This property lists the translated Japanese name of a chapter. This uses a String.

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TRANSCEND GAME (part 1)  +
TRANSCEND GAME (part 2)  +
Puzzle of the Gods  +
Lying Eyes  +
Hard Beat!!  +
Fugitive Prisoner  +
The False Prophet  +
Hot Life-or-Death Match  +
The Face of Truth  +
The Poison Man  +
The Cards with Teeth (Part 1)  +
The Cards with Teeth (Part 2)  +
The Wild Gang (Part 1)  +
The Wild Gang (Part 2)  +
The Man from Egypt (Part 1)  +
The Man from Egypt (Part 2)  +
The Other Criminal  +
Shadi's Challenge  +
Game Start!!  +
The Second Game  +
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