This property lists cards' costs.

This property uses a record value, with the properties page name, amount and currency as fields.

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The 13th Grave (BAM) (9, DP)  +
7 Colored Fish (BAM) (23,944, Coin)  +
Abyss Flower (BAM) (5, DP)  +
Abyssal Designator (BAM) (160, CP)  +
Abyssal Kingshark (BAM) (18,750, Coin)  +
Acid Crawler (BAM) (30, DP)  +
Acid Rain (BAM) (9,375, Coin)  +
Advanced Dark (BAM) (24, DP)  +
Aegis of the Ocean Dragon Lord (BAM) (84, DP)  +
Against the Wind (BAM) (7,181, Coin)  +
Air Eater (BAM) (17, DP)  +
Akakieisu (BAM) (71,250, Coin)  +
Akihiron (BAM) (18,956, Coin)  +
Alien Hunter (BAM) (11, DP)  +
Alinsection (BAM) (1,950, Coin)  +
Alligator's Sword (BAM) (8, CP)  +
Allure of Darkness (BAM) (17, DP)  +
Amazon of the Seas (BAM) (57, CP)  +
Amulet of Ambition (BAM) (185,625, Coin)  +
Ancient Brain (BAM) (11, CP)  +

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