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Pot of Desires
(ごう) (よく) (どん) (よく) (つぼ)
English Pot of Desires
French Pot des Désirs
German Topf der Begierden
Italian Giara dei Desideri
Korean 욕망과 탐욕의 항아리
Portuguese Pote dos Desejos
Spanish Olla del Deseo
Japanese (kana) ごうよくでどんよくなつぼ
Japanese (base) 強欲で貪欲な壺
Japanese (rōmaji) Gōyoku de Don'yoku na Tsubo
Japanese (translated) Pot of Greed and Avarice
Card type Spell SPELL
Property Normal Normal
Passcode 35261759
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StatusesSemi-Limited (OCG)
Unlimited (TCG Advanced and Traditional)
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