"Pandor" (パンドール, Pandōru), is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. They are AI with free will created by the Knights of Hanoi to combat the Ignis. But unlike the Ignises, they have a limitation placed on their free will, which would automatically erase any thoughts which makes them think of humans as their enemies.




Pandor's full body.

Pandor is a humaniod AI with red eyes, and green streaks that resemble bangs. She wears a black, white and blue suit with gold trims and a red diamond at the collar. She has black gloves and boots with gold trims. Pandora does not have a Duel Disk. Instead, a red ring that appears on the newer models when drawing a card forms around her wrist when she does so.


Pandor is showing to be a very helpful AI, offering assistance when need. She often smiles and tries to support her Duelists. She is also very observant of her opponents, but still respectful. She is well aware of the limit placed on her free will, but doesn't seem to mind this at all, even stating that the limitation was there to help her coexist with humans. Pandor also wishes to coexist with humans and is also very perceptive of Ai's inner emotions.


Pandor is able to make copies of herself, which can fit in a Duel Disk, similar to the Ignis.

As an anti-Ignis AI, she is immune to their programs, such as when Ai tried to control her. She also appears to be able to sense others' emotions, as she sensed Ai's hostility and sadness.


Pandor is an AI created by the Knights of Hanoi to assist them in hunting the rogue Ignis, Ai. Pandor was named after Pandora, the first woman in Greek mythology who was sent by the Gods to cause discord and chaos amongst humans after being blessed with the gift of fire (Ignis) by Prometheus, thus being the very embodiment of her purpose of opposing the Ignis.

When Varis meets with Akira Zaizen, following Ai's declaration of war pm SOL technologies, the Hanoi leader introduces Pandor to Zaizen, with the latter instantly deducing her name significance. Varis explains that Pandor has limited free will and mechanisms to make sure she does not become hostile to humans. Pandor greeted Zaizen, displayed her duplicates, and installed one into Akira's Duel Disk. Pandor then vowed to be helpful to Akira. Later, Pandor's other three copies were given to Blue Maiden, Ghost Gal, and Gore.



Pandor was created to fight against Ai. Despite this, she shows kindness towards him. She questions Ai's actions and if he believes if coexistence is possible. She is impressed by his dueling and ability to avoid danger. Pandor was willing to give Ai a chance to flee, revealing she did not want to destroy him since he was also an AI. Ai, in turn, was genuinely touched by her concern for him and sincerely thanks for her for this. She was the first to realize Ai's deck reflected his feelings for the fallen Ignis.


Varis is Pandor's creator so she is fully obedient to him. Despite being an AI with free will, Varis seems to trust her deeply enough to get her tasks done and follow his instructions. When Pandor survived her duels with Ai, the two believe that Ai may have wanted her to live. Although Varis told her he was done with her, the two had a deep conversation with Varis recommending she should think by herself on what it means to have free will. Interestingly this makes Pandor the only Ai with free will to whom Varis is not hostile and approves of having freedom, hinting he is fond of his creation.


Pandor uses an "Topologina"/"Topologic" Deck. Her deck is optimized to counter Ai's strategies based on the data obtained by the multiple Pandor copies installed into the Duel Disk of the duelists that faced Ai before. Pandor's Topologic Deck is also a nod to Varis's plan of "fighting poison with poison," having first utilized the Topologic link monsters to counter Cyberse monsters.



Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Ai 108-109 Lose


  • Like the Ignis, Pandor's body has sound effects when she moves. Some of which are similar to Aqua's.
  • Unlike Varis and the other Knights of Hanoi, Pandor refers to the Ignis by their names.



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