This set includes 20 cards. This is comprised of:



Card numberEnglish nameKorean nameRarityCategory
PR01-KR001"Ally of Justice Thousand Arms""A·O·J 사우전드 암즈"Super RareEffect Monster
PR01-KR002"Hazy Flame Hyppogrif""헤이즈비스트 히포그리포"Super RareEffect Monster
PR01-KR003"Alpacaribou, Mystical Beast of the Forest""숲의 성수 알파카리부"Super RareEffect Monster
PR01-KR004"Eco, Mystical Spirit of the Forest""숲의 성령 에코"Super RareEffect Monster
PR01-KR005"Beetron""투구론"Super RareEffect Monster
PR01-KR006"Infernity Archer""인페르니티 아처"CommonEffect Monster
PR01-KR007"Harpie's Pet Dragon""해피의 애완 드래곤"CommonEffect Monster
PR01-KR008"Cyber Harpie Lady""해피 레이디·SB"CommonEffect Monster
PR01-KR009"Treasure Map""보물지도"CommonNormal Trap Card
PR01-KR010"Danipon""다니폰"CommonEffect Monster
PR01-KR011"Sweet Corn""단 옥수수"CommonEffect Monster
PR01-KR012"Vampiric Koala""흡혈 코알라"CommonEffect Monster
PR01-KR013"Tree Otter""랏코알라"CommonEffect Monster
PR01-KR014"Karakuri Spider""자동기계 거미"CommonEffect Monster
PR01-KR015"Koalo-Koala""코알랏코알라"CommonEffect Fusion Monster
PR01-KR016"Gottoms' Emergency Call""가톰즈의 긴급지령"CommonNormal Trap Card
PR01-KR017"Bait Doll""저주 인형"CommonNormal Spell Card
PR01-KR018"Freya, Spirit of Victory""승리를 이끄는 손 프리야"CommonEffect Monster
PR01-KR019"Instant Fusion""인스턴트 퓨전"CommonNormal Spell Card
PR01-KR020"Fossil Excavation""화석발굴"CommonContinuous Trap Card
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