This Property entry details every card with an effect(s) with a predetermined number of activations per turn. The restriction is applied to the card(s) of the same name instead of individual copies. Therefore, these cards are written as "The effect of '[...]' can only be activated up to twice per turn" or "You can use this effect of '[...]' up to twice per turn" instead of "Up to twice per turn,". For cases of "Up to twice per turn", see Limited activations.

See also: Only once per turn, Only thrice per turn

All OCG/TCG "Only twice per turn" cards

 Japanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeAttributeTypeLevel/ RankATKDEF
Gorgonic Ghoulゴルゴニック・グールEffect MonsterDARKRock1100100
Great Poseidon Beetleポセイドン・オオカブトEffect MonsterEARTHInsect725002300
Marincess Sea Star海晶乙女シースターEffect MonsterWATERCyberse2800400
Mystic Macrocarpa Seed幻妖種ミトラEffect MonsterTuner monsterEARTHPlant35001000
Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon真青眼の究極竜Fusion Monster
Effect Monster
Number 80: Rhapsody in BerserkNo.80 狂装覇王ラプソディ・イン・バーサークXyz Monster
Effect Monster
Photon Pirateフォトン・パイレーツEffect MonsterLIGHTMachine310001000
 Japanese nameCard typeProperty
Abyss Script - Abysstainment魔界台本「魔界の宴咜女」Spell Card
Continuous Spell Card
Continuous Spell Card
Dragonoid Generatorドラゴノイド・ジェネレーターSpell Card
Continuous Spell Card
Continuous Spell Card

All Anime "Only twice per turn" cards

 Japanese nameCard typeProperty
Dragonoid Generatorドラゴノイド・ジェネレーターSpell CardContinuous Spell Card
Gouki Dark Mask剛鬼ザ・ダークマスクSpell CardEquip Spell Card

All Manga "Only twice per turn" cards

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