Number Hunters is a Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Booster Pack.


50 new cards, plus 10 cards re-released as foil cards for the first time


Card numberNameRarityCategory
NUMH-EN001"Chronomaly Aztec Mask Golem"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-EN002"Chronomaly Cabrera Trebuchet"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-EN003"Chronomaly Mud Golem"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-EN004"Chronomaly Sol Monolith"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-EN005"Gimmick Puppet Egg Head"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-EN006"Gimmick Puppet Gear Changer"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-EN007"Gimmick Puppet Twilight Joker"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-EN008"Gimmick Puppet Scissor Arms"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-EN009"Gimmick Puppet Nightmare"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-EN010"Heroic Challenger - Ambush Soldier"Secret RareEffect Monster
NUMH-EN011"Heroic Challenger - Clasp Sword"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-EN012"Blue Mountain Butterspy"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-EN013"Box of Friends"Secret RareEffect Monster
NUMH-EN014"Zombowwow"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-EN015"Gash the Dust Lord"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-EN016"Zubaba Knight"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-EN017"Gogogo Golem"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-EN018"Kagetokage"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-EN019"Kurivolt"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-EN020"Gogogo Giant"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-EN021"Gagaga Gardna"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-EN022"Photon Cerberus"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-EN023"Photon Lizard"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-EN024"Rocket Arrow Express"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-EN025"Battle Warrior"Super RareNormal Monster
NUMH-EN026"Number 54: Lion Heart"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-EN027"Number 15: Gimmick Puppet Giant Grinder"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-EN028"Number 44: Sky Pegasus"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-EN029"Number 49: Fortune Tune"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-EN030"Number 57: Tri-Head Dust Dragon"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-EN031"Number 63: Shamoji Soldier"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-EN032"Number 74: Master of Blades"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-EN033"Number 85: Crazy Box"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-EN034"Number 87: Queen of the Night"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-EN035"Mechquipped Angineer"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-EN036"CXyz Mechquipped Djinn Angeneral"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-EN037"Coach King Giantrainer"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-EN038"CXyz Coach Lord Ultimatrainer"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-EN039"Norito the Moral Leader"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-EN040"CXyz Simon the Great Moral Leader"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-EN041"Comics Hero King Arthur"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-EN042"CXyz Comics Hero Legend Arthur"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-EN043"Battlecruiser Dianthus"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-EN044"CXyz Battleship Cherry Blossom"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-EN045"Skypalace Gangaridai"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-EN046"CXyz Skypalace Babylon"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-EN047"Photon Alexandra Queen"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-EN048"Night Papilloperative"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-EN049"Unformed Void"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-EN050"Princess Cologne"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-EN051"Baby Tiragon"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-EN052"Chakra"Super RareRitual Monster
NUMH-EN053"Resurrection of Chakra"Super RareRitual Spell Card
NUMH-EN054"Puppet Ritual"Super RareNormal Spell Card
NUMH-EN055"Stoic Challenge"Super RareEquip Spell Card
NUMH-EN056"Overlay Capture"Super RareNormal Spell Card
NUMH-EN057"Insect Armor with Laser Cannon"Super RareEquip Spell Card
NUMH-EN058"Number Wall"Secret RareContinuous Trap Card
NUMH-EN059"Heraldry Record"Super RareCounter Trap Card
NUMH-EN060"Butterspy Protection"Super RareNormal Trap Card

Card numberEnglish nameFrench nameRarityCategory
NUMH-FR001"Chronomaly Aztec Mask Golem""Golem au Masque Aztèque Chronomal"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-FR002"Chronomaly Cabrera Trebuchet""Trébuchet de Cabreara Chronomal"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-FR003"Chronomaly Mud Golem""Golem de Boue Chronomal"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-FR004"Chronomaly Sol Monolith""Monolithe Solaire Chronomal"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-FR005"Gimmick Puppet Egg Head""Poupée Truquée Tête d'Œuf"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-FR006"Gimmick Puppet Gear Changer""Poupée Truquée Changeuse de Vitesse"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-FR007"Gimmick Puppet Twilight Joker""Poupée Truquée Arlequin du Crépuscule"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-FR008"Gimmick Puppet Scissor Arms""Poupée Truquée aux Bras Ciseaux"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-FR009"Gimmick Puppet Nightmare""Poupée Truquée Cauchemardesque"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-FR010"Heroic Challenger - Ambush Soldier""Challenger Héroïque - Soldat Embusqué"Secret RareEffect Monster
NUMH-FR011"Heroic Challenger - Clasp Sword""Challenger Héroïque - Épée Pliante"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-FR012"Blue Mountain Butterspy""Espillon Ulysse"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-FR013"Box of Friends""Boîte d'Amis"Secret RareEffect Monster
NUMH-FR014"Zombowwow""Zombouaf"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-FR015"Gash the Dust Lord""Gash le Seigneur Poussière"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-FR016"Zubaba Knight""Chevalier Zubaba"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-FR017"Gogogo Golem""Golem Gogogo"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-FR018"Kagetokage""Kagetokage"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-FR019"Kurivolt""Kurivolt"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-FR020"Gogogo Giant""Géant Gogogo"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-FR021"Gagaga Gardna""Gardna Gagaga"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-FR022"Photon Cerberus""Cerbère Photon"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-FR023"Photon Lizard""Lézard Photon"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-FR024"Rocket Arrow Express""Flèche Roquette Express"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-FR025"Battle Warrior""Guerrier de Bataille"Super RareNormal Monster
NUMH-FR026"Number 54: Lion Heart""Numéro 54 : Cœur de Lion"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-FR027"Number 15: Gimmick Puppet Giant Grinder""Numéro 15 : Poupée Truquée Broyeur Géant"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-FR028"Number 44: Sky Pegasus""Numéro 44 : Pégase Céleste"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-FR029"Number 49: Fortune Tune""Numéro 49 : Mélodie de Chance"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-FR030"Number 57: Tri-Head Dust Dragon""Numéro 57 : Dragon Poussière à Trois Têtes"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-FR031"Number 63: Shamoji Soldier""Numéro 63 : Soldat Shamoji"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-FR032"Number 74: Master of Blades""Numéro 74 : Maître des Lames"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-FR033"Number 85: Crazy Box""Numéro 85 : Boîte Folle"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-FR034"Number 87: Queen of the Night""Numéro 87 : Reine de la Nuit"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-FR035"Mechquipped Angineer""Angénieur Mechquipé"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-FR036"CXyz Mechquipped Djinn Angeneral""Génie Angénéral Mechquipé CXyz"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-FR037"Coach King Giantrainer""Roi Géantraîneur"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-FR038"CXyz Coach Lord Ultimatrainer""Seigneur Ultimentraîneur CXyz"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-FR039"Norito the Moral Leader""Norito l'Autorité Morale"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-FR040"CXyz Simon the Great Moral Leader""Simon la Grande Autorité Morale CXyz"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-FR041"Comics Hero King Arthur""Héros de BD Roi Arthur"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-FR042"CXyz Comics Hero Legend Arthur""Légendaire Héros de BD Arthur CXyz"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-FR043"Battlecruiser Dianthus""Cuirassé Dianthus"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-FR044"CXyz Battleship Cherry Blossom""Vaisseau de Guerre Fleur de Cerisier CXyz"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-FR045"Skypalace Gangaridai""Palais Céleste Gangaridai"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-FR046"CXyz Skypalace Babylon""Palais Céleste Babylone CXyz"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-FR047"Photon Alexandra Queen""Reine Alexandra Photon"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-FR048"Night Papilloperative""Papillopérative de Nuit"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-FR049"Unformed Void""Néant Informe"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-FR050"Princess Cologne""Princesse Cologne"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-FR051"Baby Tiragon""Bébé Tiragon"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-FR052"Chakra""Chakra"Super RareRitual Monster
NUMH-FR053"Resurrection of Chakra""Résurrection de Chakra"Super RareRitual Spell Card
NUMH-FR054"Puppet Ritual""Rituel de Marionnette"Super RareNormal Spell Card
NUMH-FR055"Stoic Challenge""Défi Stoïque"Super RareEquip Spell Card
NUMH-FR056"Overlay Capture""Capture Habillée"Super RareNormal Spell Card
NUMH-FR057"Insect Armor with Laser Cannon""Armure d'Insecte avec Canon Laser"Super RareEquip Spell Card
NUMH-FR058"Number Wall""Mur Numéro"Secret RareContinuous Trap Card
NUMH-FR059"Heraldry Record""Récit Héraldique"Super RareCounter Trap Card
NUMH-FR060"Butterspy Protection""Protection Espillon"Super RareNormal Trap Card

Card numberEnglish nameGerman nameRarityCategory
NUMH-DE001"Chronomaly Aztec Mask Golem""Chronomaler Aztekenmasken-Golem"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-DE002"Chronomaly Cabrera Trebuchet""Chronomales Cabrera-Katapult"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-DE003"Chronomaly Mud Golem""Chronomaler Lehmgolem"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-DE004"Chronomaly Sol Monolith""Chronomaler Sonnenmonolith"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-DE005"Gimmick Puppet Egg Head""Gimmick-Marionette Eierkopf"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-DE006"Gimmick Puppet Gear Changer""Gimmick-Marionette Getriebe"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-DE007"Gimmick Puppet Twilight Joker""Gimmick-Marionette Zwielichtsjoker"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-DE008"Gimmick Puppet Scissor Arms""Gimmick-Marionette Scherenarme"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-DE009"Gimmick Puppet Nightmare""Gimmick-Marionette Albtraum"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-DE010"Heroic Challenger - Ambush Soldier""Heroischer Herausforderer - Überfallsoldat"Secret RareEffect Monster
NUMH-DE011"Heroic Challenger - Clasp Sword""Heroischer Herausforderer - Klappschwert"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-DE012"Blue Mountain Butterspy""Odysseusfalter-Spionling"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-DE013"Box of Friends""Eine Kiste voller Freunde"Secret RareEffect Monster
NUMH-DE014"Zombowwow""Zombauwau"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-DE015"Gash the Dust Lord""Gash der Staubherrscher"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-DE016"Zubaba Knight""Zubaba-Ritter"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-DE017"Gogogo Golem""Gogogo-Golem"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-DE018"Kagetokage""Kagetokage"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-DE019"Kurivolt""Kurivolt"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-DE020"Gogogo Giant""Gogogo-Riese"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-DE021"Gagaga Gardna""Gagaga-Wache"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-DE022"Photon Cerberus""Photonen-Zerberus"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-DE023"Photon Lizard""Photoneneidechse"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-DE024"Rocket Arrow Express""Pfeilschneller Raketenexpress"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-DE025"Battle Warrior""Schlachtkrieger"Super RareNormal Monster
NUMH-DE026"Number 54: Lion Heart""Nummer 54: Löwenherz"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-DE027"Number 15: Gimmick Puppet Giant Grinder""Nummer 15: Gimmick-Marionette Riesenfleischwolf"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-DE028"Number 44: Sky Pegasus""Nummer 44: Himmelspegasus"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-DE029"Number 49: Fortune Tune""Nummer 49: Glücksmelodie"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-DE030"Number 57: Tri-Head Dust Dragon""Nummer 57: Dreiköpfiger Staubdrache"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-DE031"Number 63: Shamoji Soldier""Nummer 63: Shamoji-Soldat"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-DE032"Number 74: Master of Blades""Nummer 74: Meister der Klingen"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-DE033"Number 85: Crazy Box""Nummer 85: Verrückte Kiste"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-DE034"Number 87: Queen of the Night""Nummer 87: Königin der Nacht"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-DE035"Mechquipped Angineer""Mechbestückter Engenieur"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-DE036"CXyz Mechquipped Djinn Angeneral""CXyz Mechbestückter Dschinn-Engeneral"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-DE037"Coach King Giantrainer""Coachkönig Riesentrainer"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-DE038"CXyz Coach Lord Ultimatrainer""CXyz Coachlord Ultimatrainer"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-DE039"Norito the Moral Leader""Norito der moralische Führer"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-DE040"CXyz Simon the Great Moral Leader""CXyz Simon der große moralische Führer"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-DE041"Comics Hero King Arthur""Comic-Held König Artus"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-DE042"CXyz Comics Hero Legend Arthur""CXyz Comic-Held Legende Artus"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-DE043"Battlecruiser Dianthus""Schlachtkreuzer Nelke"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-DE044"CXyz Battleship Cherry Blossom""CXyz Schlachtschiff Kirschblüte"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-DE045"Skypalace Gangaridai""Himmelspalast Gangaridai"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-DE046"CXyz Skypalace Babylon""CXyz Himmelspalast Babylon"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-DE047"Photon Alexandra Queen""Photonen-Alexandra-Königin"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-DE048"Night Papilloperative""Nachtfalteragent"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-DE049"Unformed Void""Formlose Leere"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-DE050"Princess Cologne""Prinzessin Kölnisch"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-DE051"Baby Tiragon""Baby-Tiragon"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-DE052"Chakra""Chakra"Super RareRitual Monster
NUMH-DE053"Resurrection of Chakra""Auferstehung von Chakra"Super RareRitual Spell Card
NUMH-DE054"Puppet Ritual""Marionettenritual"Super RareNormal Spell Card
NUMH-DE055"Stoic Challenge""Stoische Herausforderung"Super RareEquip Spell Card
NUMH-DE056"Overlay Capture""Material einfangen"Super RareNormal Spell Card
NUMH-DE057"Insect Armor with Laser Cannon""Insektenpanzer mit Laserkanone"Super RareEquip Spell Card
NUMH-DE058"Number Wall""Nummernmauer"Secret RareContinuous Trap Card
NUMH-DE059"Heraldry Record""Wappen-Stammbaum"Super RareCounter Trap Card
NUMH-DE060"Butterspy Protection""Schutz der Spionlinge"Super RareNormal Trap Card

Card numberEnglish nameItalian nameRarityCategory
NUMH-IT001"Chronomaly Aztec Mask Golem""Cronomalia Golem Maschera Azteca"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-IT002"Chronomaly Cabrera Trebuchet""Cronomalia Trabucco Cabrera"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-IT003"Chronomaly Mud Golem""Cronomalia Golem di Fango"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-IT004"Chronomaly Sol Monolith""Cronomalia Monolito Sol"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-IT005"Gimmick Puppet Egg Head""Burattino Arnese Testa d'Uovo"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-IT006"Gimmick Puppet Gear Changer""Burattino Arnese Cambia Marcia"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-IT007"Gimmick Puppet Twilight Joker""Burattino Arnese Giullare del Tramonto"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-IT008"Gimmick Puppet Scissor Arms""Burattino Arnese Braccia Forbice"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-IT009"Gimmick Puppet Nightmare""Burattino Arnese Incubo"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-IT010"Heroic Challenger - Ambush Soldier""Sfidante Eroico - Soldato da Imboscata"Secret RareEffect Monster
NUMH-IT011"Heroic Challenger - Clasp Sword""Sfidante Eroico - Spada Agganciata"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-IT012"Blue Mountain Butterspy""Farfallospia Montagna Blu"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-IT013"Box of Friends""Scatola di Amici"Secret RareEffect Monster
NUMH-IT014"Zombowwow""Zombaubau"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-IT015"Gash the Dust Lord""Gash il Signore della Polvere"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-IT016"Zubaba Knight""Cavaliere Zubaba"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-IT017"Gogogo Golem""Golem Gogogo"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-IT018"Kagetokage""Kagetokage"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-IT019"Kurivolt""Kurivolt"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-IT020"Gogogo Giant""Gigante Gogogo"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-IT021"Gagaga Gardna""Gardna Gagaga"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-IT022"Photon Cerberus""Cerbero Fotonico"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-IT023"Photon Lizard""Lucertola Fotonica"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-IT024"Rocket Arrow Express""Espresso Freccia Razzo"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-IT025"Battle Warrior""Guerriero da Battaglia"Super RareNormal Monster
NUMH-IT026"Number 54: Lion Heart""Numero 54: Cuore di Leone"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-IT027"Number 15: Gimmick Puppet Giant Grinder""Numero 15: Burattino Arnese Macinatore Gigante"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-IT028"Number 44: Sky Pegasus""Numero 44: Pegaso del Cielo"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-IT029"Number 49: Fortune Tune""Numero 49: Sintonia della Fortuna"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-IT030"Number 57: Tri-Head Dust Dragon""Numero 57: Drago Polvere Tricefalo"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-IT031"Number 63: Shamoji Soldier""Numero 63: Soldato Shamoji"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-IT032"Number 74: Master of Blades""Numero 74: Maestro delle Lame"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-IT033"Number 85: Crazy Box""Numero 85: Scatola Pazza"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-IT034"Number 87: Queen of the Night""Numero 87: Regina della Notte"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-IT035"Mechquipped Angineer""Angeniere Mechquipaggiato"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-IT036"CXyz Mechquipped Djinn Angeneral""CXyz Angenerale Djinn Mechquipaggiato"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-IT037"Coach King Giantrainer""Re Allenatore Gigaistruttore"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-IT038"CXyz Coach Lord Ultimatrainer""CXyz Signore Allenatore Finalistruttore"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-IT039"Norito the Moral Leader""Norito il Leader Morale"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-IT040"CXyz Simon the Great Moral Leader""CXyz Simon il Grande Leader Morale"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-IT041"Comics Hero King Arthur""Eroe dei Fumetti Re Artù"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-IT042"CXyz Comics Hero Legend Arthur""CXyz Eroe dei Fumetti Leggendario Artù"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-IT043"Battlecruiser Dianthus""Incrociatore Garofano"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-IT044"CXyz Battleship Cherry Blossom""CXyz Corazzata Fiore di Ciliegio"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-IT045"Skypalace Gangaridai""Palazzo del Cielo Gangaridai"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-IT046"CXyz Skypalace Babylon""CXyz Palazzo del Cielo Babilonia"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-IT047"Photon Alexandra Queen""Regina Alexandra Fotonica"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-IT048"Night Papilloperative""Farfalloperativo Notte"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-IT049"Unformed Void""Vuoto Informe"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-IT050"Princess Cologne""Principessa Colonia"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-IT051"Baby Tiragon""Baby Tiragon"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-IT052"Chakra""Chakra"Super RareRitual Monster
NUMH-IT053"Resurrection of Chakra""Resurrezione di Chakra"Super RareRitual Spell Card
NUMH-IT054"Puppet Ritual""Rituale Burattino"Super RareNormal Spell Card
NUMH-IT055"Stoic Challenge""Sfida Stoica"Super RareEquip Spell Card
NUMH-IT056"Overlay Capture""Cattura Rivestimento"Super RareNormal Spell Card
NUMH-IT057"Insect Armor with Laser Cannon""Armatura Insetto con Cannone Laser"Super RareEquip Spell Card
NUMH-IT058"Number Wall""Muro di Numeri"Secret RareContinuous Trap Card
NUMH-IT059"Heraldry Record""Registro dell'Araldo"Super RareCounter Trap Card
NUMH-IT060"Butterspy Protection""Protezione Farfallospia"Super RareNormal Trap Card

Card numberEnglish namePortuguese nameRarityCategory
NUMH-PT001"Chronomaly Aztec Mask Golem""Cronomalia Golem Máscara Asteca"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-PT002"Chronomaly Cabrera Trebuchet""Cronomalia Trabuco Cabrera"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-PT003"Chronomaly Mud Golem""Cronomalia Golem de Lama"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-PT004"Chronomaly Sol Monolith""Cronomalia Monólito do Sol"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-PT005"Gimmick Puppet Egg Head""Engenhoca Marionete Cabeça de Ovo"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-PT006"Gimmick Puppet Gear Changer""Engenhoca Marionete Cambia Mecanismo"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-PT007"Gimmick Puppet Twilight Joker""Engenhoca Marionete Coringa do Crepúsculo"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-PT008"Gimmick Puppet Scissor Arms""Engenhoca Marionete Braços de Tesoura"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-PT009"Gimmick Puppet Nightmare""Engenhoca Marionete Pesadelo"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-PT010"Heroic Challenger - Ambush Soldier""Desafiante Heroico - Soldado da Emboscada"Secret RareEffect Monster
NUMH-PT011"Heroic Challenger - Clasp Sword""Desafiante Heroico - Espada Gancho"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-PT012"Blue Mountain Butterspy""Borbolespiã Imperadora Azul"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-PT013"Box of Friends""Caixa de Amigos"Secret RareEffect Monster
NUMH-PT014"Zombowwow""Zumbibuaaaa"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-PT015"Gash the Dust Lord""Gash, o Senhor do Pó"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-PT016"Zubaba Knight""Cavaleiro Zubaba"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-PT017"Gogogo Golem""Golem Gogogo"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-PT018"Kagetokage""Kagetokage"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-PT019"Kurivolt""Kurivolt"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-PT020"Gogogo Giant""Gigante Gogogo"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-PT021"Gagaga Gardna""Gardna Gagaga"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-PT022"Photon Cerberus""Cérbero de Fóton"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-PT023"Photon Lizard""Lagarto de Fóton"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-PT024"Rocket Arrow Express""Expresso Foguete Flecha"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-PT025"Battle Warrior""Guerreiro Batalhador"Super RareNormal Monster
NUMH-PT026"Number 54: Lion Heart""Número 54: Coração de Leão"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-PT027"Number 15: Gimmick Puppet Giant Grinder""Número 15: Engenhoca Marionete Amolador Gigante"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-PT028"Number 44: Sky Pegasus""Número 44: Pégaso Celeste"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-PT029"Number 49: Fortune Tune""Número 49: Melovidente"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-PT030"Number 57: Tri-Head Dust Dragon""Número 57: Dragão do Pó de Três Cabeças"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-PT031"Number 63: Shamoji Soldier""Número 63: Soldado Shamoji"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-PT032"Number 74: Master of Blades""Número 74: Mestre das Lâminas"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-PT033"Number 85: Crazy Box""Número 85: Caixa Louca"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-PT034"Number 87: Queen of the Night""Número 87: Rainha da Noite"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-PT035"Mechquipped Angineer""Angenheiro Mechipado"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-PT036"CXyz Mechquipped Djinn Angeneral""CXyz Djinn Angeneral Mechipado"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-PT037"Coach King Giantrainer""Rei Técnico Treinador de Gigante"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-PT038"CXyz Coach Lord Ultimatrainer""CXyz Senhor Técnico Treinador Definitivo"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-PT039"Norito the Moral Leader""Norito, o Líder Moral"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-PT040"CXyz Simon the Great Moral Leader""CXyz Simon, o Grande Líder Moral"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-PT041"Comics Hero King Arthur""Rei Arthur, Héroi dos Quadrinhos"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-PT042"CXyz Comics Hero Legend Arthur""CXyz Lenda de Arthur, Herói dos Quadrinhos"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-PT043"Battlecruiser Dianthus""Cruzador de Batalha Cravina"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-PT044"CXyz Battleship Cherry Blossom""CXyz Nave de Batalha Cerejeira"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-PT045"Skypalace Gangaridai""Palácio Celeste Gangaridai"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-PT046"CXyz Skypalace Babylon""CXyz Palácio Celeste Babilônia"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-PT047"Photon Alexandra Queen""Rainha Fotão Alexandra"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-PT048"Night Papilloperative""Papilloperativo Noturno"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-PT049"Unformed Void""Vácuo Sem Forma"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-PT050"Princess Cologne""Princesa Colônia"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-PT051"Baby Tiragon""Tiragon Bebê"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-PT052"Chakra""Chakra"Super RareRitual Monster
NUMH-PT053"Resurrection of Chakra""Ressurreição de Chakra"Super RareRitual Spell Card
NUMH-PT054"Puppet Ritual""Marionete Ritual"Super RareNormal Spell Card
NUMH-PT055"Stoic Challenge""Desafio Estoico"Super RareEquip Spell Card
NUMH-PT056"Overlay Capture""Capturar Camadas"Super RareNormal Spell Card
NUMH-PT057"Insect Armor with Laser Cannon""Armadura Inseto com Canhão Laser"Super RareEquip Spell Card
NUMH-PT058"Number Wall""Muralha de Números"Secret RareContinuous Trap Card
NUMH-PT059"Heraldry Record""Inscrição Heráldica"Super RareCounter Trap Card
NUMH-PT060"Butterspy Protection""Proteção Borbolespiã"Super RareNormal Trap Card

Card numberEnglish nameSpanish nameRarityCategory
NUMH-SP001"Chronomaly Aztec Mask Golem""Gólem de Máscara Azteca Cronómalo"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-SP002"Chronomaly Cabrera Trebuchet""Trebuchet de Cabrera Cronómalo"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-SP003"Chronomaly Mud Golem""Gólem de Barro Cronómalo"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-SP004"Chronomaly Sol Monolith""Monolito del Sol Cronómalo"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-SP005"Gimmick Puppet Egg Head""Marioneta Trucada Cabeza de Huevo"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-SP006"Gimmick Puppet Gear Changer""Marioneta Trucada Caja de Velocidades"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-SP007"Gimmick Puppet Twilight Joker""Marioneta Trucada Bufón del Atardecer"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-SP008"Gimmick Puppet Scissor Arms""Marioneta Trucada Brazos de Tijera"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-SP009"Gimmick Puppet Nightmare""Marioneta Trucada Pesadilla"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-SP010"Heroic Challenger - Ambush Soldier""Contendiente Heroico - Soldado de la Emboscada"Secret RareEffect Monster
NUMH-SP011"Heroic Challenger - Clasp Sword""Contendiente Heroico - Espada del Broche"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-SP012"Blue Mountain Butterspy""Maripospía Montaña Azul"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-SP013"Box of Friends""Caja de Amigos"Secret RareEffect Monster
NUMH-SP014"Zombowwow""Zombiguau"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-SP015"Gash the Dust Lord""Tajo el Señor del Polvo"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-SP016"Zubaba Knight""Caballero Zubaba"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-SP017"Gogogo Golem""Gólem Gogogo"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-SP018"Kagetokage""Kagetokage"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-SP019"Kurivolt""Kurivolt"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-SP020"Gogogo Giant""Gigante Gogogo"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-SP021"Gagaga Gardna""Gagaga Gardna"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-SP022"Photon Cerberus""Cerbero Fotónico"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-SP023"Photon Lizard""Lagarto Fotónico"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-SP024"Rocket Arrow Express""Cohete Flecha Exprés"Super RareEffect Monster
NUMH-SP025"Battle Warrior""Guerrero de Batalla"Super RareNormal Monster
NUMH-SP026"Number 54: Lion Heart""Número 54: Corazón de León"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-SP027"Number 15: Gimmick Puppet Giant Grinder""Número 15: Marioneta Trucada Moledor Gigante"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-SP028"Number 44: Sky Pegasus""Número 44: Pegaso del Cielo"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-SP029"Number 49: Fortune Tune""Número 49: Canción de la Fortuna"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-SP030"Number 57: Tri-Head Dust Dragon""Número 57: Dragón de Polvo de Tres Cabezas"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-SP031"Number 63: Shamoji Soldier""Número 63: Soldado Shamoji"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-SP032"Number 74: Master of Blades""Número 74: Amo de las Hojas"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-SP033"Number 85: Crazy Box""Número 85: Caja Loca"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-SP034"Number 87: Queen of the Night""Número 87: Reina de la Noche"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-SP035"Mechquipped Angineer""Angelniero Mechaequipado"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-SP036"CXyz Mechquipped Djinn Angeneral""CXyz Genio Angeneral Mechaequipado"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-SP037"Coach King Giantrainer""Rey de Instructores Gigantrenador"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-SP038"CXyz Coach Lord Ultimatrainer""CXyz Señor de Instructores Definitrenador"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-SP039"Norito the Moral Leader""Norito el Líder Moral"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-SP040"CXyz Simon the Great Moral Leader""CXyz Simon el Gran Líder Moral"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-SP041"Comics Hero King Arthur""Héroe de los Cómics Rey Arturo"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-SP042"CXyz Comics Hero Legend Arthur""CXyz Héroe de los Cómics Arturo Legendario"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-SP043"Battlecruiser Dianthus""Crucero de Batalla Dianthus"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-SP044"CXyz Battleship Cherry Blossom""CXyz Crucero de Batalla Flor del Cerezo"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-SP045"Skypalace Gangaridai""Palacio Aéreo Gangaridai"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-SP046"CXyz Skypalace Babylon""CXyz Palacio Aéreo Babilonia"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-SP047"Photon Alexandra Queen""Reina Alexandra Fotónica"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-SP048"Night Papilloperative""Papiloperativa Nocturna"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-SP049"Unformed Void""Vacío Sin Forma"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-SP050"Princess Cologne""Princesa Colonia"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-SP051"Baby Tiragon""Tiragon Bebé"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
NUMH-SP052"Chakra""Chakra"Super RareRitual Monster
NUMH-SP053"Resurrection of Chakra""Resurrección de Chakra"Super RareRitual Spell Card
NUMH-SP054"Puppet Ritual""Ritual de Marioneta"Super RareNormal Spell Card
NUMH-SP055"Stoic Challenge""Desafío Estoico"Super RareEquip Spell Card
NUMH-SP056"Overlay Capture""Captura del Revestimiento"Super RareNormal Spell Card
NUMH-SP057"Insect Armor with Laser Cannon""Armadura Insecto con Cañón Láser"Super RareEquip Spell Card
NUMH-SP058"Number Wall""Pared de Números"Secret RareContinuous Trap Card
NUMH-SP059"Heraldry Record""Registro Heráldico"Super RareCounter Trap Card
NUMH-SP060"Butterspy Protection""Protección Marispospía"Super RareNormal Trap Card


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