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The Pharaoh Tour 2005 promotional cards are a set of two cards that were given out at the Pharaoh Tour 2005. "Zoa" was given as a participation card and "Des Volstgalph" was given as a prize card.



Card numberEnglish nameFrench nameRarityCategory
PT1-FR001"Zoa""Zoa"CommonNormal Monster
PT1-FR002"Des Volstgalph""Des Volstgaph"CommonEffect Monster

Set number Name German name Rarity Category
PT1-DE001 Zoa Zoa Common Normal Monster
PT1-DE002 Des Volstgalph Des Volstgalph Common Effect Monster

Set number Name Italian name Rarity Category
PT1-IT001 Zoa Zoa Common Normal Monster
PT1-IT002 Des Volstgalph Volstgalph Des Common Effect Monster