Promotional Pack is a Spanish Booster Pack in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game, containing cards from Starter Deck: Yugi.

Each pack contains two TCG cards and one informational card.

The informational card.


Set number English name Spanish name Rarity Category
BIY-S001 Mystical Elf Duende Místico Common Normal Monster
BIY-S002 Feral Imp Diablillo Salvaje Common Normal Monster
BIY-S003 Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1 Dragón Alado, Guardián de la Fortaleza #1 Common Normal Monster
BIY-S004 Summoned Skull Cráneo Convocado Common Normal Monster
BIY-S005 Beaver Warrior Guerrero Castor Common Normal Monster
BIY-S006 Dark Magician Mago Oscuro Ultra Rare Normal Monster
BIY-S007 Gaia The Fierce Knight Gaia el Caballero Feroz Common Normal Monster
BIY-S008 Curse of Dragon Maldición de Dragón Common Normal Monster
BIY-S009 Celtic Guardian Guardián Celta Common Normal Monster
BIY-S010 Mammoth Graveyard Cementerio de Mamuts Common Normal Monster
BIY-S011 Great White Gran Blanco Common Normal Monster
BIY-S012 Silver Fang Colmillo Plateado Common Normal Monster
BIY-S013 Giant Soldier of Stone Soldado Gigante de Piedra Common Normal Monster
BIY-S014 Dragon Zombie Zombi de Dragón Common Normal Monster
BIY-S015 Doma The Angel of Silence Doma, el Ángel del Silencio Common Normal Monster
BIY-S016 Ansatsu Ansatsu Common Normal Monster
BIY-S017 Witty Phantom Fantasma Ingenioso Common Normal Monster
BIY-S018 Claw Reacher Alcanzador de Garra Common Normal Monster
BIY-S019 Mystic Clown Payaso Místico Common Normal Monster
BIY-S020 Sword of Dark Destruction Espada de la Destrucción Oscura Common Equip Spell Card
BIY-S021 Book of Secret Arts Libro de Artes Secretas Common Equip Spell Card
BIY-S022 Dark Hole Agujero Oscuro Common Normal Spell Card
BIY-S023 Dian Keto the Cure Master Dian Keto, el Señora de la Curación Common Normal Spell Card
BIY-S024 Ancient Elf Duende Antiguo Common Normal Monster
BIY-S025 Magical Ghost Fantasma Mágico Common Normal Monster
BIY-S026 Fissure Fisura Common Normal Spell Card
BIY-S027 Trap Hole Agujero Trampa Common Normal Trap Card
BIY-S028 Two-Pronged Attack Ataque Doble Flanqueado Common Normal Trap Card
BIY-S029 De-Spell Exorcismo Common Normal Spell Card
BIY-S030 Monster Reborn Monstruo Renacido Common Normal Spell Card
BIY-S031 Reinforcements Refuerzos Common Normal Trap Card
BIY-S032 Change of Heart Cambio de Fidelidad Common Normal Spell Card
BIY-S033 The Stern Mystic El Místico Severo Common Flip monster
BIY-S034 Wall of Illusion Muro de Ilusión Common Effect Monster
BIY-S035 Neo the Magic Swordsman Neo, el Espadachín Mágico Common Normal Monster
BIY-S036 Baron of the Fiend Sword Barón de la Espada Demoníaca Common Normal Monster
BIY-S037 Man-Eating Treasure Chest Cofre del Tesoro Devorahombres Common Normal Monster
BIY-S038 Sorcerer of the Doomed Hechicero de los Condenados Common Normal Monster
BIY-S039 Last Will Última Voluntad Common Normal Spell Card
BIY-S040 Waboku Waboku Common Normal Trap Card
BIY-S041 Soul Exchange Intercambio de Almas Super Rare Normal Spell Card
BIY-S042 Card Destruction Destrucción de la Carta Super Rare Normal Spell Card
BIY-S043 Trap Master Amo de Trampa Common Flip monster
BIY-S044 Dragon Capture Jar Jarra de Captura de Dragones Common Continuous Trap Card
BIY-S045 Yami Yami Common Field Spell Card
BIY-S046 Man-Eater Bug Insecto Come-hombres Common Flip monster
BIY-S047 Reverse Trap Trampa de Inversión Common Normal Trap Card
BIY-S048 Remove Trap Trampa de Eliminación Common Normal Spell Card
BIY-S049 Castle Walls Paredes de Castillo Common Normal Trap Card
BIY-S050 Ultimate Offering Ofrenda Final Common Continuous Trap Card


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