5Dx114 R.A. Market

R.A. Market.

R.A. Market is a shop in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's.[1]


Jack Atlas found out about this place when looking up information on where to get Oshiruko Noodles. He brought Yusei Fudo, Crow Hogan and Bruno here, only to find out they were sold out. Jack got frustrated and ended up arguing with Crow who didn't think it was such a big deal.[1]

Outside the shop an old lady had her purchase of Oshiruko Noodles stolen by a purse snatcher, who was in turn robbed by Lazar. The lady thought Lazar was returning the noodles to her and took them back, giving Lazar one of the five to keep as a reward. However, Lazar grabbed two more and ran off.[1]


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