"Pendulumstatue" (PS (ペンデュラムスタチュー) , Pendyuramusutachū) is an archetype of Rock Pendulum Monsters in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime. These cards, like Action Cards, are created with the "Solid Vision with Mass" effect and are scattered around the Action Field "Quartet of Quandry" in the Battle Royal section of the Junior Youth division of the Arc League Championship.[1] Duelists must ante their collected "Pendulumstatue" cards in Duels. These cards give the finalists access to Pendulum Summoning.[2]


Each "Pendulumstatue" has the name of the color of the corresponding Attribute (White and Yellow being both LIGHT) and something related to one of the Types. Each color is also representative of the types of monster cards in the game: Black - Xyz, Blue - Ritual, Purple - Fusion, Red - Effect, White - Synchro, and Yellow - Normal. Their artworks depict the object in the name with that color scheme. They all possess a Level and a Pendulum Scale summing 13, with the difference between the Pendulum Scales of each colored pair always being 6, and their ATK/DEF is equal to their Level x 100.

"Pendulumstatues" are all Rock, and share the Monster effect of searching another one of them when Pendulum Summoned from the Extra Deck. Each of them has the Pendulum Effect of boosting the ATK of the related Type by 200 or 300 (except "Purple Shield", which raises DEF, "Red Fiend", which supports FIRE monsters, and "Black Sun", which supports DARK monsters).

The Pendulum Effects of each monster also resemble the effects of the earliest released Spell Cards in the game (such as "Violet Crystal" or "Beast Fangs"), granting a small ATK (or DEF) bonus to a specific type of monster. This is fitting, as these are, in the ARC-V universe, the earliest released Pendulum Cards, and were given out to ease the players into the mechanic.


Pendulumstatue Monster support Stat boost
Black Sun DARK 300 ATK
Blue Whale Fish 300 ATK
Purple Shield Warrior 200 DEF
Purple Sword 200 ATK
Red Fairy Fairy 200 ATK
Red Fiend FIRE 300 ATK
White Butterfly Insect 200 ATK
White Flower Plant 200 ATK
Yellow Scarab Spellcaster 300 ATK


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