OTS Tournament Pack 10 is a booster pack that is available as a Tournament Prize or Participation Pack released to the TCG tournament locations. It is the tenth OTS Tournament Pack, following OTS Tournament Pack 9.


There are 3 cards per pack. The set contains 26 cards:

The Portuguese version contains 10 more Common cards, bringing the total to 36 cards.



Card numberNameRarityCategory
OP10-EN001"Thunder Dragon Colossus"Ultimate RareEffect Fusion Monster
OP10-EN002"Sky Striker Ace - Hayate"Ultimate RareEffect Link Monster
OP10-EN003"Galatea, the Orcust Automaton"Ultimate RareEffect Link Monster
OP10-EN004"Breaker the Dark Magical Warrior"Super RareEffect Monster
OP10-EN005"Batteryman Solar"Super RareEffect Monster
OP10-EN006"Salamangreat Mole"Super RareEffect Monster
OP10-EN007"Jizukiru, the Star Destroying Kaiju"Super RareEffect Monster
OP10-EN008"Shiranui Sunsaga"Super RareEffect Synchro Monster
OP10-EN009"Salamangreat Sunlight Wolf"Super RareEffect Link Monster
OP10-EN010"Hiita the Fire Charmer, Ablaze"Super RareEffect Link Monster
OP10-EN011"Revolving Switchyard"Super RareField Spell Card
OP10-EN012"Orcustrated Babel"Super RareField Spell Card
OP10-EN013"Breaker the Magical Warrior"CommonEffect Monster
OP10-EN014"Assault Beast"CommonEffect Monster
OP10-EN015"Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode"CommonEffect Monster
OP10-EN016"Super Quantum Red Layer"CommonEffect Monster
OP10-EN017"Explosive Magician"CommonEffect Synchro Monster
OP10-EN018"T.G. Hyper Librarian"CommonEffect Synchro Monster
OP10-EN019"Number 81: Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Super Dora"CommonEffect Xyz Monster
OP10-EN020"Super Quantal Mech Beast Magnaliger"CommonEffect Xyz Monster
OP10-EN021"My Body as a Shield"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
OP10-EN022"Dragon's Mirror"CommonNormal Spell Card
OP10-EN023"Super Quantal Mech Ship Magnacarrier"CommonField Spell Card
OP10-EN024"Mythical Bestiary"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
OP10-EN025"Assault Mode Activate"CommonNormal Trap Card
OP10-EN026"Trickstar Token"Super RareToken

Card numberEnglish nameFrench nameRarityCategory
OP10-FR001"Thunder Dragon Colossus""Colosse, Dragon du Tonnerre"Ultimate RareEffect Fusion Monster
OP10-FR002"Sky Striker Ace - Hayate""Assaut de l'Air - As - Hayaté"Ultimate RareEffect Link Monster
OP10-FR003"Galatea, the Orcust Automaton""Galatea, l'Androïde Orcust"Ultimate RareEffect Link Monster
OP10-FR004"Breaker the Dark Magical Warrior""Fracas, le Guerrier Magique des Ténèbres"Super RareEffect Monster
OP10-FR005"Batteryman Solar""Homme-Batterie Solaire"Super RareEffect Monster
OP10-FR006"Salamangreat Mole""Salamangrande Taupe"Super RareEffect Monster
OP10-FR007"Jizukiru, the Star Destroying Kaiju""Jizukiru, Kaiju Destructeur des Étoiles"Super RareEffect Monster
OP10-FR008"Shiranui Sunsaga""Saga-Soleil Shiranui"Super RareEffect Synchro Monster
OP10-FR009"Salamangreat Sunlight Wolf""Salamangrande Loup du Soleil"Super RareEffect Link Monster
OP10-FR010"Hiita the Fire Charmer, Ablaze""Hiita la Charmeuse de Feu en Flammes"Super RareEffect Link Monster
OP10-FR011"Revolving Switchyard""Rotonde Ferroviaire"Super RareField Spell Card
OP10-FR012"Orcustrated Babel""Babel Orcustrée"Super RareField Spell Card
OP10-FR013"Breaker the Magical Warrior""Fracas, le Guerrier Magique"CommonEffect Monster
OP10-FR014"Assault Beast""Bête d'Assaut"CommonEffect Monster
OP10-FR015"Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode""Dragon Poussière d'Étoile/Mode Assaut"CommonEffect Monster
OP10-FR016"Super Quantum Red Layer""Force Red Super Quantum"CommonEffect Monster
OP10-FR017"Explosive Magician""Magicien Explosif"CommonEffect Synchro Monster
OP10-FR018"T.G. Hyper Librarian""Hyper Bibliothécaire T.G."CommonEffect Synchro Monster
OP10-FR019"Number 81: Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Super Dora""Numéro 81 : Super Cuirassé Canon Ferroviaire Super Dora"CommonEffect Xyz Monster
OP10-FR020"Super Quantal Mech Beast Magnaliger""Magnaligre Bête Méca Super Quantique"CommonEffect Xyz Monster
OP10-FR021"My Body as a Shield""Bouclier Humain"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
OP10-FR022"Dragon's Mirror""Miroir du Dragon"CommonNormal Spell Card
OP10-FR023"Super Quantal Mech Ship Magnacarrier""Magnaporteur Vaisseau Méca Super Quantique"CommonField Spell Card
OP10-FR024"Mythical Bestiary""Bestiaire Mythique"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
OP10-FR025"Assault Mode Activate""Activation Mode Assaut"CommonNormal Trap Card
OP10-FR026"Trickstar Token""Jeton Farstar"Super RareToken

Card numberEnglish nameGerman nameRarityCategory
OP10-DE001"Thunder Dragon Colossus""Donnerdrachen-Koloss"Ultimate RareEffect Fusion Monster
OP10-DE002"Sky Striker Ace - Hayate""Himmelsjäger-Ass - Hayate"Ultimate RareEffect Link Monster
OP10-DE003"Galatea, the Orcust Automaton""Galatea, der Orcust-Automat"Ultimate RareEffect Link Monster
OP10-DE004"Breaker the Dark Magical Warrior""Brecher, Dunkler Magischer Krieger"Super RareEffect Monster
OP10-DE005"Batteryman Solar""Batteriemann Solar"Super RareEffect Monster
OP10-DE006"Salamangreat Mole""Grosalamander Maulwurf"Super RareEffect Monster
OP10-DE007"Jizukiru, the Star Destroying Kaiju""Jizukiru, der sternenzerstörende Kaiju"Super RareEffect Monster
OP10-DE008"Shiranui Sunsaga""Shiranui-Sonnensage"Super RareEffect Synchro Monster
OP10-DE009"Salamangreat Sunlight Wolf""Grosalamander Sonnenlichtwolf"Super RareEffect Link Monster
OP10-DE010"Hiita the Fire Charmer, Ablaze""Hiita, die Feuerverzaubererin in Flammen"Super RareEffect Link Monster
OP10-DE011"Revolving Switchyard""Drehscheiben-Bahnhof"Super RareField Spell Card
OP10-DE012"Orcustrated Babel""Orcustriertes Babel"Super RareField Spell Card
OP10-DE013"Breaker the Magical Warrior""Brecher, Magischer Krieger"CommonEffect Monster
OP10-DE014"Assault Beast""Angriffsungeheuer"CommonEffect Monster
OP10-DE015"Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode""Sternenstaubdrache/Angriffsmodus"CommonEffect Monster
OP10-DE016"Super Quantum Red Layer""Superquantum Rote Schicht"CommonEffect Monster
OP10-DE017"Explosive Magician""Explosiver Magier"CommonEffect Synchro Monster
OP10-DE018"T.G. Hyper Librarian""T.G. Hyperbibliothekar"CommonEffect Synchro Monster
OP10-DE019"Number 81: Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Super Dora""Nummer 81: Superkanonen-Panzerzug Super Dora"CommonEffect Xyz Monster
OP10-DE020"Super Quantal Mech Beast Magnaliger""Superquantal Mechungeheuer Magnaliger"CommonEffect Xyz Monster
OP10-DE021"My Body as a Shield""Mein Körper als Schutzschild"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
OP10-DE022"Dragon's Mirror""Spiegel des Drachen"CommonNormal Spell Card
OP10-DE023"Super Quantal Mech Ship Magnacarrier""Superquantal Mechschiff Magnaträger"CommonField Spell Card
OP10-DE024"Mythical Bestiary""Mythisches Bestiarium"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
OP10-DE025"Assault Mode Activate""Angriffsmodus aktivieren"CommonNormal Trap Card
OP10-DE026"Trickstar Token""Trickstar-Spielmarke"Super RareToken

Card numberEnglish nameItalian nameRarityCategory
OP10-IT001"Thunder Dragon Colossus""Colosso Drago del Tuono"Ultimate RareEffect Fusion Monster
OP10-IT002"Sky Striker Ace - Hayate""Assaltatrice del Cielo Asso - Hayate"Ultimate RareEffect Link Monster
OP10-IT003"Galatea, the Orcust Automaton""Galatea, l'Automa Orcusestra"Ultimate RareEffect Link Monster
OP10-IT004"Breaker the Dark Magical Warrior""Breaker l'Oscuro Guerriero Magico"Super RareEffect Monster
OP10-IT005"Batteryman Solar""Uomo Batteria Solare"Super RareEffect Monster
OP10-IT006"Salamangreat Mole""Salamagna Talpa"Super RareEffect Monster
OP10-IT007"Jizukiru, the Star Destroying Kaiju""Jizukiru, il Kaiju Distruttore di Stelle"Super RareEffect Monster
OP10-IT008"Shiranui Sunsaga""Shiranui Solesaga"Super RareEffect Synchro Monster
OP10-IT009"Salamangreat Sunlight Wolf""Salamagna Lupo Luce Solare"Super RareEffect Link Monster
OP10-IT010"Hiita the Fire Charmer, Ablaze""Hiita l'Ammaliatrice del Fuoco, Infiammata"Super RareEffect Link Monster
OP10-IT011"Revolving Switchyard""Piattaforma di Scambio Rotante"Super RareField Spell Card
OP10-IT012"Orcustrated Babel""Babele Orcusestrata"Super RareField Spell Card
OP10-IT013"Breaker the Magical Warrior""Breaker il Guerriero Magico"CommonEffect Monster
OP10-IT014"Assault Beast""Bestia d'Assalto"CommonEffect Monster
OP10-IT015"Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode""Drago Polvere di Stelle/Assalto"CommonEffect Monster
OP10-IT016"Super Quantum Red Layer""Super Quantum Strato Rosso"CommonEffect Monster
OP10-IT017"Explosive Magician""Mago Esplosivo"CommonEffect Synchro Monster
OP10-IT018"T.G. Hyper Librarian""T.G. Iper Bibliotecario"CommonEffect Synchro Monster
OP10-IT019"Number 81: Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Super Dora""Numero 81: Cannone Ferroviario Supercorazzato Super Dora"CommonEffect Xyz Monster
OP10-IT020"Super Quantal Mech Beast Magnaliger""Super Quantal Bestia Mech Magnaligre"CommonEffect Xyz Monster
OP10-IT021"My Body as a Shield""Il mio Corpo come Scudo"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
OP10-IT022"Dragon's Mirror""Specchio del Drago"CommonNormal Spell Card
OP10-IT023"Super Quantal Mech Ship Magnacarrier""Super Quantal Nave Mech Magnatrasportatore"CommonField Spell Card
OP10-IT024"Mythical Bestiary""Bestiario Mitico"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
OP10-IT025"Assault Mode Activate""Attivazione Modalità Assalto"CommonNormal Trap Card
OP10-IT026"Trickstar Token""Segna-Truccastella"Super RareToken

Card numberEnglish namePortuguese nameRarityCategory
OP10-PT001"Thunder Dragon Colossus""Colosso Dragão do Trovão"Ultimate RareEffect Fusion Monster
OP10-PT002"Sky Striker Ace - Hayate""Força Celeste Ás - Hayate"Ultimate RareEffect Link Monster
OP10-PT003"Galatea, the Orcust Automaton""Galatea, a Orcust Mecânica"Ultimate RareEffect Link Monster
OP10-PT004"Breaker the Dark Magical Warrior""Breaker, o Guerreiro Mágico Negro"Super RareEffect Monster
OP10-PT005"Batteryman Solar""Homem-Bateria Solar"Super RareEffect Monster
OP10-PT006"Salamangreat Mole""Salamagrande Toupeira"Super RareEffect Monster
OP10-PT007"Jizukiru, the Star Destroying Kaiju""Jizukiru, o Kaiju Destruidor de Estrelas"Super RareEffect Monster
OP10-PT008"Shiranui Sunsaga""Shiranui Solsaga"Super RareEffect Synchro Monster
OP10-PT009"Salamangreat Sunlight Wolf""Salamagrande Lobo da Luz do Sol"Super RareEffect Link Monster
OP10-PT010"Hiita the Fire Charmer, Ablaze""Hiita, o Encantador do Fogo, em Chamas"Super RareEffect Link Monster
OP10-PT011"Revolving Switchyard""Pátio de Manobras Giratório"Super RareField Spell Card
OP10-PT012"Orcustrated Babel""Babel Orcustrado"Super RareField Spell Card
OP10-PT013"Breaker the Magical Warrior""Breaker, o Guerreiro Mágico"CommonEffect Monster
OP10-PT014"Assault Beast""Besta de Ataque"CommonEffect Monster
OP10-PT015"Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode""Dragão da Poeira Estelar/Modo de Ataque"CommonEffect Monster
OP10-PT016"Super Quantum Red Layer""Camada Vermelha Super Quantum"CommonEffect Monster
OP10-PT017"Explosive Magician""Mago Explosivo"CommonEffect Synchro Monster
OP10-PT018"T.G. Hyper Librarian""T.G. Hiper Bibliotecário"CommonEffect Synchro Monster
OP10-PT019"Number 81: Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Super Dora""Número 81: Supercouraçado Canhão de Trilho Super Dora"CommonEffect Xyz Monster
OP10-PT020"Super Quantal Mech Beast Magnaliger""Besta Mech Super Quantal Magnaligre"CommonEffect Xyz Monster
OP10-PT021"My Body as a Shield""O Meu Corpo como Escudo"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
OP10-PT022"Dragon's Mirror""Espelho Dragão"CommonNormal Spell Card
OP10-PT023"Super Quantal Mech Ship Magnacarrier""Nave Mech Super Quantal Magnaportador"CommonField Spell Card
OP10-PT024"Mythical Bestiary""Bestiário Mítico"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
OP10-PT025"Assault Mode Activate""Ativar Modo de Ataque"CommonNormal Trap Card
OP10-PT026"Trickstar Token""Ficha Trapestrela"Super RareToken
OP10-PT027"Red Dragon Archfiend/Assault Mode""Dragão Vermelho Arquidemônio/Modo de Ataque"CommonEffect Monster
OP10-PT028"Doomkaiser Dragon/Assault Mode""Dragão Imperador da Condenação/Modo de Ataque"CommonEffect Monster
OP10-PT029"Arcanite Magician/Assault Mode""Mago Arcanita/Modo de Ataque"CommonEffect Monster
OP10-PT030"Colossal Fighter/Assault Mode""Lutador Colossal/Modo de Ataque"CommonEffect Monster
OP10-PT031"Arcane Apprentice""Aprendiz Arcano"CommonEffect Tuner monster
OP10-PT032"Red Dragon Archfiend""Dragão Vermelho Arquidemônio"CommonEffect Synchro Monster
OP10-PT033"Doomkaiser Dragon""Dragão Imperador da Condenação"CommonEffect Synchro Monster
OP10-PT034"Colossal Fighter""Lutador Colossal"CommonEffect Synchro Monster
OP10-PT035"Assault Teleport""Teleporte de Ataque"CommonNormal Spell Card
OP10-PT036"Assault Counter""Contra Ataque"CommonCounter Trap Card

Card numberEnglish nameSpanish nameRarityCategory
OP10-SP001"Thunder Dragon Colossus""Coloso Dragón de Trueno"Ultimate RareEffect Fusion Monster
OP10-SP002"Sky Striker Ace - Hayate""Caza del Cielo As - Hayate"Ultimate RareEffect Link Monster
OP10-SP003"Galatea, the Orcust Automaton""Galatea, el Autómata Orcust"Ultimate RareEffect Link Monster
OP10-SP004"Breaker the Dark Magical Warrior""Breaker, el Guerrero Mágico Oscuro"Super RareEffect Monster
OP10-SP005"Batteryman Solar""Hombre Pila Solar"Super RareEffect Monster
OP10-SP006"Salamangreat Mole""Salamangrande Topo"Super RareEffect Monster
OP10-SP007"Jizukiru, the Star Destroying Kaiju""Jizukiru, el Kaiju Destructor de Estrellas"Super RareEffect Monster
OP10-SP008"Shiranui Sunsaga""Shiranui Solsaga"Super RareEffect Synchro Monster
OP10-SP009"Salamangreat Sunlight Wolf""Salamangrande Lobo de la Luz Solar"Super RareEffect Link Monster
OP10-SP010"Hiita the Fire Charmer, Ablaze""Hiita la Encantadora del Fuego, Encendida"Super RareEffect Link Monster
OP10-SP011"Revolving Switchyard""Estación Clasificadora Giratoria"Super RareField Spell Card
OP10-SP012"Orcustrated Babel""Babel Orcustrado"Super RareField Spell Card
OP10-SP013"Breaker the Magical Warrior""Breaker el Guerrero Mágico"CommonEffect Monster
OP10-SP014"Assault Beast""Bestia de Ataque"CommonEffect Monster
OP10-SP015"Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode""Dragón de Polvo de Estrellas/Modo de Ataque"CommonEffect Monster
OP10-SP016"Super Quantum Red Layer""Súper Cuantio Capa Roja"CommonEffect Monster
OP10-SP017"Explosive Magician""Mago Explosivo"CommonEffect Synchro Monster
OP10-SP018"T.G. Hyper Librarian""T.G. Híper Bibliotecario"CommonEffect Synchro Monster
OP10-SP019"Number 81: Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Super Dora""Número 81: Supercañón de Rieles Acorazado Súper Dora"CommonEffect Xyz Monster
OP10-SP020"Super Quantal Mech Beast Magnaliger""Magnaligre, Mecha Bestia Súper Cuantal"CommonEffect Xyz Monster
OP10-SP021"My Body as a Shield""Mi Cuerpo como Escudo"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
OP10-SP022"Dragon's Mirror""Espejo de Dragón"CommonNormal Spell Card
OP10-SP023"Super Quantal Mech Ship Magnacarrier""Magnatransportador, Mecha Nave Súper Cuantal"CommonField Spell Card
OP10-SP024"Mythical Bestiary""Bestiario Mítico"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
OP10-SP025"Assault Mode Activate""Activar Modo de Ataque"CommonNormal Trap Card
OP10-SP026"Trickstar Token""Ficha Bromiestrella"Super RareToken

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