Pharaoh's Inheritance is a Japanese Booster Pack in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game. It is the ninth pack in Series 3. It is the last mainstream Japanese Booster Pack prior to the convergence with TCG, Asian-English and Korean releases.

In other languages, this set is amalgamated with The Sanctuary in the Sky to create Ancient Sanctuary.


Each pack contains 5 cards and each box contains 30 packs.

The set contains 57 cards, or 61 in the Master Set. This is comprised of:



Set number English name Japanese name Rarity Category
309-001 Gigobyte ギゴバイト Common Normal Monster
309-002 Mokey Mokey Common Normal Monster
309-003 Kozaky コザッキー Common Normal Monster
309-004 Fiend Scorpion デビルスコーピオン Common Normal Monster
309-005 Pharaoh's Servant Common Normal Monster
309-006 Pharaonic Protector Common Normal Monster
309-007 Spirit of the Pharaoh Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Ultra Parallel Rare
Effect Monster
309-008 Theban Nightmare Rare Effect Monster
309-009 Aswan Apparition アスワンの (ぼう) (れい) Common
Normal Parallel Rare
Effect Monster
309-010 Protector of the Sanctuary (しん) 殿 (でん) (まも) (もの) Common
Normal Parallel Rare
Effect Monster
309-011 Nubian Guard Common Effect Monster
309-012 Legacy Hunter Super Rare Effect Monster
309-013 Desertapir Common Effect Monster
309-014 Sand Gambler サンド・ギャンブラー Common Effect Monster
309-015 3-Hump Lacooda Common Effect Monster
309-016 Ghost Knight of Jackal Ultra Rare
Ultra Parallel Rare
Effect Monster
309-017 Absorbing Kid from the Sky (きゅう) (しゅう) (てん) () Common Effect Monster
309-018 Elephant Statue of Blessing Common Effect Monster
309-019 Elephant Statue of Disaster Common Effect Monster
309-020 Spirit Caller Common Effect Monster
309-021 Emissary of the Afterlife Super Rare Effect Monster
309-022 Grave Protector グレイヴ・キーパー Common
Normal Parallel Rare
Effect Monster
309-023 Double Coston Rare Effect Monster
309-024 Regenerating Mummy Common
Normal Parallel Rare
Effect Monster
309-025 Night Assailant 深淵の暗殺者 (ナイト・アサシン) Common
Normal Parallel Rare
Effect Monster
309-026 Man-Thro' Tro' (ひと) () げトロール Common Effect Monster
309-027 King of the Swamp Common Effect Monster
309-028 Emissary of the Oasis オアシスの使 () (しゃ) Common Effect Monster
309-029 Special Hurricane スペシャルハリケーン Rare Normal Spell Card
309-030 Order to Charge Common Quick-Play Spell Card
309-031 Sword of the Soul-Eater (たま) () らいの () (とう) Common Equip Spell Card
309-032 Dust Barrier () (じん) (けっ) (かい) Common Continuous Spell Card
309-033 Soul Reversal リバースソウル Common Quick-Play Spell Card
309-034 Spell Economics Rare Continuous Spell Card
309-035 Blessings of the Nile ナイルの (めぐ) Common Continuous Spell Card
309-036 7 Common Continuous Spell Card
309-037 Level Limit - Area B Common Continuous Spell Card
309-038 Enchanting Fitting Room () () (ちゃく) () () Common Normal Spell Card
309-039 The Law of the Normal (じゃく) (にく) (いっ) (しょく) Common Normal Spell Card
309-040 Dark Magic Attack Ultra Rare
Ultra Parallel Rare
Normal Spell Card
309-041 Delta Attacker デルタ・アタッカー Common Normal Spell Card
309-042 Thousand Energy Common Normal Spell Card
309-043 Triangle Power トライアングルパワー Common Normal Spell Card
309-044 The Third Sarcophagus Common Continuous Spell Card
309-045 The Second Sarcophagus (だい) () (ひつぎ) Common Continuous Spell Card
309-046 The First Sarcophagus Super Rare Continuous Trap Card
309-047 Dora of Fate (うん) (めい) のドラ Common Normal Trap Card
309-048 Judgment of the Desert Common Continuous Trap Card
309-049 Human-Wave Tactics (じん) (かい) (せん) (じゅつ) Common Continuous Trap Card
309-050 Curse of Anubis Super Rare Normal Trap Card
309-051 Desert Sunlight () (ばく) (ひかり) Common Normal Trap Card
309-052 Des Counterblow Rare Continuous Trap Card
309-053 Labyrinth of Nightmare Common Continuous Trap Card
309-054 Soul Resurrection Rare Continuous Trap Card
309-055 Order to Smash (ぎょく) (さい) () (れい) Common Normal Trap Card
309-056 The End of Anubis Secret Rare Effect Monster
309-057 Gaia the Dragon Champion Ultimate Rare Fusion Monster
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