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"A" Cell Breeding Device +"A" 세포 증식 장치  +
"A" Cell Incubator +"A" 세포 배양 장치  +
"A" Cell Recombination Device +"A" 세포 변환 장치  +
"A" Cell Scatter Burst +"A" 세포 산포 폭탄  +
"C" +G  +
/Assault Mode +/버스터  +
The 13th Grave +13번째 매장자  +
15th Anniversary Playmat promotion +유희왕 신의 카드 플레이매트 교환 응모 이벤트  +
1st Movement Solo +독주의 제1악장  +
20th Anniversary Duelist Box +<ruby class="rubytext ruby-ko" lang="ko"><rb>CHRONICLE</rb><rp> (</rp><rt>크로니클</rt><rp>) </rp></ruby> <ruby class="rubytext ruby-ko" lang="ko"><rb>BINDER</rb><rp> (</rp><rt>바인더</rt><rp>) </rp></ruby>  +
20th Anniversary Legend Collection +<ruby class="rubytext ruby-ko" lang="ko"><rb>LEGEND</rb><rp> (</rp><rt>레전드</rt><rp>) </rp></ruby> <ruby class="rubytext ruby-ko" lang="ko"><rb>COLLECTION</rb><rp> (</rp><rt>컬렉션</rt><rp>) </rp></ruby>  +
20th Anniversary Pack 1st Wave +<span lang="ko-Latn"><ruby class="rubytext ruby-ko" lang="ko"><rb>CHRONICLE PACK</rb><rp> (</rp><rt>크로니클 팩</rt><rp>) </rp></ruby> 1st WAVE</span>  +
20th Anniversary Pack 2nd Wave +<span lang="ja-Latn"><ruby class="rubytext ruby-ko" lang="ko"><rb>CHRONICLE PACK</rb><rp> (</rp><rt>크로니클 팩</rt><rp>) </rp></ruby> 2nd WAVE</span>  +
20th Secret Rare Challenge Pack +<ruby class="rubytext ruby-ko" lang="ko"><rb>SPECIAL</rb><rp> (</rp><rt>스페셜</rt><rp>) </rp></ruby> <ruby class="rubytext ruby-ko" lang="ko"><rb>PACK</rb><rp> (</rp><rt>팩</rt><rp>) </rp></ruby>  +
3-Hump Lacooda +삼봉 낙타  +
4-Starred Ladybug of Doom +4 - 별표 레이디 버그를 둠  +
7 +7  +
7 Colored Fish +레인보우 휘시  +
7 Completed +7 카드  +
8-Claws Scorpion +8쌍 다리 스콜피온  +
@Ignister +<ruby class="rubytext ruby-ko" lang="ko"><rb>@</rb><rp> (</rp><rt>앳</rt><rp>) </rp></ruby>이그니스터  +
A-Assault Core +A-어썰트 코어  +
A-Team: Trap Disposal Unit +함정 처리반 A팀  +
A-to-Z +AtoZ  +
A-to-Z-Dragon Buster Cannon +AtoZ-드래곤 버스터캐논  +
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