Pigeon (鳩, Hato) is an avatar character appearing in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime, while his real name is "Saito". Along with his boss Frog, he is one of the reporters trying to get a scoop on Playmaker and the Knights of Hanoi. He has a camera attached to his head which he uses for scoops.

Pigeon frequently suffers connection issues when in LINK VRAINS.


Between Frog and Pigeon, Pigeon appears to be the comic (boke) of the duo. He is more dopey and forgetful, whereas Frog is more impulsive and alert.



Pigeon and Frog logged into LINK VRAINS to search for Playmaker in order to get a scoop. After meeting on a roof top, he noted the large amount of reporters besides themselves, and that so many of them were causing traffic problems. Frog suggested Pigeon to turn off his chat to fix the problem. When "Playmaker" appeared Frog wanted to begin the scoop, but Pigeon noticed there were other Playmakers nearby so he figured all of them had to be impersonators. While looking for the real Playmaker, a supposed Knight of Hanoi arrived, which Pigeon filmed.[2]

Pigeon and Frog later filmed Blue Angel issuing a public Duel challenge to Playmaker. Before leaving to fulfill other commitments, Frog told Blue Angel to notify them if Playmaker accepted her challenge.[3] Frog and Pigeon later attempted to scoop on a potential rematch when Blue Angel reappeared not long after her defeat, but were then surprised to hear Playmaker remark that Blue Angel was not real.[4]

A few days after Varis' assault on LINK VRAINS, Frog and Pigeon contacted "Ghost Gal" for an interview regarding recent events in LINK VRAINS. Due to Ghost Girl's expensive prices, Frog spent all of his and Pigeon's budgets and extra bonuses. She gave them a data file with the answers to the questions they sent her as well as everything she discovered involving Playmaker as well and she witnessed during Varis' attack. Frog and Pigeon went to a private editting room to check Ghost Girl's data and prepare a big scoop, but before they could publish the article Yusaku and Kolter deleted it while cleaning "Playmaker" files across the network much to Frog and Pigeon's dismay.[5]

Frog and Pigeon stumbled into "Ghost Girl" about to start a Duel against "Playmaker" which they recored. During the Duel, they argued about what's more important, their report or Playmaker's title as "Hero of LINK VRAINS". When the Duel concluded, "Ghost Girl" deleted Pigeon's recording, leaving him and Frog without anything to make their Playmaker scoop yet again.[6]

The Deleted

Frog and Pigeon wandered around LINK VRAINS during the peak of The Deleted. They found that everyone else but the Knights of Hanoi remained. Pigeon protested Frog's decision to stay and report. Just then, Baira logged in and threatened to delete Frog and Pigeon, but they were saved when Blue Angel showed up to challenge Baira. [7]

Frog and Pigeon later witnessed the Tower of Hanoi emerge, destroying virtual buildings and absorbing avatars in its wake. [8] In the aftermath, Frog and Pigeon remained the only journalists still inside LINK VRAINS. They witnessed Specter defeat Kitamura, the latter being disintegrated into data. Specter then saw Frog and Pigeon and announced that LINK VRAINS was out of bounds. This caused Frog and Pigeon to flee before being blown away by sand. Frog and Pigeon later witnessed Playmaker form an alliance with The Gore and Blue Angel, only for Pigeon to tell Frog that he didn't turn the camera on. [9]

Frog and Pigeon looked for Playmaker in LINK VRAINS. Pigeon was hit by a rock and dropped Frog. They noticed that a youngster whose avatar resembled Playmaker was responsible. Pigeon then carried Frog over a dust storm to evade it, but the dust storm went for the defenseless youngster. He was saved by the real Playmaker, who urged the youngster to log out. Only then did Frog find out that Pigeon forgot to film it again. Frog and Pigeon continued to navigate, until they spotted Blue Angel dueling against Specter, and put it on live feed. [10] They witnessed Blue Angel's brutal defeat to Specter. [11]

Frog and Pigeon originally agreed to tend to Blue Angel, but upon hearing Akira Zaizen's voice, decided to leave. Frog and Pigeon later received an anonymous email (revealed to be from Kolter) pointing them to a bridge. [12] They went to the bridge to see Playmaker's duel against Specter.[13] Playmaker won, but the bridge began to collapse, to Frog and Pigeon's shock. [14]

Frog and Pigeon witnessed a stray Data Storm save Playmaker, who continued towards the tower. They then spotted The Gore facing off against Varis, and informed Playmaker. Playmaker hurried towards where the duel was taking place, prompting Frog and Pigeon to follow. [15] They are blasted away by one of the attacks while filming the duel. [16] Frog and Pigeon then filmed Playmaker's duel against Varis on a higher ring of one of the towers. [17] They noticed the duel suddenly freeze, [18] before watching the duel till the end. They then witnessed Playmaker and Varis log back in for a rematch, [19] which they also filmed until the end. [1]

Lost Memories

Frog and Pigeon returned to the new LINK VRAINS to report. They narrowly dodged a girl riding on a data stream. They then witnessed the return of Playmaker, [20] and watched his duel against a glowing figure. [21] They then watched Soulburner's duel against BitBoot. [22].


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