These are the November 2000 Forbidden and Limited Lists for the OCG in effect since November 1, 2000.[1]

Full Lists


Monster Cards
Spell Cards
Trap Cards
  • Mirror Force (せい) なるバリア -ミラーフォース-」


Spell Cards
Trap Cards
  • Imperial Order (おう) (きゅう) (ちょく) (めい)


Card Japanese name Card type Old status (August 2000) New status (November 2000)
Cyber Jar サイバーポッド Monster Card 1Unlimited 3Limited
Jinzo (じん) (ぞう) (にん) (げん) -サイコ・ショッカー Monster Card 1Unlimited 3Limited
Morphing Jar #2 カオスポッド Monster Card 1Unlimited 3Limited
Sinister Serpent キラー・スネーク Monster Card 1Unlimited 3Limited
Snatch Steal (ごう) (だつ) Spell Card 2Semi-Limited 3Limited
Swords of Revealing Light (ひかり) () (ふう) (けん) Spell Card 1Unlimited 3Limited
Heavy Storm (おお) (あらし) Spell Card 1Unlimited 2Semi-Limited
Imperial Order (おう) (きゅう) (ちょく) (めい) Trap Card 1Unlimited 2Semi-Limited


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