Paradox's Duel Runner

Paradox's Duel Runner (as a Duel Runner)

  • Paradox

Paradox's Duel Runner is used by him in Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D Bonds Beyond Time.


Paradox runner2

The Duel Runner in flight mode.

The Duel Runner is capable of transforming into a hovercraft and traveling through time. Its design and coloration resembles Aporia's.

Paradox's Duel Runner (Duel Disk base)

The Duel Runner's Duel Disk

Like Yusei's Duel Runner, Paradox's is a hybrid model; but unlike other hybrid models, Paradox's Duel Disk is unique in that it is actually located behind a large rectangular screen (presumably a touch screen) at the top of a "tower" which features the blade sticking out of the top and a Graveyard slot parallel to the blade.

Paradox's Duel Disk (attached to his Duel Runner)

Location of Paradox's Duel Disk when attached to his Duel Runner


Paradox used the Duel Runner to travel to Yusei Fudo's time, where he approached Yusei, who was Turbo Dueling and stole his "Stardust Dragon" card. He then used it to travel back to Jaden Yuki's time, and after that Yugi Muto's time. He used the Runner as a floating platform from which he played out his turns during his Ground Duel with the three protagonists, until he fused himself with "Malefic Truth Dragon".

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