Reggie MacKenzie (レジー・マッケンジー, Rejī Makkenjī) is an American Duelist that accompanies David Rabb and Zane Truesdale to Duel Academy in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX manga.


She participates in the on-going tournament hosted by Duel Academy and her first major opponent is Alexis Rhodes whom she effortlessly defeats. She later questions Alexis about Jaden Yuki, seeming to be interested in his ability to see Duel Spirits. Towards the end of the tournament, she is defeated by Bastion Misawa, although she could have won with the cards in her hand.

Reggie as a child, before Tragoedia controlled her.

She has more sense than David Rabb to participate in a public Shadow Game, though she is eventually approached by Midori Hibiki who wishes to learn the truth about her brother. Despite having the upper hand, Midori prolongs the Duel to try and reveal more, but loses to Reggie's Shadow Game. She, like David, acts at the behest of Tragoedia; her defeat at the hands of Jaden frees her from his influence. Unlike David, it would appear that Tragoedia had little to no control over Reggie's actions as she covets Chazz's "Light and Darkness Dragon" as a means of defeating it, and is also disgusted by David's sadistic tendencies, though she is apparently perfectly capable of her own. Also, before Dueling Hibiki, she notes that Tragoedia was weakened by "Light and Darkness Dragon", so she can Duel by her own will. She is the one responsible for putting Koyo Hibiki into a coma but has no knowledge of what happened to him or how to fix it.


Reggie plays a Mythology oriented Angel Lord Deck. It focuses on Special Summoning her monsters without Tributes and increasing their ATK. Her Deck also focuses on decreasing the opponent's monsters ATK via "The Splendid Venus", her Legendary Planet.

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Opponent(s) Chapter(s) Outcome
Koyo Hibiki 11/35 Win (flashback)
Alexis Rhodes 19 Win
Duel Academy student 19 Not shown
Bastion Misawa 22-23 Lose
Midori Hibiki 35-37 Win
Jaden Yuki 40-42 Lose


  • Reggie's name appears to be a play on the character Lt. Colonel Sarah "Mac" MacKenzie from the American television show JAG.
  • Many of Reggie's cards appear in Lost Sanctuary Structure Deck/Structure Deck: Wave of Light.
  • Reggie (in her possessed state) is the antagonist with the most featured duels (6) seen in the GX manga and also has claimed the most victories (3) in duels of all GX manga antagonists.
    • With three wins in total Reggie is also the female duelist with the most recorded wins seen in the manga version of GX.


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