Phantom Knights Shade Brigandine
  • Japanese: 幻影騎士団シェード・ブリガンダイン
  • Romaji: Fantomu Naitsu Shēdo Burigandain
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If there are no Trap Cards in your Graveyard, this card can be activated the turn it is Set. When you activate this card, Special Summon it as a monster (Level 4/DEF 800) in Defense Position.

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ThePhantomKnightsofShadeBrigandine-EN-Manga-AV-NC.png +
Phantom Knights Shade Brigandine +
Phantom Knights Shade Brigandine +
ThePhantomKnightsofShadeBrigandine-JP-Manga-AV-NC.png +
幻影騎士団シェード・ブリガンダイン +
Manga +
Allows activation of Trap Cards the turn they were Set +  and Treats Trap Cards as monsters +
ThePhantomKnightsofShadeBrigandine-EN-Manga-AV-NC.png +
Phantom Knights Shade Brigandine (manga) +
Card page +
Normal Trap Card +
Fantomu Naitsu Shēdo Burigandain +
幻影騎士団シェード・ブリガンダイン +
Special Summons itself from your Spell & Trap Card Zone +