Promotion Pack 2018 is a Booster Pack in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG).


There are 2 cards per pack. The set contains 12 cards:



Card numberEnglish nameJapanese nameRarityCategory
18PR-JP001"Interrupt Resistor"「インタラプト・レジスタンス」CommonEffect Monster
18PR-JP002"Fire Opalhead"「ファイヤーオパールヘッド」CommonNormal Pendulum Monster
18PR-JP003"Mudragon of the Swamp"「沼地のドロゴン」CommonEffect Fusion Monster
18PR-JP004"Martial Metal Marcher"「武力の軍奏」CommonEffect Tuner Synchro Monster
18PR-JP005"Disdainful Bird of Paradise"「キキナガシ風鳥」CommonEffect Xyz Monster
18PR-JP006"Linklebell"「リンクルベル」CommonEffect Link Monster
18PR-JP007"Astra Ghouls"「アストラグールズ」Normal Parallel RareEffect Monster
18PR-JP008"Rain Bozu"「レイン・ボーズ」Normal Parallel RareEffect Pendulum Monster
18PR-JP009"Bellcat Fighter"「ベルキャットファイター」Normal Parallel RareEffect Link Monster
18PR-JP010"Link Party"「リンク・パーティー」Normal Parallel RareNormal Spell Card
18PR-JP011"Matching Outfits"「ペア・ルック」Normal Parallel RareNormal Trap Card
18PR-JP012"Token"Normal Parallel Rare
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