Red-Eyes Fang with Chain
(くさり) () 真紅眼牙 (レッドアイズファング)
English Red-Eyes Fang with Chain
French Croc aux Yeux Rouges avec Chaîne
German Rotäugiger Zahn mit Kette
Italian Zanna Occhi Rossi con Catena
Korean 쇠사슬 붉은 눈 송곳니
Portuguese Presas de Olhos Vermelhos com Correntes
Spanish Colmillo de Ojos Rojos con Cadena
Japanese (kana) くさりつきレッドアイズファング
Japanese (base) 鎖付き真紅眼牙
Japanese (rōmaji) Kusaritsuki Reddoaizu Fangu
Japanese (translated) Chain-Attached Red-Eyes Fang
Card type Trap TRAP.svg
Property Normal Normal.svg
Passcode 57135971
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