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[[Yugi Mutou (manga)|Yugi Mutou]] is been bullied in school. Protected and comforted by his friend [[Anzu Mazaki (manga)|Anzu Mazaki]], Yugi shows her [[Millennium Puzzle|his secret puzzle]], that he has been unable to solve for eight years. Although offered protection by the hall monitor [[Tetsu Ushio (manga)|Ushio]], Yugi is not happy with Ushio's methods.  +
[[Katsuya Jonouchi (manga)|Jonouchi]] is now friends with [[Yugi Mutou (manga)|Yugi]]. The two of them get excited when they see a [[ZTV]] van outside their school. While they hope that means there is a star present, the studio turns out to be doing a [[Caught on Camera: School Violence|documentary about bullying]].  +
[[Yugi Mutou (manga)|Yugi]] is forced to sell tickets for [[Sozoji|Sozoji's]] [[Sozoji's All Night Solo Live Show|concert]] or suffer consequences. Not wanting to put his friends through Sozoji's horrible singing or have them pick a fight, Yugi insists that he's fine and won't tell them what he's been made do.  +
[[Katsuya Jonouchi (manga)|Katsuya Jonouchi]] and [[Yugi Mutou (manga)|Yugi Mutou]] notice [[Anzu Mazaki (manga)|Anzu Mazaki]] has been behaving strange lately. Investigation causes them to meet up with an [[Escaped prisoner|escaped convict]].  +
The alleged psychic [[Kokurano]] has gained great popularity at [[Domino High School]]. However [[Yugi Mutou (manga)|Yugi Mutou]] is skeptical of his powers and upset by Kokurano's interest in [[Anzu Mazaki (manga)|Anzu Mazaki]].  +
[[Goro Inogashira]] takes over [[Yugi Mutou (manga)|Yugi's]] class' spot at the [[Domino High school festival|school festival]], where they were making [[Carnival Games]].  +
[[Katsuya Jonouchi (manga)|Jonouchi]] gets [[Yugi Mutou (manga)|Yugi]] to help [[Hiroto Honda (manga)|Honda]] with his crush on [[Miho Nosaka (manga)|Miho Nosaka]]. However this gets them into trouble with the teacher [[Ms. Chono]].  +
The [[Junky Scorpion owner]] sold [[Katsuya Jonouchi (manga)|Jonouchi]] a pair of [[Air Muscle]] sneakers, then hired a [[Muscle Hunters|gang]] to mug Jonouchi and rob him of them. When [[Yugi Mutou (manga)|Yugi]] found out, [[Dark Yugi (manga)|Dark Yugi]] appeared to start a [[Shadow Game]] with the store owner.  +
[[Seto Kaiba (manga)|Seto Kaiba]] finds [[Sugoroku Mutou (manga)|Sugoroku Mutou]] has a "[[Blue-Eyes White Dragon (manga)|Blue-Eyes White Dragon]]". After Sugoroku refuses to trade for the card, Kaiba resorts to dishonest means to get it.  +
[[Dark Yugi (manga)|Dark Yugi]] continues [[Dark Yugi and Seto Kaiba's school Duel|his Duel]] with [[Seto Kaiba (manga)|Seto Kaiba]] to win back [[Sugoroku Mutou (manga)|his grandfather]]'s "[[Blue-Eyes White Dragon (manga)|Blue-Eyes White Dragon]]".  +
After [[Katsuya Jonouchi (manga)|Jonouchi]] misses a day of school, [[Yugi Mutou (manga)|Yugi]], [[Anzu Mazaki (manga)|Anzu]] and [[Hiroto Honda (manga)|Honda]] check it out and find Jonouchi is now hanging out with [[Hirutani's gang]].  +
[[Katsuya Jonouchi (manga)|Jonouchi]] turns on [[Hirutani's gang]] for punching [[Yugi Mutou (manga)|Yugi]] earlier, but is unable to take them all on at once. Meanwhile, Yugi, [[Anzu Mazaki (manga)|Anzu]] and [[Hiroto Honda (manga)|Honda]] desperately search for Jonouchi.  +
Treasures from a recently discovered pharaoh's tomb are put on display in [[Domino City Museum]]. [[Yugi Mutou (manga)|Yugi]] lends his [[Millennium Puzzle]] to [[Egypt Unearthed|the exhibition]] and [[Shadi Shin|Shadi]] tests the souls of the men he sees responsible for defiling the pharaoh's tomb.  +
[[Shadi Shin|Shadi]] enters [[Dark Yugi (manga)|Dark Yugi]]'s [[soul room]] to learn more about the [[Millennium Puzzle]] and take its power if he needs it. However Dark Yugi's true soul room is hidden inside a labyrinth. Shadi accepts a [[Shadow Game]], set by Dark Yugi, where he must [[Labyrinth Treasure Hunt|search]] for Dark Yugi's true soul room.  +
[[Shadi]] prepares to kill [[Professor Yoshimori]] for defiling the territory of the Gods. After entering his [[soul room]], Shadi finds Yoshimori is waiting for [[Yugi Mutou (manga)|Yugi]] to visit, so he decides to postpone killing Yoshimori and use him to lure [[Dark Yugi (manga)|Dark Yugi]] into a [[Shadow Game]].  +
[[Shadi (manga)|Shadi]] redecorates [[Anzu Mazaki (manga)|Anzu's]] [[soul room]] to draw out [[Dark Yugi (manga)|Dark Yugi]], while he leaves the zombified [[Professor Yoshimori]] attack [[Yugi Mutou (manga)|Yugi's]] friends.  +
With [[Shadi]] holding [[Téa Gardner|Anzu]] in danger, [[Yami Yugi|Dark Yugi]] is forced to face Shadi in the first stage of his [[Shadow Game]].  +
[[Shadi (manga)|Shadi]] subjects [[Dark Yugi| (manga)Dark Yugi]] to the second stage of their [[Shadow Game]]. Yugi must solve a puzzle, while grasped by an illusion of [[Ammit]].  +
For the final stage of their [[Shadow Game]], [[Shadi]] has [[Yami Yugi|Yugi]] face an illusion of [[Joey Wheeler|Jonouchi]] in a game.  +
[[Dark Yugi (manga)|Dark Yugi]] finishes his [[Shadow Game]] with [[Shadi (manga)|Shadi]].  +
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