Power of the Duelist: Vendor Edition is a Vendor Edition Booster Pack in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG). It follows Enemy of Justice: Vendor Edition and it is followed by Cyberdark Impact: Vendor Edition.


Only contains the Common cards from Power of the Duelist, with five of them being Normal Parallel Rares:



Card numberEnglish nameJapanese nameRarityCategory
POTD-JP001"Elemental HERO Neos"「E・HERO ネオス」Normal Parallel RareNormal Monster
POTD-JP002"Sabersaurus"「セイバーザウルス」CommonNormal Monster
POTD-JP006"Chrysalis Dolphin"「C・ドルフィーナ」Normal Parallel RareEffect Monster
POTD-JP007"Rallis the Star Bird"「星見鳥ラリス」CommonEffect Monster
POTD-JP009"Ambulanceroid"「キューキューロイド」CommonEffect Monster
POTD-JP010"Decoyroid"「デコイロイド」CommonEffect Monster
POTD-JP011"Rescueroid"「レスキューロイド」Normal Parallel RareEffect Monster
POTD-JP013"Destiny HERO - Defender"「D-HERO ディフェンドガイ」CommonEffect Monster
POTD-JP015"Destiny HERO - Blade Master"「D-HERO ダガーガイ」CommonEffect Monster
POTD-JP016"Destiny HERO - Fear Monger"「D-HERO ドゥームガイ」Normal Parallel RareEffect Monster
POTD-JP018"Black Ptera"「暗黒プテラ」CommonEffect Monster
POTD-JP019"Black Stego"「暗黒ステゴ」Normal Parallel RareEffect Monster
POTD-JP021"Miracle Jurassic Egg"「奇跡のジュラシック・エッグ」CommonEffect Monster
POTD-JP022"Babycerasaurus"「ベビケラサウルス」CommonEffect Monster
POTD-JP023"Bitelon"「バイトロン」CommonEffect Monster
POTD-JP024"Alien Grey"「エーリアン・グレイ」CommonFlip monster
POTD-JP025"Alien Skull"「エーリアン・スカル」CommonEffect Monster
POTD-JP026"Alien Hunter"「エーリアン・ハンター」CommonEffect Monster
POTD-JP030"Flying Saucer Muusik'i"「円盤ムスキー」CommonEffect Monster
POTD-JP035"Ambulance Rescueroid"「レスキューキューロイド」CommonEffect Fusion Monster
POTD-JP037"Contact"「コンタクト」CommonNormal Spell Card
POTD-JP038"Fake Hero"「フェイク・ヒーロー」CommonNormal Spell Card
POTD-JP040"Vehicroid Connection Zone"「ビークロイド・コネクション・ゾーン」CommonNormal Spell Card
POTD-JP041"D - Spirit"「D-スピリッツ」CommonNormal Spell Card
POTD-JP045"Common Soul"「魂の共有-コモンソウル」CommonContinuous Spell Card
POTD-JP047"Mausoleum of the Emperor"「死皇帝の陵墓」CommonField Spell Card
POTD-JP049"Destiny Mirage"「デステニー・ミラージュ」CommonNormal Trap Card
POTD-JP051"Crop Circles"「ミステリーサークル」CommonNormal Trap Card
POTD-JP052"The Paths of Destiny"「運命の分かれ道」CommonNormal Trap Card
POTD-JP053"Orbital Bombardment"「大気圏外射撃」CommonNormal Trap Card
POTD-JP054"Royal Writ of Taxation"「王宮の重税」CommonNormal Trap Card
POTD-JP055"Wonder Garage"「ワンダーガレージ」CommonNormal Trap Card
POTD-JP058"Fossil Excavation"「化石発掘」CommonContinuous Trap Card
POTD-JP059"Synthetic Seraphim"「人造天使」CommonContinuous Trap Card
POTD-JP060"Brainwashing Beam"「洗脳光線」CommonContinuous Trap Card
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