This property lists the primary Croatian Card Name of a card. It is a string. It is primarily used for display of the correct Croatian card name.

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"A" Cell Breeding Device +Rasplođivač "A" Stanica  +
"A" Cell Incubator +Inkubator "A" Stanica  +
"A" Cell Scatter Burst +Raspršivač "A" Stanica  +
100-Year Awakening +Stogodišnje Buđenje  +
The 13th Grave +13. Grob  +
1st Movement Solo +Solo: Prvi Potez  +
3-Hump Lacooda +Trogrba Lacooda  +
30,000-Year White Turtle +Bijela 30,000-ljetna Kornjača  +
4-Starred Ladybug of Doom +Četverozvjezdana Kobna Bubamara  +
7 +7  +
7 Colored Fish +Sedmobojna Riba  +
7 Completed +Potpunih 7  +
8-Claws Scorpion +Osmoklješti Škorpion  +
A-Team: Trap Disposal Unit +Protuzamčana Postrojba: A-Tim  +
The A. Forces +Savezne Sile  +
A/D Changer +A/D Mjenjač  +
Abaki +Abaki  +
Abare Ushioni +Abare Ushioni  +
Absolute Buster +Potpuni Gonič  +
Absolute Crusader +Stvarni Križar  +
Absolute End +Apsulutni Kraj  +
Absolute King Back Jack +Potpuni Kralj Back Jack  +
Absolute Zero Barrier +Zid Potpunog Leda  +
Absorbing Jar +Upijajući Ćup  +
Absorbing Kid from the Sky +Upijajući Klinac s Neba  +
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