5Dx115 Red Demon's Noodle Cup

A cup of Red Demon's Noodle.

Red Demon's Noodle is a brand of cup ramen in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's. It is named after "Red Demon's Dragon" (known as "Red Dragon Archfiend" in the English version).


5Dx114 Red Demon's Noodle promotion

The Red Demon's Noodle promotion.

Yusei, Jack, Crow and Bruno failed to catch Lazar after witnessing him steal some Oshiruko Noodles. In order to try and catch him again, Jack came up with the idea of a cup ramen promotion to lure him in.[1]

They came up with Red Demon's Noodle as a brand of cup ramen and decided to put on a show, where people could Duel against Cup Ramen Man to win a year's supply of Red Demon's Noodles. Crow lost a game of jyanken, forcing him to play the role of Cup Ramen Man.[1]

Leo, dressed as a chili, and Luna, dressed as a piece of narutomaki, presented the event. Akiza dressed as a witch and Bruno wore sunglasses. Yusei and Jack hid backstage. Crow defeated many duelists before Lazar arrived in costume. The group surrounded him and trapped him in the giant cup from Crow's disguise. However, Lazar escaped after throwing a smoke bomb. Yusei threw a tracer onto him before he escaped, allowing them to track him down later on.[1]

5Dx115 Slice

Sherry slicing through the crates of Red Demon's Noodle.

A cup of Red Demon's Noodle was set before Lazar, when Team 5D's and Sherry questioned him on Iliaster. Jack got mad when Lazar started eating them. Yusei convinced Jack to allow him to have them the sake of hearing the important information. After Lazar told a sad story of his family's history, Jack was so touched that he dropped a stack of crates of Red Demon's Noodle on the table for Lazar to take home to his family. Sherry sliced open and knocked over some of the crates when Lazar went off topic. When Jack became fed up with the little information Lazar was giving them, he started taking back the crates, unless Lazar gave them better information.[2]


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