed much, but decided to play "Yuya's games". As Yuya summoned "Clearwing Fast Dragon", Reiji played "D/D/D Supersight King Zero Maxwell". Though Yuya succeeded in weakening the latter, its effect protected Reiji's LP.[31]

Reiji took his turn, and declared fate was on his side when an Action Card appeared just behind him. Yuya played "Pendulum Match" to summon "Starving Venemy Dragon", but suffered heavy casualties of Reiji's "D/D/D Destiny King Zero Laplace", whose ATK became double that of his dragon. As Reiji had a lot of Action Cards, Yuya dived below, but succeeded in tricking Reiji in order to get that Action Card. Reiji, for a moment, smiled, which excited Yuya that his Dueltainer tactics were working. Yuya played "Pendulum Match" to bring out "Dark Anthelion Dragon", and Reiji suspected another incoming trick.[31] Much to Yuya's surprise, Reiji summoned his "D/D/D/D Super-Dimensional Sovereign Emperor Zero Paradox". Yuya panicked, since he didn't encounter that monster in the previous Duel with Reiji, whose monster destroyed all cards on the field. Reiji frowned, claiming Yuya had no tricks left, who was disappointed that Reiji's smile faded. Regardless, he used "The Show Must Go On" Action Card and took two of Reiji's Action Cards. Yuya claimed he'd entertain Reiji, who called Yuya a thief.[32]

Yuya trashed Reiji's scarf.

Yuya used "Big Dominoes" to inflict 500 LP damage to Reiji for each card in their hands. Yuya pushed the card dominoes to Reiji, who called that pointless as he played "Reverse Dominoes" to redirect the damage to Yuya. Yuya, however, using "Swingmelons", returned double the damage to Reiji, so he'd lose the Duel in an instant. Reiji used "Stop" Action Card to nullify that damage. Yuya anticipated that, and with so many Action Cards activated, he used "Splash Seeds" to inflict 2500 LP damage to Reiji, who had no cards to prevent that damage. Reiji became furious, standing at 1500 LP, and with his scarf damaged. Reiji exclaimed the farce would be over, as he drew a card. Yuya had his Poppo obtain an Action Card, and Reiji remained in his place, since he could not use his scarf anymore. Still, their GOD cards returned to the field, and Reiji aimed to attack with his "Divine Go-D/D/D Zero King Zero God Reiji" to make Yuya's LP zero. To prevent the latter from using its effects, Yuya used "Trick Explanation" so Reiji's monster could not activate its effects. Still, Reiji's "D/D Destiny Surveyor" was equipped to his GOD monster, so he'd sustain no damage from battles.[32]

Yuya and Reiji run to take the last Action Card.

As "Divine Go-D/D/D Zero King Zero God Reiji" attacked "God-Eyes Phantom Dragon", Yuya sent "Trick Explanation" to his GY to destroy "D/D Destiny Surveyor". Reiji was at brink of his defeat, but he banished "D/D Destiny Surveyor" to negate the damage, destroy Yuya's GOD monster and inflict damage to Yuya equal to half the ATK of the latter, 1500. In a moment of despair, Yuya attempted to take a DRAW with "Double Burst", so Reiji would sustain that much damage. Finally, Reiji sent "D/D Zero Surveyor" to reduce the damage, so both he and Yuya had 100 LP left.[32] Since Reiji's turn ended, Yuya bet his draw on a monster to defeat Reiji. Much to his surprise, he drew "Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon", but since he didn't have a set Pendulum Scale, he could not summon it. In fact, the two saw an Action Card far out on a field. Since Reiji's scarf had been ruined by "Swingmelon", and Yuya had no more tricks up his sleeves, the two glared each other before running. The two boys bragged that they never lost a race, though Reiji paced up his speed. Yuya claimed Reiji was enjoying this and was happy about it, but Reiji denied that. Yuya reminded that they were one of a kind, since they came from the future. Reiji slightly slowed down, as he realized that he, Yuya and their families were connected together, through an arc of destiny.[33]

Yuya and Reiji laugh, as the latter sees how much he has enjoyed these moments.

The two guys jumped, and Yuya was able to reach the Action Card. Reiji gasped, as Yuya played the Action Card, "Mini Bomb", which inflicted 100 LP damage to Reiji, causing his LP to drop to zero. Reiji fell down, as did Yuya, who started laughing. The former looked upon "Genesis Omega Dragon", and realized it was some time since he enjoyed such silly stuff like running. Yuya reached for G.O.D. card, and Reiji permitted him to do whatever he wanted, as they agreed. Yuya reminded that card played with everyone's lives, and shredded it into pieces, scattering it into the wind. With their Duel concluded, the Adam Factor caused the tree that they formed to dissolve, while a gate appeared, which Reiji believed to hold G.O.D.'s creators on the other side. As the bridge started to collapse, Reiji admitted his gratefulness towards Shun and Shingo, who were speechless. As Yuya braced himself for the world past the gate, Reiji, Isaac and Ren decided to accompany him, since they wanted to know who created G.O.D. that caused trouble in their lives. The quartet decided to join forces and battle against the makers of "Genesis Omega Dragon", and as they went through the gate, Yuya said his catchphase: "Ladies and gentlemen! The fun starts now!"[33]


Reiji in the special manga chapter.

Reiji faced Yuya Sakaki in an Action Duel in the special manga chapter. He used relentless tactics to quickly Summon high-Level monsters and was skilled with the use of Action Cards. In this chapter, Reiji is portrayed as a rather serious and a reserved Duelist, and he claims that he never loses Duels.[34]


Leo Akaba

Reiji's relationship with his father is a complex one, often seeking his attention. When Reiji succeeds, he agrees to aid his father in anyway in his research and complete it should something happen him. However, unaware of the full truth, Reiji was horrified when Leo sacrificed himself to ensure his son survived the World Illusion. He takes the promises to his father seriously, establishing Leo Corp while doing everything in his power to prevent Yuya from finding the G.O.D. card. Reiji's impression of his father was great to the point that he refuses to accept the truth that Yuya and Isaac each revealed about Leo.

Yuya Sakaki

The relationship between Yuya and Reiji is one built on the latter's grudge against the former's father and his need to study the former. From Reiji's perspective, calling him the Destiny Factor, Yuya is finishing what Yusho began in their time and seeks to stop him. When Reiji personally duels Yuya, he refuses to listen to the youth's attempts to tell him what actually occurred with his fathers and the G.O.D. card. Their duel ended in a stalemate when Yuya's hideout began to cave-in, both learning they possess the Adam Factor as it briefly warped their surroundings during the duel. Although Yuya tends to disagree with Reiji's methods, he knows that he is a good person at heart and would accept the truth eventually.

Shingo Sawatari and Shun Kurosaki

Two duelists Reiji selected to aid him in hunting down Yuya, personally recruiting Shun.

Sora Shiunin

A duelist that Reiji selected to aid him in hunting down Yuya, Sora was the only LC duelist who questioned Reiji's reasons for them to hunt Yuya down. Reiji used that curiosity to send him after Yuya, even giving him enough knowledge to establish a means to snare Yuya in. It would later turn out that Sora was a sleeper agent for Eve sent to unconsciously spy on Reiji.

Yusho Sakaki

Reiji expressed sheer hated towards Yusho, blaming him for his father's death and the ruination of their time. The hatred was intense enough that Reiji refuses to utilize Action Dueling or listen to Yuya telling him what actually happened involving the World Illusion.



Reiji runs a "D/D" Deck focused on Pendulum Summoning.

Reiji's main strategy consists of reducing the DEF of his opponent's monsters to zero and inflicting piercing battle damage with monsters such as "D/D/D Supersight King Zero Maxwell" and "D/D/D Destiny King Zero Laplace". With the aid of cards like "Block Attack" and "00 Rush", those monsters' effects allow Reiji to quickly inflict heavy damage to his opponent, while repeatedly reviving his monsters by Pendulum Summoning them back if they get destroyed.

Most of Reiji's manga cards have a "zero" theme. This is a reference to Reiji's name, which is written with the character for "zero" (零 Rei).

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In the special manga chapter, Reiji runs a Fiend Deck, featuring the "DD" and "Archfiend" archetypes. He uses Pendulum Summon and cards like "Rules of Antiquity" to easily bring high-Level monsters on the field.

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Opponent(s) Chapter(s) Outcome
Yuya Sakaki SP1 Not shown
Yuya Sakaki/Yuto/Yuri 15-18 No result
Isaac 24-27 Win
Yuya Sakaki 40-45 Lose


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