Pharaoh's Inheritance: Vendor Edition is a Vendor Edition Booster Pack in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG). It is the first in these Series of promotional editions and it is followed by Soul of the Duelist: Vendor Edition.


Only contains the Common cards from Pharaoh's Inheritance, with five of them being Normal Parallel Rares:



Card numberEnglish nameJapanese nameRarityCategory
309-001"Gigobyte"「ギゴバイト」CommonNormal Monster
309-002"Mokey Mokey"「もけもけ」CommonNormal Monster
309-003"Kozaky"「コザッキー」CommonNormal Monster
309-004"Fiend Scorpion"「デビルスコーピオン」CommonNormal Monster
309-005"Pharaoh's Servant"「ファラオのしもべ」CommonNormal Monster
309-006"Pharaonic Protector"「王家の守護者」CommonNormal Monster
309-009"Aswan Apparition"「アスワンの亡霊」Normal Parallel RareEffect Monster
309-010"Protector of the Sanctuary"「神殿を守る者」Normal Parallel RareEffect Monster
309-011"Nubian Guard"「ヌビアガード」CommonEffect Monster
309-013"Desertapir"「砂バク」CommonFlip monster
309-014"Sand Gambler"「サンド・ギャンブラー」CommonEffect Monster
309-015"3-Hump Lacooda"「みつこぶラクーダ」CommonEffect Monster
309-017"Absorbing Kid from the Sky"「吸収天児」CommonEffect Monster
309-018"Elephant Statue of Blessing"「恵みの像」CommonEffect Monster
309-019"Elephant Statue of Disaster"「災いの像」CommonEffect Monster
309-020"Spirit Caller"「魂を呼ぶ者」CommonFlip monster
309-022"Grave Protector"「グレイヴ・キーパー」Normal Parallel RareEffect Monster
309-024"Regenerating Mummy"「再生ミイラ」Normal Parallel RareEffect Monster
309-025"Night Assailant"「深淵の暗殺者」Normal Parallel RareFlip monster
309-026"Man-Thro' Tro'"「人投げトロール」CommonEffect Monster
309-027"King of the Swamp"「沼地の魔神王」CommonEffect Monster
309-028"Emissary of the Oasis"「オアシスの使者」CommonEffect Monster
309-030"Order to Charge"「突撃指令」CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
309-031"Sword of the Soul-Eater"「魂喰らいの魔刀」CommonEquip Spell Card
309-032"Dust Barrier"「砂塵の結界」CommonContinuous Spell Card
309-033"Soul Reversal"「リバースソウル」CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
309-035"Blessings of the Nile"「ナイルの恵み」CommonContinuous Spell Card
309-036"7"「7」CommonContinuous Spell Card
309-037"Level Limit - Area B"「レベル制限B地区」CommonContinuous Spell Card
309-038"Enchanting Fitting Room"「魔の試着部屋」CommonNormal Spell Card
309-039"The Law of the Normal"「弱肉一色」CommonNormal Spell Card
309-041"Delta Attacker"「デルタ・アタッカー」CommonNormal Spell Card
309-042"Thousand Energy"「サウザンドエナジー」CommonNormal Spell Card
309-043"Triangle Power"「トライアングルパワー」CommonNormal Spell Card
309-044"The Third Sarcophagus"「第三の棺」CommonContinuous Spell Card
309-045"The Second Sarcophagus"「第二の棺」CommonContinuous Spell Card
309-047"Dora of Fate"「運命のドラ」CommonNormal Trap Card
309-048"Judgment of the Desert"「砂漠の裁き」CommonContinuous Trap Card
309-049"Human-Wave Tactics"「人海戦術」CommonContinuous Trap Card
309-051"Desert Sunlight"「砂漠の光」CommonNormal Trap Card
309-053"Labyrinth of Nightmare"「悪夢の迷宮」CommonContinuous Trap Card
309-055"Order to Smash"「玉砕指令」CommonNormal Trap Card
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