"Ogdoadic", known as "Abyssal" ( (めい) (かい) Meikai) in the OCG, is an archetype of LIGHT and DARK Reptile monsters introduced in Ancient Guardians.


The monsters in this archetype are based on the Ogdoad, a group of eight primordial beings worshipped in the ancient Egyptian city of Hermopolis.



Monster Origin
Aleirtt Kekui
Keurse Kekuit
Nauya Naunet
Nunu Nu
Flogos Hehu
Zohah Hehut
Aron Qerh
Amunessia Qerhet
Ogdoabyss Ogdoad

Recommended Cards


This deck relies on both tributing monsters and summoning monsters from the GY. Thus, cards that can negate either mechanic like Mask of Restrict or Necrovalley can shut down this deck.

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