This property lists English translations of Japanese names.

This property uses string values

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"Tech Genus/Shiranui" Deck Experience Event  +
Slash Buster  +
Loppi Limited 20th Anniversary Duel Set  +
Loppi Limited 20th Anniversary Duel Set  +
Duel Chaser 227  +
YCSJ Tokyo 2019 Commemoration Product - @Ignister Duel Set -  +
AD Fujita  +
Juan  +
Raging Cattle Demon  +
Academy Duel Disk Osiris Red  +
Yosuke Adachi in Tag Force 4 Yosuke Terashi onwards  +
Koki Kuzuyama  +
Adamassiah  +
Instantaneous Bomber  +
Anacis  +
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