At the end of every chain resolution, the Turn Player will retain Priority to activate a Fast Effects, before passing priority to his opponent. This small window of timing is unofficially coined as a "Post-Resolution Window". It is similar to the Priority passing at the end of every Phase.

Example 1

During the timing that a card is added to hand through the effect of "Magician of Faith" or "Reinforcement of the Army", the Turn Player cannot continue with a Normal Spell card activation or a Monster summon immediately.[1]

During the timing that a card is added to hand, only after the Turn Player passes his Priority without activating a Fast Effect, and when the Opponent Player passes Priority as well, then can the activation of a Normal Spell card and the Summon of a monster be performed. That's why the Opponent player can always use card such as "Mind Crush", "Trap Dustshoot" after an effect that add a card to hand has been resolved, but before such card can be played.

Example 2

After the resolution of effects such as "Armageddon Knight", etc, during the timing that "Destiny HERO - Malicious" is sent to the graveyard, the Turn Player cannot continue with the activation of the effect of "Destiny HERO - Malicious" immediately.[2]

Therefore, when the Turn Player passes Priority without activating an Effect of Spell Speed 2 and above, before the effect of "Destiny HERO - Malicious" can be activated, the Opponent Player can activate effects such as "D.D. Crow", etc.

A popular application of this "Post-Resolution Window" is the activation of "Mind Crush" right after the resolution of "Reinforcement of the Army" or "Pot of Duality", or the activation of "D.D. Crow" after the resolution of the effect of "Dark Grepher" and "Armageddon Knight".

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