The Priests of Light are unnamed characters appearing in the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's manga. They lived in an ancient era and were the Duel Priests who originally held the Duel Dragons.


When Rex explains to Yusei Fudo about the Duel Dragons, he reveals that 5 of the dragons originally belonged to the Priests of Light, with "Stardust Spark Dragon" being revealed to be one of them.[1]

After the Duel between Yusei and Crow Hogan, both were transported to a coliseum in an ancient time by a blank Duel Dragon card. There, they found one of the Priests, who challenged Yusei to a One Shot Run in order to undergo the Ritual of the Duel Dragon. Yusei accepted the ritual, and both clashed, with Yusei's monster being "Lightning Warrior" and the Priest's monster, "Stardust Spark Dragon". While they rode, the miasma of the Priest's dragon affected Yusei for a moment, but he quickly regained consciousness, and stopped riding, accepting the dragon's blow.[2] After that, Yusei and Crow went back to their era, with Yusei obtaining the Duel Dragon from the Priest.[3]

During Yusei's final Duel against Rex, who had obtained the powers of the Ultimate God, the Priests make their first appearance with all members. Once the present Duel Priests and Priestess pray, they awaken their Duel Dragons' souls, releasing them from the Ultimate God's curse. When Yusei prays, he has a vision of the five Priests of Light and the Duel Priestess confronting the Ultimate God alongside their dragons. They explain that the humans' desire for power makes the Ultimate God strong, but that they would use the power of "Stardust" and all dragons to seal the Ultimate God for good. That's when Yusei learns about the true form of "Stardust", which is a Tuner Synchro Monster, and uses "Harmonic Geoglyph" to tune all dragons into "Stardust Sifr Spark Dragon".[4]


The names of the Duel Priests are not revealed. They seem to be the current Duel Priests' past ancestors.


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