Ten prisoners of the ka hunt were forced into a ka battle in the interest of strengthening their monster ka, in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga. A similar version of this battle takes place in the anime.


Gebelk was tasked with finding the best way to strengthened the ka of the prisoners, captured during the ka hunt. In the underground prison, he conducted experiments on the prisoners, where he discovered that hunger and fear were the best stimulants to bring out the ka's violence. He also tried torturing the prisoners, but found it counterproductive since it killed their ba. He concluded that the wielder's desire to live was what made their ka strong and the best way to bring this out was to have the prisoners battle each other to the death for survival.[1]

Gebelk had an arena set up and put ten prisoners inside it. They were given one rule; only one of them may leave the arena alive. Over the course of 34 hours, the prisoners engaged on and off in fights, using their ka. The ka were small and weak at the beginning, but grew in strength and size, as their hosts fought to stay alive.[1]

The last two surviving prisoners had the ka, Five-Eyed Horned Ogre and Gudoul. When Seto checked in on the progress of the progress of Gebelk's research, he saw these two fighting and was impressed by the power of their ka.[1]

The battle was interrupted, when Gebelk and Akhenaden hoped to test Kisara and her ka, The White Dragon. The ensuing battle resulted in the deaths of both prisoners and their ka.[2][3]

Ka used

User Ka
Prisoner Five-Eyed Horned Ogre
Prisoner Gudoul


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