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Parallel Rare ( (パラレル) (レア) Parareru Rea, or simply Parallel) is a generic term, used to refer to cards where the entire card surface is holographic (that shows up as an even "haze" on most scans).

Differences in Parallel Rarities

With the advent of the Parallel Rares in the Duel Terminal, there are now two distinct breeds, categorized by how they are made, how they feel, and the pattern of the Parallel Coating.

1st Variety

This variety is used on every Non-Duel Terminal Parallel Rare. The card has a hard film, and feels very rigid. In addition, if you shine it up to the light, you can see a series of "bands" on the card, four going across, and two going down. If you shine a light on the coating, you will be unable to see the individual dots, and it will look like a uniform haze composed of a multitude of lines.

2nd Variety

Used specifically on the Duel Terminal Parallel Rares, this is a marked enough shift in detail and technology to be described independently. The card itself feels exactly like a common, the Parallel Film having little immediate impact. If you hold the card up to the light, you will be able to make out a series of circle-like dots all across the card, without any of the banding patterns of the prior technology. When reflected, the light makes these look like small "Peardrops".

3rd Variety

As of DT09, there is a new type of Duel Terminal Parallel Rare. Instead of the "Dot Grid" pattern used in DT01 to DT08, there is a "Broken Glass" pattern.

4th Variety

From Duel terminal Chronicle DTC1 onwards, there is a new type of Duel Terminal Parallel Rare. This variety features a "Cubical" pattern.


  • In the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime, Sylvio Sawatari's "Dart" deck is stated to only contain Parallel Rare cards.
  • In the anime, the use of a parallel rare cards generates a special effect on the hologram.

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