This unnamed Duelist is the playable character in Free Duel Mode in Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL World Duel Carnival, who can also be unlocked for use in Story Mode. He can also be Dueled in Free Duel Mode, where he has his own Decks. He is based on (and may be) the player character from the Tag Force series.

During his story mode, Dumon determines that he must be Nash, as Nash had always worn the same hat. Yuma Tsukumo recalls a story his father told him about the hat. His father had found the hat on one of this adventures. He told Yuma to never touch it, as it had the power to change the fate of the world.


These Decks are used when he is an opponent in Free Duel Mode.

The Knights of Chaos who Pursue the Twilight (宵闇を駆る混沌の騎士団, Yoiyami wo Karu Konton no Kishidan) ★7
Counter Duelist Unit (カウンターデュエリストユニット, Kauntā Dyuerisuto Yunitto) ★7
The Maiden who Dances with the Rabbit in Ninjitsu (乙女は忍術で兎と舞う, Otome wo Ninjutsu de Usagi to Mau) ★7
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