This Property entry details every Ritual Spell Card that does not Ritual Summon a specifically named Ritual Monster, but instead can be used to Ritual Summon any Ritual Monster that falls under the parameters listed on the card.

All OCG/TCG "Nonspecific Ritual Spell Card" cards

 Japanese nameProperty
A.I.'s RitualAiの儀式Ritual Spell Card
Advanced Ritual Art高等儀式術Ritual Spell Card
Chaos Formカオス・フォームRitual Spell Card
Contract with the Abyss奈落との契約Ritual Spell Card
Cynet Ritualサイバネット・リチューアルRitual Spell Card
Earth Chant大地讃頌Ritual Spell Card
Forbidden Arts of the Gishkiリチュアに伝わりし禁断の秘術Ritual Spell Card
Gishki Aquamirrorリチュアの儀水鏡Ritual Spell Card
Gishki Photomirrorリチュアの写魂鏡Ritual Spell Card
Impcantation Inception魔神儀の祝誕Ritual Spell Card
Machine Angel Absolute Ritual機械天使の絶対儀式Ritual Spell Card
Machine Angel Ritual機械天使の儀式Ritual Spell Card
Meteornis Draitron流星輝巧群Ritual Spell Card
Nekroz Cycle影霊衣の反魂術Ritual Spell Card
Nekroz Kaleidoscope影霊衣の万華鏡Ritual Spell Card
Nekroz Mirror影霊衣の降魔鏡Ritual Spell Card
Odd-Eyes Adventオッドアイズ・アドベントRitual Spell Card
Rebirth of Nephthysネフティスの輪廻Ritual Spell Card
Revendread Evolutionリヴェンデット・バースRitual Spell Card
Revendread Originリヴェンデット・ボーンRitual Spell Card
Rise of the Salamangreat転生炎獣の降臨Ritual Spell Card
Sprite's Blessing精霊の祝福Ritual Spell Card
Super Soldier Ritual超戦士の儀式Ritual Spell Card
Super Soldier Synthesis超戦士の萌芽Ritual Spell Card

All Anime "Nonspecific Ritual Spell Card" cards

 Japanese name
A.I.'s RitualAiの儀式
Chaos Formカオス・フォーム
Cynet Ritualサイバネット・リチューアル
Earth Chant大地讃頌
Machine Angel Absolute Ritual機械天使の絶対儀式
Machine Angel Ritual機械天使の儀式
Rise of the Salamangreat転生炎獣の降臨

All Manga "Nonspecific Ritual Spell Card" cards

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