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"[[A Legendary Ocean]]" is a [[Field Spell Card]] with a unique [[Card effect|effect]]: it downgrades all [[WATER]] [[Monster Card|monsters]] on the [[field]] and in players' [[hand]]s by 1 [[Level]]. This has many advantages. The biggest one is that [[Level]] 5 WATER monsters in your hand are now [[Level 4 Monster Cards|Level 4]], so they can be [[Normal Summon]]ed or [[Set]] without [[Tribute]]! WATER monsters that were Level 7 are now Level 6 and can be [[Tribute Summon]]ed with only 1 Tribute, instead of 2. "A Legendary Ocean" is also treated as if its card name were "[[Umi]]". This means that other monsters that gain a benefit from "Umi" will gain their benefits from "A Legendary Ocean" as well. (This also means you can only have 3 copies of "A Legendary Ocean" or "Umi" in your [[Main Deck|Deck]], you cannot have 3 copies of each).  +
During each of your [[Standby Phase]]s, put 1 [[A-Counter]] on 1 [[face-up]] [[Monster Card|monster]] your opponent [[control]]s.  +
Each time an [[A-Counter]](s) is removed from play by a [[Effect|card effect]], place 1 A-Counter on this card. When this card is [[destroy]]ed, distribute the A-Counters on this card among [[face-up]] [[Monster Card|monsters]].  +
[[Target]] 1 [[face-up]] [[Monster Card|monster]] on the [[field]]; [[send]] 1 "[[Alien]]" monster from your [[Main Deck|Deck]] to the [[Graveyard]], and if you do, place [[A-Counter]]s on that monster equal to the Level of the sent monster. During your [[Main Phase]], except the [[turn]] this card was sent to the Graveyard: You can [[banish]] this card from your Graveyard; [[Add a card|add]] 1 "Alien" monster from your Deck to your [[hand]].  +
[[Target|Select]] 1 [[face-up]] "[[Alien]]" [[Monster Card|monster]] you [[control]]. [[Destroy]] it and distribute new [[A-Counters]] equal to its [[Level]] among your opponent's face-up monsters.  +
"Backup Soldier" allows you to add up to 3 [[Monster Card]]s in your [[Graveyard]] to your [[hand]], as long as they are not [[Effect Monster]]s and have [[ATK]] [[1500 ATK Monster Cards|1500]] or less. "Backup Soldier" is very strong in an [[Exodia]] [[Main Deck|Deck]], as 4 of the 5 Exodia cards are [[Normal Monster]]s with ATK 1500 or less. So you can add them to your hand with "Backup Soldier". "Backup Soldier" can also add some very strong defensive monsters to your hand, like "[[Giant Soldier of Stone]]" and "[[Aqua Madoor]]". So even if your opponent wipes out your entire defense, you can easily get monsters back to defend your [[LP|Life Points]].  +
The [[Card effect|effect]] of "[[Blade Knight]]" increases its own [[ATK]] by 400 points when you have 1 or less card in your [[hand]]. You can [[Set]] all your [[Spell Card|Spell]] and [[Trap Card]]s to try and reduce your hand size down to 1 card, but if you have a hand full of [[Monster Card]]s this will not help. When you play with "Blade Knight", try constructing your Deck with fewer Monster Cards. Use only 16 or 17 Monster Cards, so your hand won't fill up with them. You can also use Spell and Trap Cards that require you to [[discard]] a card to [[activate]]. "[[Magic Jammer]]" is a good example. Using these strategies will help you to quickly [[Summon]] a "Blade Knight" with [[2000 ATK Monster Cards|2000 ATK]].  +
"[[Bottomless Trap Hole]]" is a [[Trap Card]] that works well in almost any [[Main Deck|Deck]]. It does more than just [[destroy]] a [[Monster Card|monster]], it [[Banish|removes]] a monster from play when it is [[Summon]]ed. Removing it from play ensures that your opponent will not be able to [[Special Summon]] it from the [[Graveyard]] later in the [[Duel]]. "Bottomless Trap Hole" only works against monsters with [[1500 ATK Monster Cards|1500]] or more [[ATK]] points, so having 3 copies in your Deck may be too many. You do not want to have one and not be able to [[activate]] it because your opponent is only Summoning monsters with low ATK's. Try playing with 1 or 2 copies of "Bottomless Trap Hole", and if your opponent is using only low ATK monsters, switch them with cards in your Side Deck for the second Duel of the [[Match]]. This can be a very effective strategy.  +
You can use "[[Call of the Haunted]]" to [[Special Summon]] "[[Jinzo]]" from your [[Graveyard]]. After "Jinzo" is Special [[Summon]]ed, the [[Card effect|effect]] of "Call of the Haunted" is [[negate]]d and "Call of the Haunted" remains on the [[field]] meaninglessly. However, if "Call of the Haunted" is [[destroy]]ed (by "[[Mystical Space Typhoon]]", etc.) "Jinzo" will not be destroyed because "Call of the Haunted"'s effect is being negated by "Jinzo". If you [[chain]] "Call of the Haunted" to the [[Activate|activation]] of another [[Trap Card]], such as "[[Trap Hole]]", then "Call of the Haunted" will resolve first. If you Special Summon "Jinzo" with "Call of the Haunted" in a chain like this, then "Jinzo" will negate the effect of the Trap Card you chained to ("Trap Hole", in this example).  +
You cannot [[activate]] cards like "[[Ceasefire]]" when there is no chance for the card to have any [[Card effect|effect]]. For example, if there are no [[Monster Card|monsters]] on the [[field]], you cannot activate "Ceasefire" because it will not do anything. However, if there is a [[face-down]] monster on the field, you can activate "Ceasefire" because it will [[flip]] the monster [[face-up]]. You can also activate "Ceasefire" even if there are no face-down monsters on the field, as long as there is at least 1 face-up [[Effect Monster]] on the field. This is because "Ceasefire" will do 500 points of [[damage]] to your opponent for each Effect Monster on the field. So even though "Ceasefire" will not flip any monsters face-up, it will still do damage, so you can activate the card because it will have an effect.  +
"[[Command Knight]]" has an [[Card effect|effect]] that increases the [[ATK]] of all your [[Warrior]]-[[Type]] [[Monster Card|monsters]] by 400, including herself! Such a good effect will make this card the first monster your opponent will want to [[attack]].<br /><br />But "Command Knight" has a second effect, that says she cannot be attacked if you [[control]] another monster. This means that if you have two "Command Knight"s on the [[field]], neither can be attacked by your opponent! Look for ways to [[Summon]] 2 "Command Knight"s using cards like "[[Reinforcement of the Army]]".  +
This [[Trap Card]] has a lot of utility. It does affect [[Effect Monster]]s on both sides of the [[field]], but you can work around this. One good use is during your opponent's [[Battle Phase]]. If your opponent only has Effect Monsters, and they declare an [[attack]], [[chain]] your "[[Curse of Anubis]]". Now all his [[Monster Card|monster]]s are changed to [[Defense Position]] and cannot attack! For a more aggressive use, [[set]] "Curse of Anubis" then [[activate]] it next [[turn]] before you [[Summon]]. The opponent's monsters will be changed to Defense Position and have their [[DEF]] reduced to [[0 DEF Monster Cards|0 points]]. Now Summon your monster for the turn. Since you activate "Curse of Anubis" first, your new monster is not affected by it. Now you can attack the opponent's monster and [[destroy]] it.  +
"[[Proto-Cyber Dragon]]'s" card name becomes "[[Cyber Dragon]]" while it's on the [[field]]. This means that you can use it instead of a "Cyber Dragon" for a [[Fusion Summon]]. That makes it a lot easier to Fusion Summon your powerful [[Monster Card|monster]]s like "[[Cyber Twin Dragon]]" and "[[Cyber End Dragon]]".  +
Since "[[Dark Hole]]" destroys your [[Monster Card|monsters]] as well as your opponent's, it is important to know when to use it wisely. First, if you use "Dark Hole" when you have no monsters, then there is no drawback. Sometimes you will even want to use it when there is only 1 monster on the [[field]] (your opponent's). Nothing wrong with that. Second, if you are obviously outmatched and your opponent will beat you next turn because he/she has 2 or 3 monsters and you only have 1, it is better to [[destroy]] them all rather than keep your 1 monster that won't save you anyway. Third, sometimes you will have a card like "[[Black Pendant]]" on the field and you will want to send it to the [[Graveyard]] to get its [[Card effect|effect]], which [[inflict]]s 500 points of [[damage]] to your oponent when "Black Pendant" is sent from the field to the Graveyard.  +
The "[[Dark Magician of Chaos]]" is a [[Level 8]] [[Monster Card|monster]] with two good effects that may make him a good fit for your Deck. The first [[Card effect|effect]] allows you to add a [[Spell Card]] from your [[Graveyard]] to your [[hand]] when he is [[Normal Summon|Normal]] or Special Summoned. If Spell Cards are an essential part of your strategy, this monster is a must have in your Deck. Try playing with "[[Dedication through Light and Darkness]]" or "[[A Hero Emerges]]", which will let you [[Special Summon]] this monster. The second effect of "Dark Magician of Chaos" makes any monster it [[destroy]]s [[as a result of battle]] be [[Banish|removed from play]] instead. This is especially good against opponents who require certain monsters in the Graveyard to Special Summon their biggest attacker. You could put "Dark Magician of Chaos" in your [[Side Deck]], and if you see the opponent using such a monster, like "[[Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning]]", swap it into your [[Main Deck]] for the remainder of the [[Match]].  +
"[[Dark Necrofear]]" is a fun card to play with, but it cannot be [[Normal Summon]]ed or [[Set]], so you have to [[Special Summon]] it by the method described in its text. Getting 3 [[Fiend]]-[[Type]] [[Monster Card|monsters]] in your [[Graveyard]] to [[Banish|remove]] for "Dark Necrofear" can be easy if you use "[[Skull Knight 2|Skull Knight #2]]". When you [[Tribute]] "Skull Knight #2" to [[Tribute Summon]] a Fiend-Type monster, you can Special Summon another "Skull Knight #2" from your [[Main Deck|Deck]]. If you do this you will have 1 Fiend-Type monster in the Graveyard and 2 on the [[field]]. If those 2 are [[destroy]]ed in battle, you will have the 3 required Fiend-Type monsters in your Graveyard to Special Summon "Dark Necrofear".  +
"[[Destiny Board]]" is an interesting way to [[Victory condition|win]] a [[Duel]]. You can win without ever making an [[attack]]. Getting all four "Spirit Messages" on the [[field]] can be difficult, and you may need to start over once if your opponent manages to [[destroy]] your "Destiny Board". For this reason, when you build a [[Main Deck|Deck]] that tries to win by "Destiny Board", you should include 3 copies of it, as well as "[[Spirit Message "I"]]" and "[[Spirit Message "N"]]". 2 copies of "[[Spirit Message "A"]]" and "[[Spirit Message "L"]]" should be sufficient. The rest of your Deck should be defensive, but you do not want to fill up your Spell and Trap Card Zones. Cards like "[[Kuriboh]]" are a good choice for this Deck, because you can [[discard]] it from your [[hand]] to reduce the [[damage]] from one attack to 0. With it you can prevent damage, but still keep your [[Spell & Trap Zone|Spell and Trap Card Zone]] open for your [[Spirit Message]] cards.  +
"[[Dimension Fusion]]" can be the ace card for a [[Banish|removed from play]] strategy. It costs 2000 [[LP|Life Points]] to [[activate]], but can make it easy for you to claim [[Victory condition|victory]]. Its [[card effect|effect]] allows each player to [[Special Summon]] their [[Monster Card|monster]]s that have been removed from play. This means you can Special Summon up to 5 monsters if all your [[Monster Zone|Monster Card Zones]] are empty. Be careful to watch what the opponent has, if they have a powerful Monster Card removed from play too, you do not want to allow him to Special Summon it. If 2000 Life Points seems like a lot to give up, you can also play with the [[Continuous Spell Card]], "[[Spell Economics]]". This card allows you to play [[Spell Card]]s without any [[cost]] to your Life Points that the card may normally have.  +
If you are familiar with "[[Mystical Space Typhoon]]", then you are familiar with how to use "[[Dust Tornado]]". "Dust Tornado" is basically "Mystical Space Typhoon" as a [[Trap Card]]. It [[destroy]]s 1 [[Spell Card|Spell]] or [[Trap Card]], just like "Mystical Space Typhoon". The fact that "Dust Tornado" is a Trap Card has a few benefits. For one, you can use "Dust Tornado" to destroy "[[Imperial Order]]" after "Imperial Order" has [[resolve]]d and is active on the [[field]]. "Mystical Space Typhoon" can destroy "Imperial Order" in a [[chain]], but if you [[Draw a card|draw]] it after "Imperial Order" is working then you cannot destroy "Imperial Order" with it.  +
"[[Light Laser]]" is an [[Equip Card]] that gives your [[Monster Card|monster]] the power to [[Banish|remove from play]] monsters after it battles them. [[Equip]] it to "[[Elemental Hero Sparkman]]" and he becomes a powerful weapon. Now he can clear out any [[Defense Position]] monsters and make many of your opponent's [[Effect Monster]]s useless!  +