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Otes (オーティス Ōtisu)[1], also known as the Hologram Man (ホログラムの (おとこ) Horoguramu no Otoko), is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. He was a designer for the Goha Corporation who grew dissatisfied with the state of Dueling and sought to return the enjoyment of it back to the children, and he chose Yuga Ohdo to be the King of Duels. Otes would test Yuga in the form of the Hologram Man, projected from a Relic that became the subject of urban legend. He is the series central and final antagonist.



Full-body image of Otes.

He appears as a white cloaked man having on a black jumpsuit situated with a yellow vertical line trailing from his chest downward to his belt which is yellow, and having a sphere like symbol on it, with his white cloak pulled back at the chest showing the inside is red (and in some cases dark pink), with yellow lining on his sleeves, and and gold like arm bracelets that is above his elbows, with lines at the side of his legs trailing down to his boots that are also white, and having two yellow stripes at the top, with his sleeves' cuffs being yellow along with white gloves, and a yellow symbol on them. He also has white hair that sticks out, and having on a red mask with what looks like a big yellow eye like visor with a white circle with a yellow outer layer.




Birth of Rush Duels


It's unknown what Otes' real Deck is but it was shown to have the "Sevens Road Magician" card made by himself. The card was later given to Yuga.

Otes in his Duel with Yuga uses a "Blue-Eyes" Deck capable of summoning the famed "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" at a fast rate with the aid of the Rush Duel Rules, and supporting it with his Spells or Trap Cards to quickly destroy his opponent's monsters, and use "Blue-Eyes" for a quick beatdown strategy.

In his three-way Duel with Luke, Gavin, and Romin he uses a "Red-Eyes" Deck which just like his previous Deck utilizes "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" with support cards to summon it at a fast rate along with using cards such as "Inferno Fire Blast" to damage his opponent critically.

During his Duel against Yuga Goha, he uses a "Dark Magician" Deck which utilizes "Dark Magician" and "Dark Magician Girl" with support cards to summon them quickly along with Spell Cards that destroy his opponent's cards and increases the ATK of his monsters. The Trap Cards tend to focus on protecting his "Dark Magician" from being destroyed by battle by switching the target to a different monster or returning "Dark Magician" from the GY to his hand (to prevent Yuga Goha from using "Monster Reborn" on it).

Spells & Traps


Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Unknown Duelist 13 Lose (disqualified) (flashback)
Lucidien "Luke" Kallister 1 Win (6x flashback)
Yuga Ohdo 1 Lose
Lucidien "Luke" Kallister 24 Lose
Gavin Sogetsu 24 Lose
Romin Kassidy 24 Lose
Yuga Ohdo 43 Lose
Yuga Goha (as Swirly) 53 Lose
Yuga Goha 81 Lose
Yuga Ohdo 90-92 Lose


  • Otes' Deck is a reference to Seto Kaiba's own Deck filled with monsters which are mostly Dragons, along with Spells and Traps that support "Blue-Eyes White Dragon".
    • His name can also be written as "Otes", which is "Seto" backwards. Episode 24 spells his name this way in an on-screen graphic.
    • His Deck also references Atticus Rhodes' Deck filled with "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" cards when he was possessed by Nightshroud.


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