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Normal Parallel Rare

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Japanese (romanized)

Nōmaru Parareru Rea

A Normal Parallel Rare (ノーマルパラレルレア Nōmaru Parareru Rea; aka. N-Parallel Rare) has all the characteristics of a Common card (i.e. no foil image and a black or white card name), but has the Parallel Rare coating which makes the whole surface reflect. The coating tends to stiffen the card and when scanned the coating creates a uniform haze on the card. This rarity is also sometimes referred to as Parallel Common, as Normal Parallel Rares have always been made from Common cards.

On the Official Card Database, this rarity is labelled as Parallel Rare.

In later Japanese sets, these are released with the same design as the Shatterfoil Rares.

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