The player character in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Duel Transer is the character controlled by the person playing the game. They choose the name and gender of the character, control their actions and contents of their Deck.


The player received a invitation from Surtr to the Duel of Legends Cup, on the island Ragnarok.


The player has a choice of six appearances for each gender.

If the player chooses a female character, they are often erroneously referred to as "he".

Gender Name Clothing Hair Face
Male Rider Leather top and bottom WC11 hair 4
Prince Stuffed collar uniform WC11 hair 1
Average Joe Rough style WC11 hair 2
Friendly Teen Denim jacket Marcel's hair
Gruff King King replica model
Tough Guy Wild style WC11 hair 3
Female Casual Teen One-piece WC11 hair 8
School Student Sailor uniform WC11 hair 2
Tough Girl Rough style WC11 hair 1
Idol Witch's dress Alice's hair
Secretary Career suit
Rider Leather top and bottom WC11 hair 3


Depending on the gender of the player, they get a different starting Deck.

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