This property lists the Decks used by characters in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force 3.

This property uses String values.

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Goblin Kingdom  +
Being Released  +
Bare Strength  +
My Friends  +, My Family  +, My Siblings  +,
Dino Island  +
My First-Term Graduation Test  +, My Second-Term Graduation Test  +, The Teachings of Alchemy  +, ,
Bone Tower  +
Overage Turtle  +
Departing Emperor  +, Marching Emperor  +, Charging Emperor  +,
Deadly Chain  +
Fire Bullet  +, Flame Bullet  +, Blaze Bullet  +,
Empty Darkness  +, E.S.P! E.S.P!  +
Our Ideal City  +, Our Ideal Castle  +, Our Ideal Kingdom  +,
Raging Wind  +
Enter the Gate  +
Reason to Live  +
Hello, Friend!  +, Hello, Brother!  +, Hello, Family!  +, ,
The Countdown  +
Trinity  +
Medieval Black Notes  +, Giant of Black Notes  +, New Generation of Black Notes  +,
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