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A [[Machine]]-[[Type]] [[Monster Card|monster]] [[equip]]ped with this card increases either its [[ATK]] or [[DEF]] by 700 points.  +
A [[Machine]]-[[Type]] [[Monster Card|monster]] [[equip]]ped with this card increases either its [[ATK]] or [[DEF]] by 700 points.  +
When this card is in your [[Graveyard]], [[activate]] it by [[banish|excluding]] it during your opponent's [[turn]]. [[Draw a card|Draw]] one card. If that card is a [[Trap Card]], activate it right away.  +
[[Activate]]d when an enemy [[Monster Card|monster]]'s [[ATK]] increases due to a [[Spell Card]]. The [[Card effect|effect]] on the enemy monster is [[negate]]d and the increased ATK is transferred to one of your monsters.  +
[[Special Summon]] a [[Warrior]] [[Monster Card|monster]] of [[Level]] 4 or below from your [[hand]].  +
Any [[Piercing]] [[Damage]] inflicted to your [[LP|Life Points]] from a [[battle]] involving this card is reduced to 0.  +
[[Banish|Remove from play]] 3 [[Monster Card|monsters]] from your [[Graveyard]] and [[Tribute]] 1 "[[Winged Kuriboh (manga)|Winged Kuriboh]]." [[Special Summon]] 1 "[[Winged Kuriboh 9|Winged Kuriboh LV9]]" from your [[hand]] or [[Main Deck|Deck]].  +
Set the [[ATK]] and [[DEF]] of all [[Monster Card|monsters]] in your [[hand]] to "0", [[negate]] their [[Card effect|effects]], and [[Special Summon]] them. You may only perform effect-based special summons on this [[turn]].  +
All [[Monster Card|monsters]] on your opponent's side of the [[field]] become [[face-up]] [[Attack Position]] and as long as they remain face-up on the field decrease their ATK by 500 points.  +
When this [[Monster Card|monster]] is [[destroyed by battle]] and [[Send|sent]] to the [[Graveyard]], you can [[pay]] 1000 [[LP|Life Points]] […] hand […] add the […] can […]  +
Until the end of this [[turn]], switch the [[Original ATK and DEF|original ATK]] of a [[face-up]] [[Monster Card|monster]] on your side of [[field]] with the original ATK of a face-up monster on your opponent's side of the field.  +
This card cannot be [[Normal Summon]]ed or [[Set]]. This card can only be [[Special Summon]]ed by [[Banish|removing from play]] all [[Reptile]]-[[Type]] [[Monster Card|monsters]] you [[control]] and from your [[Graveyard]]. This card's [[ATK]] and [[DEF]] are each equal to the number of monsters you removed x600.  +
When this card is [[Tribute Summon]]ed, it gains the following [[Card effect|effect]]:<br/>● The effects of [[Effect Monster]]s cannot be [[activate]]d.  +
Destroy all the opponent's face-down cards. This spell cannot be countered or negated.  +
When this card is [[Send|sent]] to the [[Graveyard]], you can [[activate]] its [[Card effect|effect]]. You can then [[equip]] it to a [[Monster Card|monster]] on the [[field]], and this card will be treated as an [[Equip Spell Card]] that decreases the [[ATK]] of the equipped monster by 500 points.  +
Take [[Equip Spell Card]]s and [[Equip Trap Card]]s from your [[Graveyard]], and [[Special Summon]] as many of them as possible as [[Monster Card]]s ([[ATK]] 500/[[DEF]] 500). Each of these cards will apply its equipment [[effect]] on itself if possible.  +
[[Negate]] the [[Card effect|effect]] of one [[Spell Card|Spell]] or [[Trap Card]] and [[destroy]] it.  +
[[Equip]] on a [[Monster Card|monster]] on the [[field]]. When any monster [[attack]]s, redirect the [[attack]] to the equipped monster.  +
This card activates when a [[FIRE|Fire]] [[Monster Card|Monster]] inflicts [[Battle damage|damage]] to the opposing player. The opposing player will receive as much damage as the Fire Monster has attack points.  +
[[Activate]] only when your opponent activates a [[Spell Card|Spell]] or [[Trap Card]]. That card's [[card effect|effect]] becomes "[[Destroy]] 1 on the [[field]]".  +