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Phantom Rage is a Booster Pack in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG) and Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (TCG). It is the second set in the OCG's 11th series, following Rise of the Duelist and followed by Blazing Vortex.



In the OCG, there are 5 cards per pack and 30 packs per box. The set contains 80 cards, or 125 cards in the Master Set:

In the TCG, there are 9 cards per pack and 24 packs per box. The set contains 100 cards:



Card numberNameRarityCategory
PHRA-EN000"Myutant Cry"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-EN001"Raider's Wing"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PHRA-EN002"The Phantom Knights of Stained Greaves"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-EN003"The Phantom Knights of Torn Scales"Secret Rare
Starlight Rare
Effect Monster
PHRA-EN004"Raidraptor - Heel Eagle"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-EN005"Raidraptor - Strangle Lanius"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-EN006"Tri-Brigade Nervall"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-EN007"Tri-Brigade Kerass"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-EN008"Tri-Brigade Fraktall"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PHRA-EN009"Dogmatika Ashiyan"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PHRA-EN010"Virtual World Mai-Hime - Lulu"Ultra RareEffect Tuner monster
PHRA-EN011"Virtual World Roshi - Laolao"Super RareEffect Tuner monster
PHRA-EN012"Virtual World Xiezhi - Jiji"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-EN013"Virtual World Kirin - Lili"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-EN014"Dual Avatar Fists - Yuhi"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-EN015"Dual Avatar Feet - Kokoku"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-EN016"Infernity Conjurer"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-EN017"Infernity Wildcat"CommonEffect Tuner monster
PHRA-EN018"U.A. Libero Spiker"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-EN019"U.A. Player Manager"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-EN020"Awakening of the Possessed - Gagigobyte"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-EN021"Awakening of the Possessed - Rasenryu"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-EN022"Gizmek Makami, the Ferocious Fanged Fortress"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-EN023"Alpha, the Master of Beasts"Secret Rare
Starlight Rare
Effect Monster
PHRA-EN024"Prufinesse, the Tactical Trapper"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-EN025"Rock Band Xenoguitar"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-EN026"Magical Broker"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-EN027"Gluttonous Reptolphin Greethys"CommonEffect Tuner monster
PHRA-EN028"Cupid Fore"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-EN029"Hinezumi Hanabi"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-EN030"Conductor of Nephthys"Super RareEffect Ritual Monster
PHRA-EN031"Brigrand the Glory Dragon"Ultra RareEffect Fusion Monster
PHRA-EN032"Dual Avatar Fists - Armored Ah-Gyo"Super RareEffect Fusion Monster
PHRA-EN033"Dual Avatar Feet - Armored Un-Gyo"Super RareEffect Fusion Monster
PHRA-EN034"Dual Avatar - Empowered Kon-Gyo"Ultra RareEffect Fusion Monster
PHRA-EN035"Armityle the Chaos Phantasm - Phantom of Fury"Ultra RareEffect Fusion Monster
PHRA-EN036"Virtual World Kyubi - Shenshen"Secret RareEffect Synchro Monster
PHRA-EN037"Infernity Doom Archfiend"Super RareEffect Synchro Monster
PHRA-EN038"Infernoble Knight Captain Oliver"Super RareEffect Synchro Monster
PHRA-EN039"Penguin Brave"CommonEffect Synchro Monster
PHRA-EN040"Raider's Knight"Ultra RareEffect Xyz Monster
PHRA-EN041"Arc Rebellion Xyz Dragon"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
PHRA-EN042"Virtual World Shell - Jaja"CommonEffect Xyz Monster
PHRA-EN043"Virtual World Phoenix - Fanfan"Ultra RareEffect Xyz Monster
PHRA-EN044"Joyous Melffys"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
PHRA-EN045"Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS - Sky Thunder"Secret Rare
Starlight Rare
Effect Xyz Monster
PHRA-EN046"Tri-Brigade Ferrijit the Barren Blossom"Ultra Rare
Starlight Rare
Effect Link Monster
PHRA-EN047"Tri-Brigade Rugal the Silver Sheller"CommonEffect Link Monster
PHRA-EN048"Tri-Brigade Shuraig the Ominous Omen"Secret RareEffect Link Monster
PHRA-EN049"Prank-Kids Meow-Meow-Mu"Super RareEffect Link Monster
PHRA-EN050"Geonator Transverser"CommonEffect Link Monster
PHRA-EN051"Phantom Knights' Rank-Up-Magic Force"Ultra RareQuick-Play Spell Card
PHRA-EN052"Tri-Brigade Stand-Off"CommonContinuous Spell Card
PHRA-EN053"Tri-Brigade Airborne Assault"Secret RareQuick-Play Spell Card
PHRA-EN054"Dogmatikacism"CommonEquip Spell Card
PHRA-EN055"Virtual World City - Kauwloon"Super RareNormal Spell Card
PHRA-EN056"Virtual World Gate - Qinglong"CommonContinuous Spell Card
PHRA-EN057"Dual Avatar Invitation"Secret RareNormal Spell Card
PHRA-EN058"Perfect Sync - A-Un"Super RareField Spell Card
PHRA-EN059"Dual Avatar Defeating Evil"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
PHRA-EN060"Infernity Paranoia"CommonNormal Spell Card
PHRA-EN061"U.A. Hyper Stadium"Super RareField Spell Card
PHRA-EN062"U.A. Locker Room"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
PHRA-EN063"Charge Into a Dark World"CommonNormal Spell Card
PHRA-EN064"Arcana Reading"CommonNormal Spell Card
PHRA-EN065"Rookie Fur Hire"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
PHRA-EN066"Xyz Import"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
PHRA-EN067"Jack-In-The-Hand"CommonNormal Spell Card
PHRA-EN068"Raider's Unbreakable Mind"CommonContinuous Trap Card
PHRA-EN069"Raidraptor's Phantom Knights Claw"Super RareCounter Trap Card
PHRA-EN070"Tri-Brigade Revolt"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-EN071"Tri-Brigade Oath"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-EN072"Virtual World Gate - Chuche"Super RareContinuous Trap Card
PHRA-EN073"Dual Avatar Return"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-EN074"Dual Avatar Compact"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-EN075"Infernity Suppression"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-EN076"U.A. Man of the Match"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-EN077"Free-Range Monsters"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-EN078"Warning Point"Secret RareNormal Trap Card
PHRA-EN079"Banquet of Millions"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-EN080"One or Eight"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-EN081"Mahaama the Fairy Dragon"CommonEffect Tuner monster
PHRA-EN082"Jabbing Panda"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-EN083"Periallis, Empress of Blossoms"CommonEffect Synchro Monster
PHRA-EN084"Myutant M-05"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PHRA-EN085"Myutant ST-46"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PHRA-EN086"Myutant GB-88"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-EN087"Myutant Beast"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-EN088"Myutant Mist"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-EN089"Myutant Arsenal"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-EN090"Myutant Synthesis"Super RareEffect Fusion Monster
PHRA-EN091"Myutant Ultimus"Secret RareEffect Fusion Monster
PHRA-EN092"Myutant Evolution Lab"Ultra RareField Spell Card
PHRA-EN093"Myutant Fusion"CommonNormal Spell Card
PHRA-EN094"Myutant Blast"CommonEquip Spell Card
PHRA-EN095"Myutant Clash"CommonContinuous Trap Card
PHRA-EN096"Myutant Expansion"CommonContinuous Trap Card
PHRA-EN097"Virtual World Beast - Jiujiu"Super RareEffect Synchro Monster
PHRA-EN098"Virtual World Dragon - Longlong"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
PHRA-EN099"Virtual World Hime - Nyannyan"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-EN100"Hiita the Fire Charmer, Ablaze"Starlight RareEffect Link Monster

Card numberEnglish nameFrench nameRarityCategory
PHRA-FR000"Myutant Cry""Cri Myutant"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-FR001"Raider's Wing""Aile du Raid"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PHRA-FR002"The Phantom Knights of Stained Greaves""Les Chevaliers Fantômes des Chausses Souillées"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-FR003"The Phantom Knights of Torn Scales""Les Chevaliers Fantômes des Écailles Lacérées"Secret Rare
Starlight Rare
Effect Monster
PHRA-FR004"Raidraptor - Heel Eagle""Raidraptor - Aigle Toc"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-FR005"Raidraptor - Strangle Lanius""Raidraptor - Pie-Grièche Étrangleuse"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-FR006"Tri-Brigade Nervall""Nervall Tri-Brigade"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-FR007"Tri-Brigade Kerass""Kerass Tri-Brigade"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-FR008"Tri-Brigade Fraktall""Fraktall Tri-Brigade"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PHRA-FR009"Dogmatika Ashiyan""Dogmatika Ashiyan"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PHRA-FR010"Virtual World Mai-Hime - Lulu""Mai-Hime du Monde Virtuel - Lulu"Ultra RareEffect Tuner monster
PHRA-FR011"Virtual World Roshi - Laolao""Roshi du Monde Virtuel - Laolao"Super RareEffect Tuner monster
PHRA-FR012"Virtual World Xiezhi - Jiji""Xiezhi du Monde Virtuel - Jiji"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-FR013"Virtual World Kirin - Lili""Kirin du Monde Virtuel - Lili"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-FR014"Dual Avatar Fists - Yuhi""Poings du Double Avatar - Yuhi"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-FR015"Dual Avatar Feet - Kokoku""Pieds du Double Avatar - Kokoku"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-FR016"Infernity Conjurer""Conjurateur Enfernité"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-FR017"Infernity Wildcat""Chat Sauvage Enfernité"CommonEffect Tuner monster
PHRA-FR018"U.A. Libero Spiker""Libéro Smasheur U.A."CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-FR019"U.A. Player Manager""Entraîneur-Joueur U.A."CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-FR020"Awakening of the Possessed - Gagigobyte""Éveil des Possédées - Gagigobyte"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-FR021"Awakening of the Possessed - Rasenryu""Éveil des Possédées - Rasenryu"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-FR022"Gizmek Makami, the Ferocious Fanged Fortress""Gizmek Makami, la Forteresse à Crocs Féroce"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-FR023"Alpha, the Master of Beasts""Alpha le Maître des Bêtes"Secret Rare
Starlight Rare
Effect Monster
PHRA-FR024"Prufinesse, the Tactical Trapper""Prufinesse, le Trappeur Tactique"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-FR025"Rock Band Xenoguitar""Guitarexéno de Bande de Rock"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-FR026"Magical Broker""Courtier Ésotérique"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-FR027"Gluttonous Reptolphin Greethys""Reptauphin Greethys Gourmand"CommonEffect Tuner monster
PHRA-FR028"Cupid Fore""Balle Cupide"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-FR029"Hinezumi Hanabi""Hinezumi Hanabi"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-FR030"Conductor of Nephthys""Contrôleuse de Nephtys"Super RareEffect Ritual Monster
PHRA-FR031"Brigrand the Glory Dragon""Brigrand le Dragon de la Gloire"Ultra RareEffect Fusion Monster
PHRA-FR032"Dual Avatar Fists - Armored Ah-Gyo""Poings du Double Avatar - Ah-Gyo Cuirassé"Super RareEffect Fusion Monster
PHRA-FR033"Dual Avatar Feet - Armored Un-Gyo""Pieds du Double Avatar - Un-Gyo Cuirassé"Super RareEffect Fusion Monster
PHRA-FR034"Dual Avatar - Empowered Kon-Gyo""Double Avatar - Kon-Gyo Éveillé"Ultra RareEffect Fusion Monster
PHRA-FR035"Armityle the Chaos Phantasm - Phantom of Fury""Armityle le Spectre du Chaos - Fantôme de la Rage"Ultra RareEffect Fusion Monster
PHRA-FR036"Virtual World Kyubi - Shenshen""Kyubi du Monde Virtuel - Shenshen"Secret RareEffect Synchro Monster
PHRA-FR037"Infernity Doom Archfiend""Archdémon de la Mort Enfernité"Super RareEffect Synchro Monster
PHRA-FR038"Infernoble Knight Captain Oliver""Capitaine Oliver, Chevalier Noble Inferno"Super RareEffect Synchro Monster
PHRA-FR039"Penguin Brave""Pingouin Courageux"CommonEffect Synchro Monster
PHRA-FR040"Raider's Knight""Chevalier du Raid"Ultra RareEffect Xyz Monster
PHRA-FR041"Arc Rebellion Xyz Dragon""Dragon Xyz de la Rébellion de l'Arc"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
PHRA-FR042"Virtual World Shell - Jaja""Coquille du Monde Virtuel - Jaja"CommonEffect Xyz Monster
PHRA-FR043"Virtual World Phoenix - Fanfan""Phénix du Monde Virtuel - Fanfan"Ultra RareEffect Xyz Monster
PHRA-FR044"Joyous Melffys""Joyeux Melffys"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
PHRA-FR045"Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS - Sky Thunder""Arsenal Divin AA-ZEUS - Tonnerre du Ciel"Secret Rare
Starlight Rare
Effect Xyz Monster
PHRA-FR046"Tri-Brigade Ferrijit the Barren Blossom""Ferrijit Tri-Brigade la Floraison Aride"Ultra Rare
Starlight Rare
Effect Link Monster
PHRA-FR047"Tri-Brigade Rugal the Silver Sheller""Rugal Tri-Brigade la Carapace d'Argent"CommonEffect Link Monster
PHRA-FR048"Tri-Brigade Shuraig the Ominous Omen""Shuraig Tri-Brigade du Mauvais Augure"Secret RareEffect Link Monster
PHRA-FR049"Prank-Kids Meow-Meow-Mu""Miaou-Miaou-Mu Farce-Gamins"Super RareEffect Link Monster
PHRA-FR050"Geonator Transverser""Géonateuse Transversion"CommonEffect Link Monster
PHRA-FR051"Phantom Knights' Rank-Up-Magic Force""Force Magie-Rang-Plus des Chevaliers Fantômes"Ultra RareQuick-Play Spell Card
PHRA-FR052"Tri-Brigade Stand-Off""Confrontation Tri-Brigade"CommonContinuous Spell Card
PHRA-FR053"Tri-Brigade Airborne Assault""Assaut Aéroporté Tri-Brigade"Secret RareQuick-Play Spell Card
PHRA-FR054"Dogmatikacism""Dogmatikacisme"CommonEquip Spell Card
PHRA-FR055"Virtual World City - Kauwloon""Cité du Monde Virtuel - Kauwloon"Super RareNormal Spell Card
PHRA-FR056"Virtual World Gate - Qinglong""Porte du Monde Virtuel - Qinglong"CommonContinuous Spell Card
PHRA-FR057"Dual Avatar Invitation""Invitation du Double Avatar"Secret RareNormal Spell Card
PHRA-FR058"Perfect Sync - A-Un""Synchro Parfaite - A-Un"Super RareField Spell Card
PHRA-FR059"Dual Avatar Defeating Evil""Défaite du Mal par le Double Avatar"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
PHRA-FR060"Infernity Paranoia""Paranoïa Enfernité"CommonNormal Spell Card
PHRA-FR061"U.A. Hyper Stadium""Hyper Stade U.A."Super RareField Spell Card
PHRA-FR062"U.A. Locker Room""Vestiaires U.A."CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
PHRA-FR063"Charge Into a Dark World""Charge dans un Monde Ténébreux"CommonNormal Spell Card
PHRA-FR064"Arcana Reading""Lecture Arcane"CommonNormal Spell Card
PHRA-FR065"Rookie Fur Hire""Bleu Mercefourrure"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
PHRA-FR066"Xyz Import""Importation Xyz"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
PHRA-FR067"Jack-In-The-Hand""Surprise à la Main"CommonNormal Spell Card
PHRA-FR068"Raider's Unbreakable Mind""Mentalité Inébranlable du Raid"CommonContinuous Trap Card
PHRA-FR069"Raidraptor's Phantom Knights Claw""Griffe des Chevaliers Fantômes du Raidraptor"Super RareCounter Trap Card
PHRA-FR070"Tri-Brigade Revolt""Révolte Tri-Brigade"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-FR071"Tri-Brigade Oath""Serment Tri-Brigade"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-FR072"Virtual World Gate - Chuche""Porte du Monde Virtuel - Chuche"Super RareContinuous Trap Card
PHRA-FR073"Dual Avatar Return""Retour du Double Avatar"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-FR074"Dual Avatar Compact""Convention du Double Avatar"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-FR075"Infernity Suppression""Répression Enfernité"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-FR076"U.A. Man of the Match""Homme du Match U.A."CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-FR077"Free-Range Monsters""Monstres Élevés en Plein Air"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-FR078"Warning Point""Point d'Avertissement"Secret RareNormal Trap Card
PHRA-FR079"Banquet of Millions""Banquet des Millions"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-FR080"One or Eight""Un ou Huit"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-FR081"Mahaama the Fairy Dragon""Mahaama le Dragon Féérique"CommonEffect Tuner monster
PHRA-FR082"Jabbing Panda""Panda Jabeur"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-FR083"Periallis, Empress of Blossoms""Périallis, Impératrice des Floraisons"CommonEffect Synchro Monster
PHRA-FR084"Myutant M-05""Myutant M-05"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PHRA-FR085"Myutant ST-46""Myutant ST-46"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PHRA-FR086"Myutant GB-88""Myutant GB-88"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-FR087"Myutant Beast""Bête Myutant"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-FR088"Myutant Mist""Brume Myutant"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-FR089"Myutant Arsenal""Arsenal Myutant"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-FR090"Myutant Synthesis""Synthèse Myutant"Super RareEffect Fusion Monster
PHRA-FR091"Myutant Ultimus""Ultimus Myutant"Secret RareEffect Fusion Monster
PHRA-FR092"Myutant Evolution Lab""Labo d'Évolution Myutant"Ultra RareField Spell Card
PHRA-FR093"Myutant Fusion""Fusion Myutant"CommonNormal Spell Card
PHRA-FR094"Myutant Blast""Explosion Myutant"CommonEquip Spell Card
PHRA-FR095"Myutant Clash""Affrontement Myutant"CommonContinuous Trap Card
PHRA-FR096"Myutant Expansion""Expansion Myutant"CommonContinuous Trap Card
PHRA-FR097"Virtual World Beast - Jiujiu""Bête du Monde Virtuel - Jiujiu"Super RareEffect Synchro Monster
PHRA-FR098"Virtual World Dragon - Longlong""Dragon du Monde Virtuel - Longlong"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
PHRA-FR099"Virtual World Hime - Nyannyan""Hime du Monde Virtuel - Nyannyan"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-FR100"Hiita the Fire Charmer, Ablaze""Hiita la Charmeuse de Feu en Flammes"Starlight RareEffect Link Monster

Card numberEnglish nameGerman nameRarityCategory
PHRA-DE000"Myutant Cry""Myutanten-Geheul"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-DE001"Raider's Wing""Überfallschwinge"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PHRA-DE002"The Phantom Knights of Stained Greaves""Die Phantomritter der Beschmutzten Beinschienen"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-DE003"The Phantom Knights of Torn Scales""Die Phantomritter der Zerrissenen Platten"Secret Rare
Starlight Rare
Effect Monster
PHRA-DE004"Raidraptor - Heel Eagle""Überfallraptor - Heel-Adler"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-DE005"Raidraptor - Strangle Lanius""Überfallraptor - Würgender Lanius"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-DE006"Tri-Brigade Nervall""Sta-Brigade Nervall"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-DE007"Tri-Brigade Kerass""Sta-Brigade Kerass"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-DE008"Tri-Brigade Fraktall""Sta-Brigade Fraktall"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PHRA-DE009"Dogmatika Ashiyan""Dogmatika Ashiyan"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PHRA-DE010"Virtual World Mai-Hime - Lulu""Mai-Hime der Virtualwelt - Lulu"Ultra RareEffect Tuner monster
PHRA-DE011"Virtual World Roshi - Laolao""Roshi der Virtualwelt - Laolao"Super RareEffect Tuner monster
PHRA-DE012"Virtual World Xiezhi - Jiji""Xiezhi der Virtualwelt - Jiji"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-DE013"Virtual World Kirin - Lili""Kirin der Virtualwelt - Lili"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-DE014"Dual Avatar Fists - Yuhi""Doppelavatar-Fäuste - Yuhi"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-DE015"Dual Avatar Feet - Kokoku""Doppelavatar-Füße - Kokoku"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-DE016"Infernity Conjurer""Ewig infernaler Beschwörer"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-DE017"Infernity Wildcat""Ewig infernale Wildkatze"CommonEffect Tuner monster
PHRA-DE018"U.A. Libero Spiker""U.A. Libero-Angreifer"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-DE019"U.A. Player Manager""U.A. Spielermanager"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-DE020"Awakening of the Possessed - Gagigobyte""Erwachen der Besessenen - Gagigobyte"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-DE021"Awakening of the Possessed - Rasenryu""Erwachen der Besessenen - Rasenryu"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-DE022"Gizmek Makami, the Ferocious Fanged Fortress""Gizmek Makami, die wilde Reißzahnfestung"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-DE023"Alpha, the Master of Beasts""Alpha, Bestienmeister"Secret Rare
Starlight Rare
Effect Monster
PHRA-DE024"Prufinesse, the Tactical Trapper""Prufinesse, der taktische Fallensteller"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-DE025"Rock Band Xenoguitar""Rockband Xenogitarre"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-DE026"Magical Broker""Magischer Makler"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-DE027"Gluttonous Reptolphin Greethys""Gefräßiger Reptolphin Greethys"CommonEffect Tuner monster
PHRA-DE028"Cupid Fore""Achtung-Amor"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-DE029"Hinezumi Hanabi""Hinezumi Hanabi"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-DE030"Conductor of Nephthys""Koordinatorin von Nephthys"Super RareEffect Ritual Monster
PHRA-DE031"Brigrand the Glory Dragon""Brigrand der Ruhmdrache"Ultra RareEffect Fusion Monster
PHRA-DE032"Dual Avatar Fists - Armored Ah-Gyo""Doppelavatar-Fäuste - Gepanzerter Ah-Gyo"Super RareEffect Fusion Monster
PHRA-DE033"Dual Avatar Feet - Armored Un-Gyo""Doppelavatar-Füße - Gepanzerter Un-Gyo"Super RareEffect Fusion Monster
PHRA-DE034"Dual Avatar - Empowered Kon-Gyo""Doppelavatar - Ermächtigter Kon-Gyo"Ultra RareEffect Fusion Monster
PHRA-DE035"Armityle the Chaos Phantasm - Phantom of Fury""Armityle das Chaosphantasma - Phantom der Wut"Ultra RareEffect Fusion Monster
PHRA-DE036"Virtual World Kyubi - Shenshen""Kyubi der Virtualwelt - Shenshen"Secret RareEffect Synchro Monster
PHRA-DE037"Infernity Doom Archfiend""Ewig infernaler Verhängnis-Erzunterweltler"Super RareEffect Synchro Monster
PHRA-DE038"Infernoble Knight Captain Oliver""Flammedler Ritter-Hauptmann Oliver"Super RareEffect Synchro Monster
PHRA-DE039"Penguin Brave""Tapferer Pinguin"CommonEffect Synchro Monster
PHRA-DE040"Raider's Knight""Überfallritter"Ultra RareEffect Xyz Monster
PHRA-DE041"Arc Rebellion Xyz Dragon""Arc-Rebellions-Xyz-Drache"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
PHRA-DE042"Virtual World Shell - Jaja""Panzer der Virtualwelt - Jaja"CommonEffect Xyz Monster
PHRA-DE043"Virtual World Phoenix - Fanfan""Phönix der Virtualwelt - Fanfan"Ultra RareEffect Xyz Monster
PHRA-DE044"Joyous Melffys""Fröhliche Melffys"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
PHRA-DE045"Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS - Sky Thunder""Göttliches Arsenal AA-ZEUS - Himmelsdonner"Secret Rare
Starlight Rare
Effect Xyz Monster
PHRA-DE046"Tri-Brigade Ferrijit the Barren Blossom""Sta-Brigade Ferrijit die Ödnisblüte"Ultra Rare
Starlight Rare
Effect Link Monster
PHRA-DE047"Tri-Brigade Rugal the Silver Sheller""Sta-Brigade Rugal der Silbergranatenschütze"CommonEffect Link Monster
PHRA-DE048"Tri-Brigade Shuraig the Ominous Omen""Sta-Brigade Shuraig das unheilvolle Omen"Secret RareEffect Link Monster
PHRA-DE049"Prank-Kids Meow-Meow-Mu""Streichbuben Miau-Miau-Mu"Super RareEffect Link Monster
PHRA-DE050"Geonator Transverser""Geonator-Vertauscherin"CommonEffect Link Monster
PHRA-DE051"Phantom Knights' Rank-Up-Magic Force""Rangsteigerungszauber Kraft der Phantomritter"Ultra RareQuick-Play Spell Card
PHRA-DE052"Tri-Brigade Stand-Off""Pattsituation der Sta-Brigade"CommonContinuous Spell Card
PHRA-DE053"Tri-Brigade Airborne Assault""Luftangriff der Sta-Brigade"Secret RareQuick-Play Spell Card
PHRA-DE054"Dogmatikacism""Dogmatikazismus"CommonEquip Spell Card
PHRA-DE055"Virtual World City - Kauwloon""Stadt der Virtualwelt - Kauwloon"Super RareNormal Spell Card
PHRA-DE056"Virtual World Gate - Qinglong""Tor der Virtualwelt - Qinglong"CommonContinuous Spell Card
PHRA-DE057"Dual Avatar Invitation""Doppelavatar-Einladung"Secret RareNormal Spell Card
PHRA-DE058"Perfect Sync - A-Un""Perfekte Harmonie - A-Un"Super RareField Spell Card
PHRA-DE059"Dual Avatar Defeating Evil""Doppelavatar siegt über das Böse"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
PHRA-DE060"Infernity Paranoia""Ewig infernale Paranoia"CommonNormal Spell Card
PHRA-DE061"U.A. Hyper Stadium""U.A.-Superstadion"Super RareField Spell Card
PHRA-DE062"U.A. Locker Room""U.A. Umkleideraum"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
PHRA-DE063"Charge Into a Dark World""Ansturm in einer Finsteren Welt"CommonNormal Spell Card
PHRA-DE064"Arcana Reading""Arkanes Lesen"CommonNormal Spell Card
PHRA-DE065"Rookie Fur Hire""Fellsöldner-Neuling"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
PHRA-DE066"Xyz Import""Xyz-Import"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
PHRA-DE067"Jack-In-The-Hand""Handteufel"CommonNormal Spell Card
PHRA-DE068"Raider's Unbreakable Mind""Fester Wille des Überfallenden"CommonContinuous Trap Card
PHRA-DE069"Raidraptor's Phantom Knights Claw""Phantomritter-Kralle des Überfallraptors"Super RareCounter Trap Card
PHRA-DE070"Tri-Brigade Revolt""Revolte der Sta-Brigade"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-DE071"Tri-Brigade Oath""Eid der Sta-Brigade"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-DE072"Virtual World Gate - Chuche""Tor der Virtualwelt - Chuche"Super RareContinuous Trap Card
PHRA-DE073"Dual Avatar Return""Doppelavatar-Rückkehr"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-DE074"Dual Avatar Compact""Doppelavatar-Pakt"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-DE075"Infernity Suppression""Ewig infernales Sperrfeuer"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-DE076"U.A. Man of the Match""U.A. Wichtigster Spieler"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-DE077"Free-Range Monsters""Freilaufende Monster"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-DE078"Warning Point""Kontrollpunkt"Secret RareNormal Trap Card
PHRA-DE079"Banquet of Millions""Bankett der Millionen"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-DE080"One or Eight""Eins oder acht"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-DE081"Mahaama the Fairy Dragon""Mahaama der Feendrache"CommonEffect Tuner monster
PHRA-DE082"Jabbing Panda""Boxender Panda"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-DE083"Periallis, Empress of Blossoms""Periallis, Kaiserin der Blüten"CommonEffect Synchro Monster
PHRA-DE084"Myutant M-05""Myutant M-05"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PHRA-DE085"Myutant ST-46""Myutant ST-46"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PHRA-DE086"Myutant GB-88""Myutant GB-88"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-DE087"Myutant Beast""Myutant Ungeheuer"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-DE088"Myutant Mist""Myutant Nebel"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-DE089"Myutant Arsenal""Myutant Arsenal"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-DE090"Myutant Synthesis""Myutant Synthese"Super RareEffect Fusion Monster
PHRA-DE091"Myutant Ultimus""Myutant Ultimus"Secret RareEffect Fusion Monster
PHRA-DE092"Myutant Evolution Lab""Myutanten-Evolutionslabor"Ultra RareField Spell Card
PHRA-DE093"Myutant Fusion""Myutanten-Fusion"CommonNormal Spell Card
PHRA-DE094"Myutant Blast""Myutanten-Explosion"CommonEquip Spell Card
PHRA-DE095"Myutant Clash""Myutanten-Zusammenstoß"CommonContinuous Trap Card
PHRA-DE096"Myutant Expansion""Myutanten-Expansion"CommonContinuous Trap Card
PHRA-DE097"Virtual World Beast - Jiujiu""Ungeheuer der Virtualwelt - Jiujiu"Super RareEffect Synchro Monster
PHRA-DE098"Virtual World Dragon - Longlong""Drache der Virtualwelt - Longlong"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
PHRA-DE099"Virtual World Hime - Nyannyan""Hime der Virtualwelt - Nyannyan"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-DE100"Hiita the Fire Charmer, Ablaze""Hiita, die Feuerverzaubererin in Flammen"Starlight RareEffect Link Monster

Card numberEnglish nameItalian nameRarityCategory
PHRA-IT000"Myutant Cry""Pianto Myutante"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-IT001"Raider's Wing""Ali Raid"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PHRA-IT002"The Phantom Knights of Stained Greaves""I Cavalieri Fantasma degli Schinieri Macchiati"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-IT003"The Phantom Knights of Torn Scales""I Cavalieri Fantasma delle Scaglie Lacerate"Secret Rare
Starlight Rare
Effect Monster
PHRA-IT004"Raidraptor - Heel Eagle""Raidraptor - Aquila Nemica"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-IT005"Raidraptor - Strangle Lanius""Raidraptor - Lanius Strangolante"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-IT006"Tri-Brigade Nervall""Tri-Brigata Nervall"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-IT007"Tri-Brigade Kerass""Tri-Brigata Kerass"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-IT008"Tri-Brigade Fraktall""Tri-Brigata Fraktall"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PHRA-IT009"Dogmatika Ashiyan""Dogmatika Ashiyan"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PHRA-IT010"Virtual World Mai-Hime - Lulu""Mai-Hime Mondo Virtuale - Lulu"Ultra RareEffect Tuner monster
PHRA-IT011"Virtual World Roshi - Laolao""Roshi Mondo Virtuale - Laolao"Super RareEffect Tuner monster
PHRA-IT012"Virtual World Xiezhi - Jiji""Xiezhi Mondo Virtuale - Jiji"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-IT013"Virtual World Kirin - Lili""Kirin Mondo Virtuale - Lili"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-IT014"Dual Avatar Fists - Yuhi""Pugni Duplice Avatar - Yuhi"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-IT015"Dual Avatar Feet - Kokoku""Calci Duplice Avatar - Kokoku"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-IT016"Infernity Conjurer""Prestigiatore Demoneterno"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-IT017"Infernity Wildcat""Gatto Selvatico Demoneterno"CommonEffect Tuner monster
PHRA-IT018"U.A. Libero Spiker""U.A. Schiacciatore Libero"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-IT019"U.A. Player Manager""U.A. Dirigente Giocatore"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-IT020"Awakening of the Possessed - Gagigobyte""Risveglio dei Posseduti - Gagigobyte"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-IT021"Awakening of the Possessed - Rasenryu""Risveglio dei Posseduti - Rasenryu"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-IT022"Gizmek Makami, the Ferocious Fanged Fortress""Gizmeck Makami, la Feroce Fortezza con Zanne"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-IT023"Alpha, the Master of Beasts""Alpha, il Signore delle Bestie"Secret Rare
Starlight Rare
Effect Monster
PHRA-IT024"Prufinesse, the Tactical Trapper""Prufacume, l'Intrappolatore Tattico"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-IT025"Rock Band Xenoguitar""Banda Rock Xenochitarra"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-IT026"Magical Broker""Mediatore Magico"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-IT027"Gluttonous Reptolphin Greethys""Greethys Rettilfino Ingordo"CommonEffect Tuner monster
PHRA-IT028"Cupid Fore""Avvertimento Cupido"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-IT029"Hinezumi Hanabi""Hinezumi Hanabi"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-IT030"Conductor of Nephthys""Direttrice di Nephtys"Super RareEffect Ritual Monster
PHRA-IT031"Brigrand the Glory Dragon""Brigrand il Drago Glorioso"Ultra RareEffect Fusion Monster
PHRA-IT032"Dual Avatar Fists - Armored Ah-Gyo""Pugni Duplice Avatar - Ah-Gyo Corazzato"Super RareEffect Fusion Monster
PHRA-IT033"Dual Avatar Feet - Armored Un-Gyo""Calci Duplice Avatar - Un-Gyo Corazzato"Super RareEffect Fusion Monster
PHRA-IT034"Dual Avatar - Empowered Kon-Gyo""Duplice Avatar - Kon-Gyo Potenziato"Ultra RareEffect Fusion Monster
PHRA-IT035"Armityle the Chaos Phantasm - Phantom of Fury""Armityle il Fantasma del Chaos - Fantasma del Furore"Ultra RareEffect Fusion Monster
PHRA-IT036"Virtual World Kyubi - Shenshen""Kyubi Mondo Virtuale - Shenshen"Secret RareEffect Synchro Monster
PHRA-IT037"Infernity Doom Archfiend""Arcidemone Dannato Demoneterno"Super RareEffect Synchro Monster
PHRA-IT038"Infernoble Knight Captain Oliver""Infernobile Cavaliere Capitano Oliver"Super RareEffect Synchro Monster
PHRA-IT039"Penguin Brave""Coraggioso Pinguino"CommonEffect Synchro Monster
PHRA-IT040"Raider's Knight""Cavaliere Raid"Ultra RareEffect Xyz Monster
PHRA-IT041"Arc Rebellion Xyz Dragon""Drago Xyz Ribellione Arc"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
PHRA-IT042"Virtual World Shell - Jaja""Guscio Mondo Virtuale - Jaja"CommonEffect Xyz Monster
PHRA-IT043"Virtual World Phoenix - Fanfan""Fenice Mondo Virtuale - Fanfan"Ultra RareEffect Xyz Monster
PHRA-IT044"Joyous Melffys""Melffy Gioiosi"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
PHRA-IT045"Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS - Sky Thunder""Arsenale Divino AA-ZEUS - Tuono del Cielo"Secret Rare
Starlight Rare
Effect Xyz Monster
PHRA-IT046"Tri-Brigade Ferrijit the Barren Blossom""Tri-Brigata Ferrijit la Fioritura Arida"Ultra Rare
Starlight Rare
Effect Link Monster
PHRA-IT047"Tri-Brigade Rugal the Silver Sheller""Tri-Brigata Rugal la Pallottola d'Argento"CommonEffect Link Monster
PHRA-IT048"Tri-Brigade Shuraig the Ominous Omen""Tri-Brigata Shuraig il Sinistro Presagio"Secret RareEffect Link Monster
PHRA-IT049"Prank-Kids Meow-Meow-Mu""Ragazzi-Birichini Miao-Miao-Mu"Super RareEffect Link Monster
PHRA-IT050"Geonator Transverser""Geonatrice Transversatrice"CommonEffect Link Monster
PHRA-IT051"Phantom Knights' Rank-Up-Magic Force""Alza-Rango-Magico Forza Cavalieri Fantasma"Ultra RareQuick-Play Spell Card
PHRA-IT052"Tri-Brigade Stand-Off""Stallo Tri-Brigata"CommonContinuous Spell Card
PHRA-IT053"Tri-Brigade Airborne Assault""Assalto Aereo Tri-Brigata"Secret RareQuick-Play Spell Card
PHRA-IT054"Dogmatikacism""Dogmatikacismo"CommonEquip Spell Card
PHRA-IT055"Virtual World City - Kauwloon""Città Mondo Virtuale - Kauwloon"Super RareNormal Spell Card
PHRA-IT056"Virtual World Gate - Qinglong""Cancello Mondo Virtuale - Qinglong"CommonContinuous Spell Card
PHRA-IT057"Dual Avatar Invitation""Invito Duplice Avatar"Secret RareNormal Spell Card
PHRA-IT058"Perfect Sync - A-Un""Sincronia Perfetta - A-Un"Super RareField Spell Card
PHRA-IT059"Dual Avatar Defeating Evil""Sconfitta del Male Duplice Avatar"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
PHRA-IT060"Infernity Paranoia""Paranoia Demoneterno"CommonNormal Spell Card
PHRA-IT061"U.A. Hyper Stadium""Iper Stadio U.A."Super RareField Spell Card
PHRA-IT062"U.A. Locker Room""U.A. Spogliatoio"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
PHRA-IT063"Charge Into a Dark World""Carica in un Mondo Oscuro"CommonNormal Spell Card
PHRA-IT064"Arcana Reading""Lettura Arcana"CommonNormal Spell Card
PHRA-IT065"Rookie Fur Hire""Recluta Pelliccia Mercenaria"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
PHRA-IT066"Xyz Import""Importazione Xyz"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
PHRA-IT067"Jack-In-The-Hand""Manoscatola a Sorpresa"CommonNormal Spell Card
PHRA-IT068"Raider's Unbreakable Mind""Mente Infrangibile Raid"CommonContinuous Trap Card
PHRA-IT069"Raidraptor's Phantom Knights Claw""Artiglio Cavalieri Fantasma dei Raidraptor"Super RareCounter Trap Card
PHRA-IT070"Tri-Brigade Revolt""Rivolta Tri-Brigata"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-IT071"Tri-Brigade Oath""Giuramento Tri-Brigata"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-IT072"Virtual World Gate - Chuche""Cancello Mondo Virtuale - Chuche"Super RareContinuous Trap Card
PHRA-IT073"Dual Avatar Return""Ritorno Duplice Avatar"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-IT074"Dual Avatar Compact""Intesa Duplice Avatar"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-IT075"Infernity Suppression""Soppressione Demoneterno"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-IT076"U.A. Man of the Match""U.A. Uomo della Partita"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-IT077"Free-Range Monsters""Mostri Ruspanti"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-IT078"Warning Point""Punto di Avvertimento"Secret RareNormal Trap Card
PHRA-IT079"Banquet of Millions""Banchetto dei Milioni"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-IT080"One or Eight""Uno o Otto"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-IT081"Mahaama the Fairy Dragon""Mahaama il Drago Fatato"CommonEffect Tuner monster
PHRA-IT082"Jabbing Panda""Panda Pugile"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-IT083"Periallis, Empress of Blossoms""Periallis, Imperatrice delle Fioriture"CommonEffect Synchro Monster
PHRA-IT084"Myutant M-05""Myutante M-05"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PHRA-IT085"Myutant ST-46""Myutante ST-46"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PHRA-IT086"Myutant GB-88""Myutante GB-88"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-IT087"Myutant Beast""Myutante Bestia"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-IT088"Myutant Mist""Myutante Nebbia"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-IT089"Myutant Arsenal""Myutante Arsenale"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-IT090"Myutant Synthesis""Myutante Sintesi"Super RareEffect Fusion Monster
PHRA-IT091"Myutant Ultimus""Myutante Ultimus"Secret RareEffect Fusion Monster
PHRA-IT092"Myutant Evolution Lab""Laboratorio di Evoluzione Myutante"Ultra RareField Spell Card
PHRA-IT093"Myutant Fusion""Fusione Myutante"CommonNormal Spell Card
PHRA-IT094"Myutant Blast""Esplosione Myutante"CommonEquip Spell Card
PHRA-IT095"Myutant Clash""Scontro Myutante"CommonContinuous Trap Card
PHRA-IT096"Myutant Expansion""Espansione Myutante"CommonContinuous Trap Card
PHRA-IT097"Virtual World Beast - Jiujiu""Bestia Mondo Virtuale - Jiujiu"Super RareEffect Synchro Monster
PHRA-IT098"Virtual World Dragon - Longlong""Drago Mondo Virtuale - Longlong"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
PHRA-IT099"Virtual World Hime - Nyannyan""Hime Mondo Virtuale - Nyannyan"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-IT100"Hiita the Fire Charmer, Ablaze""Hiita l'Ammaliatrice del Fuoco, Infiammata"Starlight RareEffect Link Monster

Card numberEnglish namePortuguese nameRarityCategory
PHRA-PT000"Myutant Cry""Grito Miutante"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-PT001"Raider's Wing""Asa do Raptor"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PHRA-PT002"The Phantom Knights of Stained Greaves""Os Cavaleiros Fantasmas das Grevas Manchadas"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-PT003"The Phantom Knights of Torn Scales""Os Cavaleiros Fantasmas de Escamas Rachadas"Secret Rare
Starlight Rare
Effect Monster
PHRA-PT004"Raidraptor - Heel Eagle""Ataqueraptor - Águia Infame"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-PT005"Raidraptor - Strangle Lanius""Ataqueraptor - Lanius Estrangulador"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-PT006"Tri-Brigade Nervall""Nervall da Tri-Brigada"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-PT007"Tri-Brigade Kerass""Kerass da Tri-Brigada"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-PT008"Tri-Brigade Fraktall""Fraktall da Tri-Brigada"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PHRA-PT009"Dogmatika Ashiyan""Dogmatika Ashiyan"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PHRA-PT010"Virtual World Mai-Hime - Lulu""Mai-Hime do Mundo Virtual - Lulu"Ultra RareEffect Tuner monster
PHRA-PT011"Virtual World Roshi - Laolao""Roshi do Mundo Virtual - Laolao"Super RareEffect Tuner monster
PHRA-PT012"Virtual World Xiezhi - Jiji""Xiezhi do Mundo Virtual - Jiji"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-PT013"Virtual World Kirin - Lili""Kirin do Mundo Virtual - Lili"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-PT014"Dual Avatar Fists - Yuhi""Punhos dos Dois Avatares - Yuhi"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-PT015"Dual Avatar Feet - Kokoku""Pés dos Dois Avatares - Kokoku"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-PT016"Infernity Conjurer""Conjurador Inférnico"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-PT017"Infernity Wildcat""Gato Selvagem Inférnico"CommonEffect Tuner monster
PHRA-PT018"U.A. Libero Spiker""U.A. Líbero Cortador"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-PT019"U.A. Player Manager""U.A. Agente do Jogador"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-PT020"Awakening of the Possessed - Gagigobyte""Despertar dos Possuídos - Gagigobyt"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-PT021"Awakening of the Possessed - Rasenryu""Despertar dos Possuídos - Rasenryu"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-PT022"Gizmek Makami, the Ferocious Fanged Fortress""Bugiganga Makami, a Fortaleza de Presas Ferozes"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-PT023"Alpha, the Master of Beasts""Alfa, o Mestre das Bestas"Secret Rare
Starlight Rare
Effect Monster
PHRA-PT024"Prufinesse, the Tactical Trapper""Prufinesse, o Caçador Tático"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-PT025"Rock Band Xenoguitar""Xenoguitarra da Banda de Rock"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-PT026"Magical Broker""Corretor Mágico"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-PT027"Gluttonous Reptolphin Greethys""Reptilfinho Glutão Greethys"CommonEffect Tuner monster
PHRA-PT028"Cupid Fore""Tacada do Cupido"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-PT029"Hinezumi Hanabi""Hinezumi Hanabi"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-PT030"Conductor of Nephthys""Condutora de Nephthys"Super RareEffect Ritual Monster
PHRA-PT031"Brigrand the Glory Dragon""Brigrand, o Dragão da Glória"Ultra RareEffect Fusion Monster
PHRA-PT032"Dual Avatar Fists - Armored Ah-Gyo""Punhos dos Dois Avatares - Ah-Gyo com Armadura"Super RareEffect Fusion Monster
PHRA-PT033"Dual Avatar Feet - Armored Un-Gyo""Pés dos Dois Avatares - Un-Gyo com Armadura"Super RareEffect Fusion Monster
PHRA-PT034"Dual Avatar - Empowered Kon-Gyo""Dois Avatares - Kon-Gyo Edificado"Ultra RareEffect Fusion Monster
PHRA-PT035"Armityle the Chaos Phantasm - Phantom of Fury""Armityle, o Fantasma do Caos - Fantasma da Fúria"Ultra RareEffect Fusion Monster
PHRA-PT036"Virtual World Kyubi - Shenshen""Kyubi do Mundo Virtual - Shenshen"Secret RareEffect Synchro Monster
PHRA-PT037"Infernity Doom Archfiend""Arquidemônio da Condenação Inférnico"Super RareEffect Synchro Monster
PHRA-PT038"Infernoble Knight Captain Oliver""Infernobile Cavaliere Capitano Oliver"Super RareEffect Synchro Monster
PHRA-PT039"Penguin Brave""Coragem do Pinguim"CommonEffect Synchro Monster
PHRA-PT040"Raider's Knight""Cavaleiro Raptor"Ultra RareEffect Xyz Monster
PHRA-PT041"Arc Rebellion Xyz Dragon""Dragão Xyz da Rebelião Arc"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
PHRA-PT042"Virtual World Shell - Jaja""Couraça do Mundo Virtual - Jaja"CommonEffect Xyz Monster
PHRA-PT043"Virtual World Phoenix - Fanfan""Fênix do Mundo Virtual - Fanfan"Ultra RareEffect Xyz Monster
PHRA-PT044"Joyous Melffys""Melffys Alegres"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
PHRA-PT045"Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS - Sky Thunder""Arsenal Divino AA-ZEUS - Trovão dos Céus"Secret Rare
Starlight Rare
Effect Xyz Monster
PHRA-PT046"Tri-Brigade Ferrijit the Barren Blossom""Ferrijit, o Florescer Estéril da Tri-Brigada"Ultra Rare
Starlight Rare
Effect Link Monster
PHRA-PT047"Tri-Brigade Rugal the Silver Sheller""Rugal, o Protetor de Prata da Tri-Brigada"CommonEffect Link Monster
PHRA-PT048"Tri-Brigade Shuraig the Ominous Omen""Shuraig, o Presságio Agourento da Tri-Brigada"Secret RareEffect Link Monster
PHRA-PT049"Prank-Kids Meow-Meow-Mu""Miau-Miau-Mu dos Travesso-Guris"Super RareEffect Link Monster
PHRA-PT050"Geonator Transverser""Transversionista Geonadora"CommonEffect Link Monster
PHRA-PT051"Phantom Knights' Rank-Up-Magic Force""Magia de Aumento de Classe Força Cavaleiros Fantasmas"Ultra RareQuick-Play Spell Card
PHRA-PT052"Tri-Brigade Stand-Off""Impasse da Tri-Brigada"CommonContinuous Spell Card
PHRA-PT053"Tri-Brigade Airborne Assault""Ataque Aéreo da Tri-Brigada"Secret RareQuick-Play Spell Card
PHRA-PT054"Dogmatikacism""Dogmatikacismo"CommonEquip Spell Card
PHRA-PT055"Virtual World City - Kauwloon""Cidade do Mundo Virtual - Kauwloon"Super RareNormal Spell Card
PHRA-PT056"Virtual World Gate - Qinglong""Portão do Mundo Virtual - Qinglong"CommonContinuous Spell Card
PHRA-PT057"Dual Avatar Invitation""Convite dos Dois Avatares"Secret RareNormal Spell Card
PHRA-PT058"Perfect Sync - A-Un""Perfeita Sinc - A-Un"Super RareField Spell Card
PHRA-PT059"Dual Avatar Defeating Evil""A Derrota do Mal Pelos Dois Avatares"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
PHRA-PT060"Infernity Paranoia""Paranoia Inférnica"CommonNormal Spell Card
PHRA-PT061"U.A. Hyper Stadium""U.A. Hiperestádio"Super RareField Spell Card
PHRA-PT062"U.A. Locker Room""U.A. Vestiário"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
PHRA-PT063"Charge Into a Dark World""Investida ao Mundo Negro"CommonNormal Spell Card
PHRA-PT064"Arcana Reading""Leitura Arcana"CommonNormal Spell Card
PHRA-PT065"Rookie Fur Hire""Novato de Peluguel"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
PHRA-PT066"Xyz Import""Importação Xyz"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
PHRA-PT067"Jack-In-The-Hand""Jack-na-Mão"CommonNormal Spell Card
PHRA-PT068"Raider's Unbreakable Mind""Mente Inabalável do Raptor"CommonContinuous Trap Card
PHRA-PT069"Raidraptor's Phantom Knights Claw""Garra Cavaleiros Fantasmas do Ataqueraptor"Super RareCounter Trap Card
PHRA-PT070"Tri-Brigade Revolt""Revolta da Tri-Brigada"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-PT071"Tri-Brigade Oath""Juramento da Tri-Brigada"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-PT072"Virtual World Gate - Chuche""Portão do Mundo Virtual - Chuche"Super RareContinuous Trap Card
PHRA-PT073"Dual Avatar Return""Retorno dos Dois Avatares"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-PT074"Dual Avatar Compact""União dos Dois Avatares"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-PT075"Infernity Suppression""Supressão Inférnica"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-PT076"U.A. Man of the Match""U.A. Craque da Partida"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-PT077"Free-Range Monsters""Monstros à Solta"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-PT078"Warning Point""Ponto de Aviso"Secret RareNormal Trap Card
PHRA-PT079"Banquet of Millions""Banquete de Milhões"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-PT080"One or Eight""Um ou Oito"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-PT081"Mahaama the Fairy Dragon""Mahaama, o Dragão Fada"CommonEffect Tuner monster
PHRA-PT082"Jabbing Panda""Panda Golpeador"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-PT083"Periallis, Empress of Blossoms""Periallis, a Imperatriz de Florescência"CommonEffect Synchro Monster
PHRA-PT084"Myutant M-05""Miutante M-05"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PHRA-PT085"Myutant ST-46""Miutante ST-46"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PHRA-PT086"Myutant GB-88""Miutante GB-88"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-PT087"Myutant Beast""Besta Miutante"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-PT088"Myutant Mist""Névoa Miutante"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-PT089"Myutant Arsenal""Arsenal Miutante"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-PT090"Myutant Synthesis""Síntese Miutante"Super RareEffect Fusion Monster
PHRA-PT091"Myutant Ultimus""Último Miutante"Secret RareEffect Fusion Monster
PHRA-PT092"Myutant Evolution Lab""Laboratório de Evolução Miutante"Ultra RareField Spell Card
PHRA-PT093"Myutant Fusion""Fusão Miutante"CommonNormal Spell Card
PHRA-PT094"Myutant Blast""Explosão Miutante"CommonEquip Spell Card
PHRA-PT095"Myutant Clash""Confronto Miutante"CommonContinuous Trap Card
PHRA-PT096"Myutant Expansion""Expansão Miutante"CommonContinuous Trap Card
PHRA-PT097"Virtual World Beast - Jiujiu""Besta do Mundo Virtual - Jiujiu"Super RareEffect Synchro Monster
PHRA-PT098"Virtual World Dragon - Longlong""Dragão do Mundo Virtual - Longlong"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
PHRA-PT099"Virtual World Hime - Nyannyan""Hime do Mundo Virtual - Nyannyan"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-PT100"Hiita the Fire Charmer, Ablaze" (as "Hiita, o Encantador do Fogo, em Chamas")"Hiita, a Encantadora do Fogo, em Chamas"Starlight RareEffect Link Monster

Card numberEnglish nameSpanish nameRarityCategory
PHRA-SP000"Myutant Cry""Llanto Myutante"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-SP001"Raider's Wing""Ala de Asalto"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PHRA-SP002"The Phantom Knights of Stained Greaves""Los Caballeros Fantasma de Grebas Manchadas"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-SP003"The Phantom Knights of Torn Scales""Los Caballeros Fantasma de Escamas Rasgadas"Secret Rare
Starlight Rare
Effect Monster
PHRA-SP004"Raidraptor - Heel Eagle""Asaltorrapaz - Águila Ruda"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-SP005"Raidraptor - Strangle Lanius""Asaltorrapaz - Lanius Estrangulador"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-SP006"Tri-Brigade Nervall""Tri-Brigada Nervall"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-SP007"Tri-Brigade Kerass""Tri-Brigada Kerass"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-SP008"Tri-Brigade Fraktall""Tri-Brigada Fraktall"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PHRA-SP009"Dogmatika Ashiyan""Ashiyan Dogmátik"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PHRA-SP010"Virtual World Mai-Hime - Lulu""Mai-Hime del Mundo Virtual - Lulu"Ultra RareEffect Tuner monster
PHRA-SP011"Virtual World Roshi - Laolao""Roshi del Mundo Virtual - Laolao"Super RareEffect Tuner monster
PHRA-SP012"Virtual World Xiezhi - Jiji""Xiezhi del Mundo Virtual - Jiji"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-SP013"Virtual World Kirin - Lili""Kirin del Mundo Virtual - Lili"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-SP014"Dual Avatar Fists - Yuhi""Puños Avatar Doble - Yuhi"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-SP015"Dual Avatar Feet - Kokoku""Pies Avatar Doble - Kokoku"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-SP016"Infernity Conjurer""Conjurador Inférnico"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-SP017"Infernity Wildcat""Gato Salvaje Inférnico"CommonEffect Tuner monster
PHRA-SP018"U.A. Libero Spiker""U.A. Rematador Líbero"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-SP019"U.A. Player Manager""U.A. Mánager en Juego"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-SP020"Awakening of the Possessed - Gagigobyte""Despertar del Poseído - Gagigobyte"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-SP021"Awakening of the Possessed - Rasenryu""Despertar del Poseído - Rasenryu"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-SP022"Gizmek Makami, the Ferocious Fanged Fortress""Makami Cacharrek, la Fortaleza Feroz con Colmillos"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-SP023"Alpha, the Master of Beasts""Alfa, Maestro de Bestias"Secret Rare
Starlight Rare
Effect Monster
PHRA-SP024"Prufinesse, the Tactical Trapper""Prufinesso, el Trampero Táctico"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-SP025"Rock Band Xenoguitar""Xenoguitar Banda de Rock"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-SP026"Magical Broker""Bróker Mágico"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-SP027"Gluttonous Reptolphin Greethys""Ávido Reptolfín Codiciosus"CommonEffect Tuner monster
PHRA-SP028"Cupid Fore""Swing de Cupido"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-SP029"Hinezumi Hanabi""Hinezumi Hanabi"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-SP030"Conductor of Nephthys""Conductora de Nephtys"Super RareEffect Ritual Monster
PHRA-SP031"Brigrand the Glory Dragon""Brigrand el Dragón Glorioso"Ultra RareEffect Fusion Monster
PHRA-SP032"Dual Avatar Fists - Armored Ah-Gyo""Puños Avatar Doble - Ah-Gyo Blindado"Super RareEffect Fusion Monster
PHRA-SP033"Dual Avatar Feet - Armored Un-Gyo""Pies Avatar Doble - Un-Gyo Blindado"Super RareEffect Fusion Monster
PHRA-SP034"Dual Avatar - Empowered Kon-Gyo""Avatar Doble - Kon-Gyo Empoderado"Ultra RareEffect Fusion Monster
PHRA-SP035"Armityle the Chaos Phantasm - Phantom of Fury""Armityle, el Fantasma del Caos - Fantasma de Furia"Ultra RareEffect Fusion Monster
PHRA-SP036"Virtual World Kyubi - Shenshen""Kyubi del Mundo Virtual - Shenshen"Secret RareEffect Synchro Monster
PHRA-SP037"Infernity Doom Archfiend""Archidemonio Inférnico de la Perdición"Super RareEffect Synchro Monster
PHRA-SP038"Infernoble Knight Captain Oliver""Capitán Oliver Infernoble Caballero"Super RareEffect Synchro Monster
PHRA-SP039"Penguin Brave""Bravo Pingüino"CommonEffect Synchro Monster
PHRA-SP040"Raider's Knight""Caballero del Asalto"Ultra RareEffect Xyz Monster
PHRA-SP041"Arc Rebellion Xyz Dragon""Dragón Xyz Rebelión Arc"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
PHRA-SP042"Virtual World Shell - Jaja""Cascarón del Mundo Virtual - Jaja"CommonEffect Xyz Monster
PHRA-SP043"Virtual World Phoenix - Fanfan""Fénix del Mundo Virtual - Fanfan"Ultra RareEffect Xyz Monster
PHRA-SP044"Joyous Melffys""Melffys Felices"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
PHRA-SP045"Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS - Sky Thunder""Divino Arsenal AA-ZEUS - Trueno del Cielo"Secret Rare
Starlight Rare
Effect Xyz Monster
PHRA-SP046"Tri-Brigade Ferrijit the Barren Blossom""Tri-Brigada Ferrijit la Floración Estéril"Ultra Rare
Starlight Rare
Effect Link Monster
PHRA-SP047"Tri-Brigade Rugal the Silver Sheller""Tri-Brigada Rugal el Abridor de Plata"CommonEffect Link Monster
PHRA-SP048"Tri-Brigade Shuraig the Ominous Omen""Tri-Brigada Shuraig el Augurio Siniestro"Secret RareEffect Link Monster
PHRA-SP049"Prank-Kids Meow-Meow-Mu""Brominiños Miau-Miau-Mu"Super RareEffect Link Monster
PHRA-SP050"Geonator Transverser""Transversora Geonator"CommonEffect Link Monster
PHRA-SP051"Phantom Knights' Rank-Up-Magic Force""Fuerza Magia de Subida de Rango Caballeros Fantasma"Ultra RareQuick-Play Spell Card
PHRA-SP052"Tri-Brigade Stand-Off""Tri-Brigada Enfrentamiento"CommonContinuous Spell Card
PHRA-SP053"Tri-Brigade Airborne Assault""Tri-Brigada Asalto Aéreo"Secret RareQuick-Play Spell Card
PHRA-SP054"Dogmatikacism""Dogmátiksmo"CommonEquip Spell Card
PHRA-SP055"Virtual World City - Kauwloon""Ciudad del Mundo Virtual - Kauwloon"Super RareNormal Spell Card
PHRA-SP056"Virtual World Gate - Qinglong""Puerta del Mundo Virtual - Qinglong"CommonContinuous Spell Card
PHRA-SP057"Dual Avatar Invitation""Invitación Avatar Doble"Secret RareNormal Spell Card
PHRA-SP058"Perfect Sync - A-Un""Sincro Perfecta - A-Un"Super RareField Spell Card
PHRA-SP059"Dual Avatar Defeating Evil""Maldad Vencedora Avatar Doble"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
PHRA-SP060"Infernity Paranoia""Paranoia Inférnica"CommonNormal Spell Card
PHRA-SP061"U.A. Hyper Stadium""Híper Estadio U.A."Super RareField Spell Card
PHRA-SP062"U.A. Locker Room""U.A. Vestuario"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
PHRA-SP063"Charge Into a Dark World""Carga a un Mundo Oscuro"CommonNormal Spell Card
PHRA-SP064"Arcana Reading""Lectura Arcana"CommonNormal Spell Card
PHRA-SP065"Rookie Fur Hire""Mascota a Sueldo Novata"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
PHRA-SP066"Xyz Import""Importación Xyz"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
PHRA-SP067"Jack-In-The-Hand""Jack-en-la-Mano"CommonNormal Spell Card
PHRA-SP068"Raider's Unbreakable Mind""Mente Irrompible de Asalto"CommonContinuous Trap Card
PHRA-SP069"Raidraptor's Phantom Knights Claw""Garra de Caballeros Fantasma Asaltorrapaz"Super RareCounter Trap Card
PHRA-SP070"Tri-Brigade Revolt""Revuelta Tri-Brigada"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-SP071"Tri-Brigade Oath""Juramento Tri-Brigada"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-SP072"Virtual World Gate - Chuche""Puerta del Mundo Virtual - Chuche"Super RareContinuous Trap Card
PHRA-SP073"Dual Avatar Return""Regreso Avatar Doble"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-SP074"Dual Avatar Compact""Pacto Avatar Doble"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-SP075"Infernity Suppression""Supresión Inférnica"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-SP076"U.A. Man of the Match""U.A. Hombre del Partido"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-SP077"Free-Range Monsters""Monstruos Libres"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-SP078"Warning Point""Punto de Aviso"Secret RareNormal Trap Card
PHRA-SP079"Banquet of Millions""Banquete de Millones"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-SP080"One or Eight""Uno u Ocho"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-SP081"Mahaama the Fairy Dragon""Mahaama el Dragón Hada"CommonEffect Tuner monster
PHRA-SP082"Jabbing Panda""Panda Golpeante"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-SP083"Periallis, Empress of Blossoms""Periallis, Emperatriz de las Floraciones"CommonEffect Synchro Monster
PHRA-SP084"Myutant M-05""Myutante M-05"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PHRA-SP085"Myutant ST-46""Myutante ST-46"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PHRA-SP086"Myutant GB-88""Myutante GB-88"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-SP087"Myutant Beast""Bestia Myutante"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-SP088"Myutant Mist""Niebla Myutante"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-SP089"Myutant Arsenal""Arsenal Myutante"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-SP090"Myutant Synthesis""Síntesis Myutante"Super RareEffect Fusion Monster
PHRA-SP091"Myutant Ultimus""Últimus Myutante"Secret RareEffect Fusion Monster
PHRA-SP092"Myutant Evolution Lab""Laboratorio de Evolución de Myutantes"Ultra RareField Spell Card
PHRA-SP093"Myutant Fusion""Fusión de Myutantes"CommonNormal Spell Card
PHRA-SP094"Myutant Blast""Explosión de Myutantes"CommonEquip Spell Card
PHRA-SP095"Myutant Clash""Enfrentamiento de Myutantes"CommonContinuous Trap Card
PHRA-SP096"Myutant Expansion""Expansión de Myutantes"CommonContinuous Trap Card
PHRA-SP097"Virtual World Beast - Jiujiu""Bestia del Mundo Virtual - Jiujiu"Super RareEffect Synchro Monster
PHRA-SP098"Virtual World Dragon - Longlong""Dragón del Mundo Virtual - Longlong"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
PHRA-SP099"Virtual World Hime - Nyannyan""Hime del Mundo Virtual - Nyannyan"Super RareEffect Monster
PHRA-SP100"Hiita the Fire Charmer, Ablaze""Hiita la Encantadora del Fuego, Encendida"Starlight RareEffect Link Monster

Card numberEnglish nameJapanese nameRarityCategory
PHRA-JP001"Raider's Wing"「レイダーズ・ウィング」RareEffect Monster
PHRA-JP002"The Phantom Knights of Stained Greaves"「幻影騎士団ステンドグリーブ」CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-JP003"The Phantom Knights of Torn Scales"「幻影騎士団ティアースケイル」RareEffect Monster
PHRA-JP004"Raidraptor - Heel Eagle"「RR-ヒール・イーグル」CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-JP005"Raidraptor - Strangle Lanius"「RR-ストラングル・レイニアス」RareEffect Monster
PHRA-JP006"Tri-Brigade Nervall"「鉄獣戦線 ナーベル」CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-JP007"Tri-Brigade Kerass"「鉄獣戦線 ケラス」CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-JP008"Tri-Brigade Fraktall"「鉄獣戦線 フラクトール」RareEffect Monster
PHRA-JP009"Dogmatika Ashiyan"「教導の神徒」CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-JP010"Virtual World Mai-Hime - Lulu"「電脳堺媛-瑞々」Super Rare
Secret Rare
Prismatic Secret Rare
Effect Tuner monster
PHRA-JP011"Virtual World Roshi - Laolao"「電脳堺悟-老々」RareEffect Tuner monster
PHRA-JP012"Virtual World Xiezhi - Jiji"「電脳堺豸-豸々」CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-JP013"Virtual World Kirin - Lili"「電脳堺麟-麟々」CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-JP014"Dual Avatar Fists - Yuhi"「双天拳の熊羆」RareEffect Monster
PHRA-JP015"Dual Avatar Feet - Kokoku"「双天脚の鴻鵠」RareEffect Monster
PHRA-JP016"Infernity Conjurer"「インフェルニティ・コンジュラー」RareEffect Monster
PHRA-JP017"Infernity Wildcat"「インフェルニティ・ワイルドキャット」CommonEffect Tuner monster
PHRA-JP018"U.A. Libero Spiker"「U.A.リベロスパイカー」CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-JP019"U.A. Player Manager"「U.A.プレイングマネージャー」RareEffect Monster
PHRA-JP020"Awakening of the Possessed - Gagigobyte"「憑依覚醒-ガギゴバイト」CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-JP021"Awakening of the Possessed - Rasenryu"「憑依覚醒-ラセンリュウ」CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-JP022"Gizmek Makami, the Ferocious Fanged Fortress"「機巧牙-御神尊真神」Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Ultimate Rare
Prismatic Secret Rare
Effect Monster
PHRA-JP023"Alpha, the Master of Beasts"「獣王アルファ」Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Ultimate Rare
Prismatic Secret Rare
Effect Monster
PHRA-JP024"Prufinesse, the Tactical Trapper"「奇采のプルフィネス」CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-JP025"Rock Band Xenoguitar"「巌帯の美技-ゼノギタム」RareEffect Monster
PHRA-JP026"Magical Broker"「魔導闇商人」CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-JP027"Gluttonous Reptolphin Greethys"「貪食魚グリーディス」CommonEffect Tuner monster
PHRA-JP028"Cupid Fore"「コウ・キューピット」Normal RareEffect Monster
PHRA-JP029"Hinezumi Hanabi"「禰須三破鳴比」Normal RareEffect Monster
PHRA-JP030"Conductor of Nephthys"「ネフティスの繋ぎ手」RareEffect Ritual Monster
PHRA-JP031"Brigrand the Glory Dragon"「痕喰竜ブリガンド」RareEffect Fusion Monster
PHRA-JP032"Dual Avatar Fists - Armored Ah-Gyo"「双天拳 鎧阿」CommonEffect Fusion Monster
PHRA-JP033"Dual Avatar Feet - Armored Un-Gyo"「双天脚 鎧吽」CommonEffect Fusion Monster
PHRA-JP034"Dual Avatar - Empowered Kon-Gyo"「双天将 金剛」Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Ultimate Rare
Prismatic Secret Rare
Effect Fusion Monster
PHRA-JP035"Armityle the Chaos Phantasm - Phantom of Fury"「混沌幻魔アーミタイル-虚無幻影羅生悶」Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Ultimate Rare
Prismatic Secret Rare
Effect Fusion Monster
PHRA-JP036"Virtual World Kyubi - Shenshen"「電脳堺狐-仙々」Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Ultimate Rare
Prismatic Secret Rare
Effect Synchro Monster
PHRA-JP037"Infernity Doom Archfiend"「インフェルニティ・ヘル・デーモン」Super Rare
Secret Rare
Prismatic Secret Rare
Effect Synchro Monster
PHRA-JP038"Infernoble Knight Captain Oliver"「焔聖騎士将-オリヴィエ」RareEffect Synchro Monster
PHRA-JP039"Penguin Brave"「ペンギン勇者」CommonEffect Synchro Monster
PHRA-JP040"Raider's Knight"「レイダーズ・ナイト」Super Rare
Secret Rare
Prismatic Secret Rare
Effect Xyz Monster
PHRA-JP041"Arc Rebellion Xyz Dragon"「アーク・リベリオン・エクシーズ・ドラゴン」Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Ultimate Rare
Prismatic Secret Rare
Effect Xyz Monster
PHRA-JP042"Virtual World Shell - Jaja"「電脳堺甲-甲々」CommonEffect Xyz Monster
PHRA-JP043"Virtual World Phoenix - Fanfan"「電脳堺凰-凰々」Super Rare
Secret Rare
Prismatic Secret Rare
Effect Xyz Monster
PHRA-JP044"Joyous Melffys"「わくわくメルフィーズ」Super Rare
Secret Rare
Prismatic Secret Rare
Effect Xyz Monster
PHRA-JP045"Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS - Sky Thunder"「天霆號アーゼウス」Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Ultimate Rare
Holographic Rare
Prismatic Secret Rare
Effect Xyz Monster
PHRA-JP046"Tri-Brigade Ferrijit the Barren Blossom"「鉄獣戦線 徒花のフェリジット」Super Rare
Secret Rare
Prismatic Secret Rare
Effect Link Monster
PHRA-JP047"Tri-Brigade Rugal the Silver Sheller"「鉄獣戦線 銀弾のルガル」RareEffect Link Monster
PHRA-JP048"Tri-Brigade Shuraig the Ominous Omen"「鉄獣戦線 凶鳥のシュライグ」Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Ultimate Rare
Prismatic Secret Rare
Effect Link Monster
PHRA-JP049"Prank-Kids Meow-Meow-Mu"「プランキッズ・ミュー」CommonEffect Link Monster
PHRA-JP050"Geonator Transverser"「転晶のコーディネラル」CommonEffect Link Monster
PHRA-JP051"Phantom Knights' Rank-Up-Magic Force"「RUM-ファントム・フォース」Super Rare
Secret Rare
Prismatic Secret Rare
Quick-Play Spell Card
PHRA-JP052"Tri-Brigade Stand-Off"「鉄獣の戦線」CommonContinuous Spell Card
PHRA-JP053"Tri-Brigade Airborne Assault"「鉄獣の凶襲」Super Rare
Secret Rare
Prismatic Secret Rare
Quick-Play Spell Card
PHRA-JP054"Dogmatikacism"「教導神理」CommonEquip Spell Card
PHRA-JP055"Virtual World City - Kauwloon"「電脳堺都-九竜」RareNormal Spell Card
PHRA-JP056"Virtual World Gate - Qinglong"「電脳堺門-青龍」CommonContinuous Spell Card
PHRA-JP057"Dual Avatar Invitation"「双天招来」RareNormal Spell Card
PHRA-JP058"Perfect Sync - A-Un"「阿吽の呼吸」CommonField Spell Card
PHRA-JP059"Dual Avatar Defeating Evil"「双天の調伏」CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
PHRA-JP060"Infernity Paranoia"「インフェルニティ・パラノイア」CommonNormal Spell Card
PHRA-JP061"U.A. Hyper Stadium"「U.A.ハイパー・スタジアム」RareField Spell Card
PHRA-JP062"U.A. Locker Room"「U.A.ロッカールーム」CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
PHRA-JP063"Charge Into a Dark World"「暗黒界の援軍」RareNormal Spell Card
PHRA-JP064"Arcana Reading"「アルカナリーディング」CommonNormal Spell Card
PHRA-JP065"Rookie Fur Hire"「新風の空牙団」CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
PHRA-JP066"Xyz Import"「エクシーズ・インポート」CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
PHRA-JP067"Jack-In-The-Hand"「ジャック・イン・ザ・ハンド」Normal RareNormal Spell Card
PHRA-JP068"Raider's Unbreakable Mind"「レイダーズ・アンブレイカブル・マインド」CommonContinuous Trap Card
PHRA-JP069"Raidraptor's Phantom Knights Claw"「RR-ファントム・クロー」Super Rare
Secret Rare
Prismatic Secret Rare
Counter Trap Card
PHRA-JP070"Tri-Brigade Revolt"「鉄獣の抗戦」CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-JP071"Tri-Brigade Oath"「鉄獣の血盟」CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-JP072"Virtual World Gate - Chuche"「電脳堺門-朱雀」CommonContinuous Trap Card
PHRA-JP073"Dual Avatar Return"「双天の再来」CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-JP074"Dual Avatar Compact"「双天の使命」CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-JP075"Infernity Suppression"「インフェルニティ・サプレッション」CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-JP076"U.A. Man of the Match"「U.A.マン・オブ・ザ・マッチ」CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-JP077"Free-Range Monsters"「魍魎跋扈」CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-JP078"Warning Point"「ワーニングポイント」Super Rare
Secret Rare
Prismatic Secret Rare
Normal Trap Card
PHRA-JP079"Banquet of Millions"「魔獣の大餌」CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-JP080"One or Eight"「一か八か」Normal RareNormal Trap Card

Card numberEnglish nameKorean nameRarityCategory
PHRA-KR001"Raider's Wing""레이더즈 윙"RareEffect Monster
PHRA-KR002"The Phantom Knights of Stained Greaves""팬텀 나이츠 스텐드그리브"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-KR003"The Phantom Knights of Torn Scales""팬텀 나이츠 티어스케일"RareEffect Monster
PHRA-KR004"Raidraptor - Heel Eagle""RR (레이드 랩터즈) -힐 이글"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-KR005"Raidraptor - Strangle Lanius""RR (레이드 랩터즈) -스트랭글 레이니어스"RareEffect Monster
PHRA-KR006"Tri-Brigade Nervall""트라이브리게이드 너벨"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-KR007"Tri-Brigade Kerass""트라이브리게이드 케라스"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-KR008"Tri-Brigade Fraktall""트라이브리게이드 프랙탈"RareEffect Monster
PHRA-KR009"Dogmatika Ashiyan""핫샤신 드래그마"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-KR010"Virtual World Mai-Hime - Lulu""전뇌계원-루루"Super Rare
Secret Rare
Prismatic Secret Rare
Effect Tuner monster
PHRA-KR011"Virtual World Roshi - Laolao""전뇌계오-라오라오"RareEffect Tuner monster
PHRA-KR012"Virtual World Xiezhi - Jiji""전뇌계치-지지"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-KR013"Virtual World Kirin - Lili""전뇌계린-리리"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-KR014"Dual Avatar Fists - Yuhi""쌍천권의 웅비"RareEffect Monster
PHRA-KR015"Dual Avatar Feet - Kokoku""쌍천각의 홍곡"RareEffect Monster
PHRA-KR016"Infernity Conjurer""인페르니티 컨저러"RareEffect Monster
PHRA-KR017"Infernity Wildcat""인페르니티 와일드캣"CommonEffect Tuner monster
PHRA-KR018"U.A. Libero Spiker""U.A. (울트라 애슬리트) 리베로 스파이커"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-KR019"U.A. Player Manager""U.A. (울트라 애슬리트) 플레잉 매니저"RareEffect Monster
PHRA-KR020"Awakening of the Possessed - Gagigobyte""빙의각성-가기고바이트"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-KR021"Awakening of the Possessed - Rasenryu""빙의각성-라센류"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-KR022"Gizmek Makami, the Ferocious Fanged Fortress""기교아-온카미코토노마카미"Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Ultimate Rare
Prismatic Secret Rare
Effect Monster
PHRA-KR023"Alpha, the Master of Beasts""수왕 알파"Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Ultimate Rare
Prismatic Secret Rare
Effect Monster
PHRA-KR024"Prufinesse, the Tactical Trapper""기채의 프루피네스"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-KR025"Rock Band Xenoguitar""록밴드 그루브-제노기탐"RareEffect Monster
PHRA-KR026"Magical Broker""매지컬 브로커"CommonEffect Monster
PHRA-KR027"Gluttonous Reptolphin Greethys""탐식어 그리디스"CommonEffect Tuner monster
PHRA-KR028"Cupid Fore""코우 큐피트"Normal RareEffect Monster
PHRA-KR029"Hinezumi Hanabi""네즈미하나비"Normal RareEffect Monster
PHRA-KR030"Conductor of Nephthys""네프티스의 이어주는 손"RareEffect Ritual Monster
PHRA-KR031"Brigrand the Glory Dragon""흔식룡 브리간드"RareEffect Fusion Monster
PHRA-KR032"Dual Avatar Fists - Armored Ah-Gyo""쌍천권 개아"CommonEffect Fusion Monster
PHRA-KR033"Dual Avatar Feet - Armored Un-Gyo""쌍천각 개훔"CommonEffect Fusion Monster
PHRA-KR034"Dual Avatar - Empowered Kon-Gyo""쌍천장 금강"Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Ultimate Rare
Prismatic Secret Rare
Effect Fusion Monster
PHRA-KR035"Armityle the Chaos Phantasm - Phantom of Fury""혼돈환마 아미타일-허무환영라쇼몽"Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Ultimate Rare
Prismatic Secret Rare
Effect Fusion Monster
PHRA-KR036"Virtual World Kyubi - Shenshen""전뇌계호-셴셴"Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Ultimate Rare
Prismatic Secret Rare
Effect Synchro Monster
PHRA-KR037"Infernity Doom Archfiend""인페르니티 헬 데몬"Super Rare
Secret Rare
Prismatic Secret Rare
Effect Synchro Monster
PHRA-KR038"Infernoble Knight Captain Oliver""불꽃성기사장-올리비에"RareEffect Synchro Monster
PHRA-KR039"Penguin Brave""펭귄 용사"CommonEffect Synchro Monster
PHRA-KR040"Raider's Knight""레이더즈 나이트"Super Rare
Secret Rare
Prismatic Secret Rare
Effect Xyz Monster
PHRA-KR041"Arc Rebellion Xyz Dragon""아크 리벨리온 엑시즈 드래곤"Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Ultimate Rare
Prismatic Secret Rare
Effect Xyz Monster
PHRA-KR042"Virtual World Shell - Jaja""전뇌계갑-쟈쟈"CommonEffect Xyz Monster
PHRA-KR043"Virtual World Phoenix - Fanfan""전뇌계황-황황"Super Rare
Secret Rare
Prismatic Secret Rare
Effect Xyz Monster
PHRA-KR044"Joyous Melffys""두근두근 메르피즈"Super Rare
Secret Rare
Prismatic Secret Rare
Effect Xyz Monster
PHRA-KR045"Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS - Sky Thunder""네가로기어 아제우스"Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Ultimate Rare
Holographic Rare
Prismatic Secret Rare
Effect Xyz Monster
PHRA-KR046"Tri-Brigade Ferrijit the Barren Blossom""트라이브리게이드 도화 페리지트"Super Rare
Secret Rare
Prismatic Secret Rare
Effect Link Monster
PHRA-KR047"Tri-Brigade Rugal the Silver Sheller""트라이브리게이드 은탄 루갈"RareEffect Link Monster
PHRA-KR048"Tri-Brigade Shuraig the Ominous Omen""트라이브리게이드 흉조 슈라이그"Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Ultimate Rare
Prismatic Secret Rare
Effect Link Monster
PHRA-KR049"Prank-Kids Meow-Meow-Mu""프랭키즈 뮤"CommonEffect Link Monster
PHRA-KR050"Geonator Transverser""전정의 코디네랄"CommonEffect Link Monster
PHRA-KR051"Phantom Knights' Rank-Up-Magic Force""RUM (랭크 업 매직) -팬텀 포스"Super Rare
Secret Rare
Prismatic Secret Rare
Quick-Play Spell Card
PHRA-KR052"Tri-Brigade Stand-Off""트라이브리게이드 라인"CommonContinuous Spell Card
PHRA-KR053"Tri-Brigade Airborne Assault""트라이브리게이드 에어본"Super Rare
Secret Rare
Prismatic Secret Rare
Quick-Play Spell Card
PHRA-KR054"Dogmatikacism""드래그마티즘"CommonEquip Spell Card
PHRA-KR055"Virtual World City - Kauwloon""전뇌계도-지우롱"RareNormal Spell Card
PHRA-KR056"Virtual World Gate - Qinglong""전뇌계문-칭롱"CommonContinuous Spell Card
PHRA-KR057"Dual Avatar Invitation""쌍천초래"RareNormal Spell Card
PHRA-KR058"Perfect Sync - A-Un""아훔의 호흡"CommonField Spell Card
PHRA-KR059"Dual Avatar Defeating Evil""쌍천의 조복"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
PHRA-KR060"Infernity Paranoia""인페르니티 파라노이아"CommonNormal Spell Card
PHRA-KR061"U.A. Hyper Stadium""U.A. (울트라 애슬리트) 하이퍼 스타디움"RareField Spell Card
PHRA-KR062"U.A. Locker Room""U.A. (울트라 애슬리트) 락커 룸"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
PHRA-KR063"Charge Into a Dark World""암흑계의 원군"RareNormal Spell Card
PHRA-KR064"Arcana Reading""아르카나 리딩"CommonNormal Spell Card
PHRA-KR065"Rookie Fur Hire""신풍의 공아단"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
PHRA-KR066"Xyz Import""엑시즈 임포트"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
PHRA-KR067"Jack-In-The-Hand""잭 인 더 핸드"Normal RareNormal Spell Card
PHRA-KR068"Raider's Unbreakable Mind""레이더즈 엄브레이커블 마인드"CommonContinuous Trap Card
PHRA-KR069"Raidraptor's Phantom Knights Claw""RR (레이드 랩터즈) -팬텀 클로"Super Rare
Secret Rare
Prismatic Secret Rare
Counter Trap Card
PHRA-KR070"Tri-Brigade Revolt""트라이브리게이드 리볼트"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-KR071"Tri-Brigade Oath""트라이브리게이드 오스"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-KR072"Virtual World Gate - Chuche""전뇌계문-쭈치에"CommonContinuous Trap Card
PHRA-KR073"Dual Avatar Return""쌍천의 재래"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-KR074"Dual Avatar Compact""쌍천의 사명"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-KR075"Infernity Suppression""인페르니티 서프레션"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-KR076"U.A. Man of the Match""U.A. (울트라 애슬리트) 맨 오브 더 매치"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-KR077"Free-Range Monsters""망량발호"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-KR078"Warning Point""워닝포인트"Super Rare
Secret Rare
Prismatic Secret Rare
Normal Trap Card
PHRA-KR079"Banquet of Millions""피드 팩"CommonNormal Trap Card
PHRA-KR080"One or Eight""모 아니면 도"Normal RareNormal Trap Card

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  • This product was originally scheduled to release on July 18, 2020 in Japan, but was delayed due to concerns originating from the pandemic status of COVID-19, noting that the pandemic status is the main reason, it wasn't provided clear that it was the reason for the delay.