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This property lists the English name of something, including a link to the page. This uses string values.

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[["A Legendary Ocean"|"A Legendary Ocean"]]  +
[["A" Cell Breeding Device|"A" Cell Breeding Device]]  +
[["A" Cell Incubator|"A" Cell Incubator]]  +
[["A" Cell Recombination Device|"A" Cell Recombination Device]]  +
[["A" Cell Scatter Burst|"A" Cell Scatter Burst]]  +
[["Backup Soldier"|"Backup Soldier"]]  +
[["Blade Knight"|"Blade Knight"]]  +
[["Bottomless Trap Hole"|"Bottomless Trap Hole"]]  +
[["Call of the Haunted" + "Jinzo"|"Call of the Haunted" + "Jinzo"]]  +
[["Ceasefire"|"Ceasefire"]]  +
[["Command Knight"|"Command Knight"]]  +
[["Curse of Anubis"|"Curse of Anubis"]]  +
[["Cyber Dragon" Fusion program|"Cyber Dragon" Fusion program]]  +
[["Dark Hole"|"Dark Hole"]]  +
[["Dark Magician of Chaos"|"Dark Magician of Chaos"]]  +
[["Dark Necrofear"|"Dark Necrofear"]]  +
[["Destiny Board"|"Destiny Board"]]  +
[["Dimension Fusion"|"Dimension Fusion"]]  +
[["Dust Tornado"|"Dust Tornado"]]  +
[["Elemental Hero Sparkman's" arsenal|"Elemental Hero Sparkman's" arsenal]]  +