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"Ogdoadic", known as "Abyssal" ( (めい) (かい) Meikai) in the OCG, is an archetype of LIGHT and DARK Reptile monsters introduced in Ancient Guardians.


The monsters in this archetype are based on the Ogdoad, a group of eight primordial beings worshipped in the ancient Egyptian city of Hermopolis.



Monster Origin
Aleirtt Kekui
Keurse Kekuit
Nauya Naunet
Nunu Nu
Flogos Hehu
Zohah Hehut
Aron Qerh
Amunessia Qerhet
Ogdoabyss Ogdoad

Playing Style

The Deck enjoys a midrange/ control strategy, and has a very graveyard heavy focus, with most "Ogdoadic" cards have effects that activate from the GY, send cards to the GY, or both, and many of the monsters have effects that can recur themselves, either summoning themselves/ returning themselves to the hand from the GY.

The "Remnant" pair can send themselves from the hand to the GY to mill a Reptile of the opposing attribute from the deck; Nunu is also able to summon itself from the GY if you either control no monsters or control another "Ogdoadic" monster, making it the deck's main starter, while Nauya searches "Ogdoadic" spell/traps on summon.

The "Boundless" pair share the ability to add themselves from the GY to the hand in exchange for another card from your hand being sent to the GY, making them reliable Normal Summons that can get your larger snakes into the GY as they recover themselves. They also having effects that trigger when sent from the field to the GY or when Special Summoned from the GY, Flogos swapping out an opponent's monster with another from the GY while Zohah acts as a Dark World Dealings that searches an "Ogdoadic" monster in place of drawing, which act as triggers for the King & Queen's control-oriented effects.

The "Dark/ Light" pair each can summon themselves from the GY for 1 tribute while giving your opponent the option to regain a monster from their GY, either adding it to their hand or Special Summoning it with it's effects negated, which provides triggers for Aron & Amunessa should they do so. They also have effects that activate on Summon; Keruse summons another Level 4 or lower Reptile from the GY and accounts for much of the archetype's internal ability to put multiple monsters on the field at once, while Aleirtt returning exactly 2 banished monsters, including a Reptile monster, to the GY, helping to keep resources in rotation.

The twin pillars of the Deck's control strategy are the royalty pair Aron & Amunessia, who have effects that punish the opponent for adding cards to the hand or summoning from the GY by forcing them to randomly discard or by sending cards from their field to the GY respectively, and which are complemented by effects that trigger when monsters are sent from the opponent's hand, Deck, or field (except during the Damage Step) to the GY to gain advantage by returning reptiles from the GY to your hand or by Special Summoning them. They also can Special Summon themselves from the GY by tributing monsters, taking 2 tributes each.

Ogdoabyss requires 3 tributes to Special Summon from the GY and can send all monsters on the field that weren't Summoned from the GY to the GY as a quick effect, but it can only do it once while it remains face-up on the field. Since the vast majority of summoning an "Ogdoadic" Deck will do is from the GY this means they'll rarely lose their own cards when using this effect, and that it only works once while face-up is less detrimental than it may seem as one can afford to simply tribute Ogdoabyss off for another "Ogdoadic" and then summon it again later from the GY to reset the effect. It also has the highest ATK among "Ogdoadic" monsters, making it the strongest archetypal beatstick when dealing with problems that require brute force.

Snake Rain and Ogdoadic Water Lily are tribal Foolish cards that have great value for setting up the GY, with Rain sending 4-5 Reptiles, and Lily sending 1 while conditionally doubling as a revive for a Reptile & being searchable with Nauya.

A popular starter play for the Deck that requires Nunu + any 1 card in the hand is using Nunu to discard itself milling Zohah, then using Zohah's effect trading itself in the grave with a card from your hand, then Normal Summoning Zohah & Special Summoning Nunu (in either order), putting 2 Level 4 Reptile bodies on the field to use as tributes/ materials (though it does lock you into Reptiles for as long as Nunu remains on the field). Using these as Xyz material to summon King of the Feral Imps can keep Nunu from being banished when it leaves the field and net you a search of any 1 Reptile. If Nauya is in hand (either searched or hand-drawn) it can mill Keruse, which can tribute King of the Feral Imps to summon itself, then summon Nauya from the GY to search an "Ogdoadic" spell/trap.

As the first Reptile archetype that can actually take full advantage of Snake Rain's potential, they can be played as a core that work with other existing Reptile archetypes like "Alien" and "Reptilianne"; There's even a 2 card combo using a hybrid of these 3 archetypes that allows for going roughly +8 while setting up a control board with Zer'oll, though notably it's predictably vulnerable to all the "you drew/ summoned too much" handtraps like Ash, Droll, and Nib at basically all stages.

Recommended Cards


This deck relies on both tributing monsters and summoning monsters from the GY. Thus, cards that can negate either mechanic like Mask of Restrict or Necrovalley can shut down this deck.