Otherworld - The "A" Zone
() (かい) (くう) (かん) (エー) ゾーン
English Otherworld - The "A" Zone
French La Zone "A" - Autre Monde
German Jenseits - Die „A“-Zone
Italian Altro Mondo - La Zona "A"
Korean 이계공간-A 존
Portuguese Outro Mundo - A Zona "A"
Spanish Otromundo - La Zona "A"
Japanese (kana) いかいくうかん-エーゾーン
Japanese (base) 異界空間-Aゾーン
Japanese (rōmaji) Ikai Kūkan - Ē Zōn
Japanese (translated) Otherworldly Space - "A" Zone
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Passcode 60946968
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