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* Release date: '''September 26, 2008'''
* Release date: '''September 26, 2008'''
* [[Cover Card]]: '''[[Honest]]'''
* [[Cover Card]]: '''[[Honest]]'''
'''YGOO Set Card Ratios:'''<br/>
'''''[[Set Card Ratios:Pack 48 (YGOO-VG)|Ratio]]'''''
'''YGOO Set Card Galleries:'''<br/>
'''YGOO Set Card Galleries:'''<br/>

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  • Test your fortune with the 'Arcana Force' monsters - mysterious creatures that can gain great power...if fate favors your coin toss.
  • A Deck with Lightsworn monsters can devastate your opponent, but you have to win your Duels quickly before all of your Deck is sent to the Graveyard.
  • Batterymen return with new monsters and new Spell and Trap Cards to help you pack the field and charge the opponent.
Set Specifications

YGOO Set Card Galleries:

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Fusion Monsters

Spell Cards

Trap Cards

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